List of the most successful franchises

Franchises are a great business already profitable

An option for a profitable and solid business, is the acquisition of a franchise, this business is totally profitable due to several factors, one of which is that the franchise that you acquire already has a name and a brand, this guarantees several things and is that people already have security and confidence when buying a product. The authority of the franchise is going to be one of the factors that will guarantee the success of your business. Another factor that you should consider when opening a franchise is a study of the area, a good analysis of the needs of the sector will be one of the pillars for the business to be profitable. Some franchises are more profitable than others, depending on the country. There are currently hundreds of franchises in all sectors, such as technology, food, sports, clothing, among others, so you can choose the most optimal and best suited to the needs of your country. Here you will find the best options

List of profitable franchises

Franchises McDonald’s

franchises mcdonalds

This Franchise is possibly the best-known name for fast food franchises. It has been in business since 1955 and currently opens some 500 new businesses annually.

McDonald’s works with financiers so that the potential franchisee can make some investments, such as equipment. It also offers a great marketing program through customer affiliation, local and national television, and a social networks now.  

The initial investment runs between one million dollars up to $ 2,200,000. In addition, the payment of $ 45,000 is required as an initial fee and then carry out partial payment  in the form of royalty of 4 percent, in addition to payment for advertising.


This franchise is made up of convenience stores open 24 hours a day. It started in the franchise business in 1964 and today there are more than 40,000 distributed all over the world, almost 7,000 in the United States being, at present, one of the franchises that more new units open per year.

The initial investment varies  ranging from $ 37,200 minimum to $ 1,635,200, but because in some locations it can be opened with a low investment it is a franchise that attracts new entrepreneurs. Also, there are  large differences depending on the locality in the payment of the franchise fee that can range from $ 10,000 to $ 1,000,000. So, the contracts are renewable for 10 years and between 7 and 10 employees are required to manage a location.

Franchise 9Round 

This franchise is a specialized gym dedicated to serving clients who want a unique, fun and proven exercise which guarantees results. 9Round offers training programs based on boxing and kickboxing techniques, all this incorporating circuit, cardiovascular, interval and functional training regimes.

The programs are developed around a patented system of 9 stimulating training stations developed by a professional fighter. 9Round offers complete body results with a 30-minute training, fast and convenient without class schedules and with an instructor who will accompany you all the way.

9Round is a proven business where profits are seen from day one and your return will be from the 17th month approximately.

9Round  has a corporate full of experts in Fitness, franchising and support which will be at disposal and will take clients by hand throughout the business experience until you are a successful as an owner of the franchise.

The required capital is $1,700,000, at an investment level of $ 1,000,001 to MXN of $ 2,000,000.

Franchise Dunkin ‘Donuts

franchises donkin

This is another classic franchise founded in 1955. Currently it has presence in 32 countries, opening on average of 300 new establishments per year and it is a well-known brand for its coffee and more than 70 varieties of donuts.

The initial investment of this business is widely  variable depending on size and location starting at $ 229,000 up to $ 1,700,000. In addition, the payment of the initial fee varies between $ 40,000 and $ 90,000.

Franchise Re/Max LLC

This is a real estate from Denver that  grows not only domestically in the United States but also internationally.

The company owns several of its own regional franchises. Also, Re/Max International collects monthly and annual fees from its agents who act as independent contractors who work under the brokers (owners of the agencies) in many countries.

In return, the agency offers its agents various corporate services, for example, training and advertising. The brokers have full autonomy to manage their businesses adapting them to the demands of the regional market. Franchise agreements do not impose the rules to run the business and can not dictate the policy. The initial investment by franchise varies between $ 37,500 and $ 225,000 and the initial fee between $ 15,000 and $ 32,000.

Franchise Sonic Drive-In Restaurants

This fast food franchise operates since 1959 from Oklahoma City. It is not very well known brand because it operates inside the United States, however, it is a very powerful franchise. For the initial investment it is required ranges between a million and 2 million american dollars.  

Franchise KFC

Based in Louisville, the KFC Corporation is the franchisor of the most famous chicken restaurant chain in the world, and its specialties are Chicken Recipe Original, Extra Crispy, Kentucky Grilled Chicken and tender Extra Crispy  pieces with complements homemade, hot wings and freshly made chicken sandwiches.

This brand is recognized worldwide for its Original Recipe fried chicken, made with the same secret combination of 11 herbs and spices that Colonel Harland Sanders perfected more than half a century ago. Therefore,  KFC has served customers fresh and complete family menus with a concept founded in 1952.

The company takes into account several factors when evaluating a candidate who wants to open a KFC franchise, among which  can be mentioned: Experience in unit operation, financial rating, personal and financial reputation, motivation and commitment, together with a culture,  adaptation to the brand and growth attitude.

To open up the franchise, a total net worth of $ 1,500,000, is needed. With a total liquid assets of at least  $ 750,000. Net worth and liquid capital are proportional to the level of participation.

Franchise Subway

Currently, the Subway brand is the largest submarine-type sandwich chain in the world with more than 40,000 locations worldwide. The brand have become the leading choice for people looking for nutritious and quick meals that the whole family can enjoy.

The owner of the company  has had a clear vision for the future of the brand from the beginning. As this enterprise has continue to grow, guided by the passion for delighting customers with delicious sandwiches made to order.

The subway franchise gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to offer a well-known product, under an established brand, with a proven operating system already functioning. The franchise opportunities section has information on how to acquire a franchise facility.

When you join the subway family, you will get support even before preparing your first sandwich. The support system of the franchise includes: Training, product development, advertising, design of the establishment and guide for ordering equipment, and local support.

Franchise Outback

The Outback franchise is a business example that sparks the interest of many people in Spain and Latin America. For those who do not know very well about the company,  Outback is a restaurant built and decorated in the Australian outback.

The country of origin is the United States, where it has more than 800 restaurants, but this network has been growing and currently has around 120 units in 22 other countries. In Spain there are 60 restaurants. However,  many people want to know how to buy an Outback franchise and prices.

To obtain an Outback franchise in your city the investor must become an operational partner of the company. To achieve this, the operator invests approximately 20 thousand euros in the company. So he receives a fixed salary for the work and a percentage that operations generate.

Franchise Green World

This franchise has to do with  a car rent in a very easy way. Finding  some sites on the internet where you can manage it in the Green World company. Understanding the clauses of the rentals, general reservations and finally the extra expenses that come to you.

Many of the electric motorcycle brands are emerging companies with little commercial capacity. To help focus the sale of all these disparate brands, Green World was born as a  dealer in which you will only find electric bikes. The company is the largest official motorcycle dealer in Europe.

Best franchises in europe

People from this region are looking for business opportunities that fit their goals to start a business right away with a smaller costs and great profits. Therefore, following you could see a list of the most profitable franchises in europa.

Best franchises in India

list of the franchises in India

Best franchises in Canada

List of the franchises in Canada

Best franchises in Malaysia

List of the franchises in Malaysia

Best franchises in Philippines

List of the franchises in Philippines

Most profitable franchises

To buy a franchise and develop a new business is one of the investment alternatives that grows the most in many countries. From those who decide to start from scratch in a new venture, to those who received compensation or changed jobs and have extra money, it is a very attractive option that has grown strongly in recent years.

The franchisees know that it is not the same to start a business without the support of a well-known and successful brand and on the other hand, the brands also understand that granting a franchise is a good way to grow.

Why franchises are a profitable business?

When an entrepreneur is going to start a business, could consider doing it alone or within a franchise network. If a franchise is well assembled, must be in a better position than if the business starter is going on his own.

A well-mounted franchise brings advantages over an independent business, for it allows  to set up the business with a smaller investment, making you to obtain more income at lower costs.

The franchises are assembled always with a minor investment. The first time a business is set up, a finance that are not needed when opening the units must be undertaken.

There are many things that must be done the first time, such as creating the corporate image, creating a basic architecture project to define the decoration of the pilot site, the job of finding suppliers, the search and configuration of a software, the design and creation of all marketing tools, among all.

Not making these items in the following units is a source of significant savings, which should more than offset the cost charged by the franchise.

How to Open a Franchise

To open a franchise the investor must have an amount of money that want to put into the business and comply with requisites that the franchise which are interested in demands. Also the potential franchisee must be aware of the risks and advantages of the business before entering in it.

Owning a franchise entails taking advantage of an idea that has already been successfully tested. Of course, as with any business, it implies a series of challenges in the start-up and management of it.

You have to establish yourself in a place, and carry out the hiring and management, as in any other company, even if you already have a model and brand under which to work. And it is also true that for some entrepreneurs, the loss of control can become a threat to their independence.

Once you have clear the need to find the franchisor that suits you best if you want to become a franchisee, a series of questions arise.

1. Determine your budget.

The first thing you should know is that there is always an initial franchise fee and franchisors usually establish financial requirements for those who open one of their franchises.

2. In this search, you will be checking every possibility

If the amount does not fit financially with what you are looking for, you will have to consider other options. Do not waste time dreaming of a specific franchise if you already know that it does not adapt to your possibilities.

3. Get in touch with  the franchisor and other franchisees

It is the best way to obtain the maximum information, in detail and at first hand.There is no more efficient way to know how to operate a certain franchise than through people who are already doing it.

4. An interview is usually arranged between franchisor and franchisee

Which could be by telephone, or by visiting the head office. This touchdown will vary depending on the franchisor you choose.

5. Sign the franchise contract, and make your investment.

An amount must be paid to the franchisor in advance, and the investment expenses are usually additional. If all goes well, the renewal of the franchise contract is usually between five and ten years thereafter.