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700 Most Successful Business Ideas Divided into Categories

Business ideas with investment? On the Internet? Open a store? Without a doubt, when we consider the idea of setting up a business or investing in the market, an endless number of possibilities arise within our reach which, for the final decision, we must take into account.

Today the market does not function as it did a few years ago, because we have different, improved and closer sales channels that we can use, as well as a great variety of new services that are increasingly in demand. With the growth of the market, it is necessary to evaluate the current business ideas and their functioning, in this way we can access better commercial opportunities.

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Opening a business is not an easy task, it requires commitment, discipline and a lot of work in order to achieve good profitability and grow in the market. However, choosing it and deciding how it will work is not an easy decision. This is why we have organized the business ideas in different categories so that you can evaluate their conditions, what they require, the advantages and disadvantages in each field, because we know that in any type of business there are risks, but with a good strategy we can avoid them substantially. The problem

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Successful business ideas : What kind of business to choose and how to start?

Below you will find the categories of business ideas we have for you:

Business ideas with no initial investment

If you do not have capital to start a business or invest in a sector, you should review this category, because sometimes the only thing we need to start is to look for home some tools to start and so, to enter the market without having to invest large amounts of money.

Some business ideas without investment that you can undertake, are especially services, since you can use your skills to start, such as being a dog walker, giving dance classes, bringing nearby homes, consulting service, furniture repair, toy repair, among others.

What are the advantages? You can start your own business without depending on an amount of investment, one of the greatest opportunities for those who want to undertake but do not want to invest money initially or do not have it planned. The needs of this type of business ideas, initially, imply much more commitment and discipline to be known.

What are the disadvantages? The options when it comes to opting for a business without investment are much smaller, which limits the panorama of the entrepreneur. In addition, sometimes it takes much more time and even a long process to gain the trust of customers, because your experience is what begins to sell.

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Low Investment Business Ideas

With such a large and constantly growing market, we have the possibility of having a wide variety of businesses, including some that do not require large amounts of money to start, because its assembly and operation allows us to save several pesos, for example, if it is not necessary to buy or rent a physical premises, and can even be a business that works from our home.

Some examples to undertake a business of low investment, include products and services, these are some: event planner, massage service, dessert sale at home, among others.

What are the advantages? Undoubtedly one of the greatest advantages is that we can start our business without the need for large financing, but accommodating to the extent of our conditions. This allows us to save initial costs and plan everything calmly for when it starts to grow.

What are the disadvantages? A low investment business also has several situations against it, such as limitations in the initial stage, since having less money, we must adjust to the budget for advertising, if it requires it, the installation of the business and other expenses. This is why it is very important that you make a detailed business plan.

Here you will be able to know the ideas of businesses with low investment that you have within reach and how to make them work under the best conditions.

Learn here the ideas of business with low investment and what are the best strategies to grow substantially

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Ideas for Internet Businesses 

Without a doubt, the growth of the Internet has allowed us to increase the number of businesses that operate in this model, so we have a great variety of entrepreneurship options between products and services, within reach from anywhere. Therefore, if your idea is to set up your own business without having to leave home or invest money in a physical store, here we tell you which are the Internet businesses from which you can choose:

Some of these ideas are: sale of products with wholesale purchase, freelance services (writing, photography, etc.), a personal blog monetized, sale of ebooks, creation of podcast, sale of online courses, language classes, among others.

What are the advantages? One of the main advantages is the possibility of reducing costs that with the same business you would spend on a physical business, such as a place to sell, staff, supplies, structures, facilities and so on. In addition to this, you have the possibility of expanding your business globally, as the Internet allows you to sell to everyone, and an endless number of other advantages.

What are the disadvantages? You join a highly competitive market, where more and more entrepreneurs are joining, so you will have to work even harder. Working online implies having quality tools, but you are not exempt from having failures in your Internet service or other operational factors that get out of your hands. Besides this, there is no direct contact with the client, so you will have to turn to other areas to gain their trust.

Internet business is one of the fastest growing options in recent years, look here all the online business ideas on the Internet we have for you

Ideas for Service Businesses

If you are a specialist in any field, have extensive experience or knowledge in a particular sector, a service business is the field you are looking to undertake. With the growth of the market, the variety of services that we can offer to the public is increasing, from consultancy, to medical service, cleaning, care for the elderly, law and so on. Here we tell you which are the ideas that most sound in the market, how they work and how to start them, this way you will have a better overview of the conditions of the sector and how you can direct your idea to increase its profitability.

Some service businesses may or may not have a local establishment where they receive their customers, but they also have the possibility of offering their services through the Internet. Some of these businesses are: language teaching service, cleaning, pet care services, fumigation service, massage service, laundry service, among others.

What are the advantages? One of the main benefits is that this type of business ideas allow you to undertake taking advantage of your knowledge and skills, as well as your passions, because you can put into practice everything you know to live off it or at least create a source of income.

What are the disadvantages? Unlike selling physical products, it’s not just about accommodating products to look good on the shelf and wait for customers, but it’s about convincing customers of your service and the need to use it, a much more complex process. On the other hand, offering a business of services implies to be attentive and with the updated knowledge, because every day innovations are born in the market that all the clients want to try and that you must offer.

In this article you can know all the business ideas of services that we have for you, see how it works and choose

service business ideas

Ideas for Technology Businesses

With the rise of technological tools, the market demands more and more businesses dedicated to this sector, because there are many people who use these tools in different activities of their daily lives, so they are businesses that must grow and increase their reach in the market. If you are passionate about technology and all its updates, then you must take this business idea into account.

Some technology business ideas are: sale of technological equipment, repair of technological elements, sale of telephones and repair, creation of personalized accessories for electronic articles, installation of technological systems, installation of electronics, among others.

What are the advantages? With the increase in the use of technology and the different needs that have arisen from this field, undertaking in it makes it one of the best sectors to invest in, especially if this is the field that interests you most, because it is in constant movement.

What are the disadvantages? If you are thinking about selling this type of items, probably one of the biggest concerns is the budget, because if you are going to sell, the amount of investment must increase for the purchase of technological devices of good quality. This, in addition to the permanent update to which you must submit to always be at the pace of technological advances.

To know all the business ideas of technology in its different fields, you can visit our article with all the options of technology bussines

Business Entertainment Ideas 

Free time, entertainment, fun, the activities we like and everything we want to do and do not do for our responsibilities, or because it is not within our reach, is always a productive field of entrepreneurship to which you can approach any type of person. With the right strategies you can make more people enjoy what you offer in their free time, doing activities of their choice. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best leisure business ideas for a wide variety of target audiences.

Some of the main ideas for leisure are: specialized sports activities, video game rooms, room for cultural events, specialized parks, event organization, karaoke room, bicycle service, among others.

What are the advantages? One of the greatest satisfactions, particularly with this type of business, is the possibility of making people happy at the same time you undertake, because it will be reflected in the profitability of your business. With a good advertising campaign, more and more people can choose to devote their free time to their leisure activities while you watch your business grow.

What are the disadvantages? With the rapidity with which the world moves today, many people devote themselves to their responsibilities and forget to invest their free time in activities they like, so it will be a challenge to start in this type of business, especially if there is no clarity of your target audience in the initial stage.

Visit here the article where we tell you all the leisure business ideas we have for you, yes, don’t forget to look at advertising strategies to reduce risks, here you can see the complete list of entertainment business ideas

entertainment business ideas

Ideas For Physical Store Business

Attention to the public and direct contact will always be one of the best strategies for getting to know your customers and building trust with them, while identifying their consumption changes and so on, which will allow you to offer them just what they want. That’s why physical businesses are always the best allies, especially in residential spaces. Here we tell you which are the most profitable physical stores in the market.

These are some ideas of physical business or physical store that you can take into account: restaurants, store or mini-market, a bakery, a pharmacy, a health store, specialized products store, clothing store, accessories and jewelry store, a hairdresser, etc..

What are the advantages? The physical business or physical store, are one of the best options given the wide variety of products and services you can offer from one place, selling to all the people close. The physical contact is one of the best allies to create fidelity and to generate confidence with your clients, a plus that will help you to retain them.

What are the disadvantages? Physical businesses require a greater investment, especially if you have to buy or rent the workplace, in addition to the conditioning of the place, the purchase of supplies, installation and shelves for products, among others. It is a delicate process in which you should not leave aside the business plan to avoid wasting the investment money easily.

Here you will find all our business ideas of physical store where you will be able to know in depth its operation

Ideas for Business Production and Manufacturing

Whether you want to reduce costs or simply dedicate yourself to the production of the products you want to sell directly to avoid channels or others involved, production businesses are what you are looking for. In this section you have a great variety of businesses that you can undertake and where you dedicate yourself personally to production issues, one of the main concerns of entrepreneurs.

These are some ideas of production businesses with profitability in the market: production and commercialization of jewelry and accessories, artisan beer production, production and sale of desserts, production and sale of musical instruments, production of artisan bags, production and commercialization of clothing, among others.

What are the advantages? One of the greatest benefits of this type of business is being able to be in charge of production and not depending on external agents with which, in many cases, it is complex to manage, because we depend on them to sell. With this type of business, you know all the processes of the products you are going to sell and you don’t depend on anyone else but your own production system, reducing additional costs.

What are the disadvantages? Producing and selling can be both an advantage and a disadvantage, because in principle, the investment budget is much higher if we are dedicated to production as well. Another aspect that you should keep in mind is that in many cases, as an entrepreneur, you will not be able to be available for everything, because you will not be able to focus on a single activity, which could damage the efficiency of the work with so many tasks in process.

In the following article you will be able to see all the production business ideas that you can take into account if, in short, you want to dedicate yourself to this field.

Ideas for Home Based Businesses 

Nothing is more comfortable than shopping and not having to queue up or even leave the house. No doubt the ideal purchase: it is not necessary to leave home and there is no risk of paying before for something that ultimately was not what we expected, because we can return it, as does not happen with Internet purchases when the distributor does not show up. That’s why home business is a great advantage to buy and have certainty of what we buy. There are many businesses that work this way, because the home service is its big plus.

Some business ideas that work under this measure are: food businesses and specialized products, sale of flowers, maintenance of technological devices, delivery of beverages at home, sandwiches and desserts at home, gardening, home services, among others.

What are the advantages? The comfort of the clients is the main motor of purchase, this without neglecting what we offer and the confidence that we must offer so that any person opens the door of his house to us. You can reach a greater number of customers, maintaining direct contact, a key element in business relationships, as it increases confidence in the company.

What are the disadvantages? While starting is the most difficult step, the truth is that businesses with home service have more complicated, because not anyone will be willing to open the door of your home to a stranger. Added to this is that as an entrepreneur, you will see slow growth of your business, because the first thing you must do is equip yourself with everything you need, which can be reflected in the budget, and in it, go in search of potential customers.

To learn more about the operation of this type of business and all the ideas for you to start with your home business

food business ideas

Ideas for Food Businesses 

Food-related businesses are the most profitable sector in the market, as it will never go out of fashion to try new things or buy food if we don’t want to cook, as well as enjoy with our loved ones a banquet for a special occasion. It is undoubtedly one of the most desired fields where the variety of businesses vary, because there is a lot of types of food that we can look at when deciding.

Some food business ideas are: vegetarian restaurants, restaurants typical of some region, specialized beverage businesses, production and sale of desserts, beverage preparation service and home sale, fast food restaurant, cake preparation, among others.

What are the advantages? Although the competition for this sector of the market is high, with a good sales strategy and offering a product in a different way, you can easily attract the attention of your customers. In addition to this, you have a wide variety of options to choose from, but we recommend focusing on a single sector to make it easier to stand out from the competition.

What are the disadvantages? Usually food businesses or food in general, have a very demanding schedule, because the days can be extended, depending on the type of food you offer and the operation on which you operate. Added to this is the high investment in the purchase of food preparation products.

Entering this sector, although it does not guarantee success in the first step, is a good way to start in the market, because nobody resists a good product for consumption. Visit here all the food business ideas we have

Ideas for Business Education and Learning 

This is a really wide market, because it allows you to undertake regardless of the area of knowledge in which you focus, since surely there will be people who seek to learn from zeros or reinforce their knowledge in that in which you specialize.

Among the businesses that operate in this sector and the areas, are dance schools, reinforcement workshops for school subjects, teaching private classes, nursing schools, among many others.

What are the advantages? As the possibilities of teaching are diverse, there is also a great variety of public, so the options for profitability are very high in this sector. According to what you are going to teach, you should set a rate that takes into account the time, intensity and resources that are going to be used, if they are required.

What are the disadvantages? The key for this type of business is the location and the way of operation according to the channels through which you are going to offer your service, because it is useless to open a great dance school if in the area of location are not close to potential students or if it is in a place difficult to access.

Each type of business works differently, as well as each of the ideas, so we explain in the following article of the business education

business ideas ecology

Business Ideas for Environment and Ecology 

Under current world conditions, it has become necessary to change many of our consumption habits, waste management and production of new elements to reduce our impact on the environment and also reduce pollution levels. This is why a wide variety of profitable businesses have been created in this sector.

The ideas of this sector include several spheres, so you have very varied options among which are the businesses of recycling of electronics, separation of waste and collection, reuse of waste materials, installation of devices that reduce the consumption of electricity, among others.

What are the advantages? Launching this sector of the market implies a commitment not only with the undertaking but also with the environment, which will be efficient when it comes to making yourself known, because little by little people opt for those consumption options that guarantee them a friendly operation with the environment.

What are the disadvantages? Although the market conditions are promising, it is necessary to be very careful with the processing of materials, especially recycling businesses, because a bad step or wrong action could not only end the business but give you sanctions. It is necessary to be aware of the regulations of the area in which you are.

There are a variety of businesses to consider in this sector, of course it’s all about your interests and the investment you want to start. Remember that in the following link you can access all our business ideas of environment and ecology

Ideas for Pet and Animal Businesses 

One of the businesses that has experienced the greatest growth in recent years are all those enterprises aimed at pets and different animals, since the possession of them has allowed them to become a fundamental part of our lives.

There are many ideas that arise in this sector, from businesses dedicated to animal care, to dog training, toy manufacturing, sale of accessories, among many others.

What are the advantages? The increase of pets at home has increased, so it is a very profitable sector, but it is necessary to conduct good research so that, depending on the type of business you undertake, you can easily identify your customers.

What are the disadvantages? One aspect that should be considered is the level of competition, especially if we plan to start with a business that only focuses on one service, given that those who tend to have greater opportunities are all those who offer varied services and products for pets.

The options are many, so we have created the following list of pet and animal business ideas

tourism business ideas

Ideas for Tourism Business 

For no one it is a secret that tourism has grown substantially, because the improvement of the infrastructure of societies, culture, history and the importance of many areas, has become the main factor that promotes tourism and in it, businesses that can be set up in this sector.

In this area we can find various types of business, from accommodation and hotels, to businesses such as travel agencies, specialized services for tourists, people who offer tours, among many more.

What are the advantages? The location of this type of business is the central axis that allows its operation, although not all tourism businesses operate physically, but opt for an online operation with digital services, we recommend good advertising on the Internet, as many people before traveling do research in this medium.

What are the disadvantages? Although it is a business that depends to a certain extent on the arrival of people from different parts of the world, profitability would be possible only at certain times of the year. However, with a good sales strategy, you could even attract those who live nearby to enjoy the plans you offer.

In the following link we show you all the business ideas that are available in this sector if you plan to undertake in the tourism business.

Ideas for Business Art and Culture 

Artistic works, in reality, comprise a great variety of areas, because although they were forgotten at some time with the rise of technology, the truth is that today they have been highlighted and even mixed with other sectors that have made them a profitable idea for different artists in their disciplines.

Among the business ideas of this sector we find art galleries, specialized museums, bookstores, make-up artists for theatrical performances, and even those who are engaged in making designs for different areas.

What are the advantages? There is a great variety of businesses in this sector that we can dedicate to various public profiles, from children to the elderly, with the representation of works, dance, art schools, practices such as exercises, among many others.

What are the disadvantages? This sector has a challenge and is to strengthen advertising and channels of attention to attract the eyes of the inhabitants of the place, as it tends to depend largely on tourists who want to learn more about the culture of the area they are visiting.

For this type of business we have created a specialized list where we tell you all the ideas for your business art

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Ideas for Health and Personal Care Businesses 

Concern for health and everything related to personal care has been one of the best sectors to invest in, since it is a human need that has been maintained over time and allows you to undertake with different business ideas.

Some of these ideas are care oriented establishments such as hairdressing salons, beauty salons, massage centers, physical recovery centers, emergency medical businesses, specialized muscle electrostimulation centers, among many others.

What are the advantages? The list of businesses in this sector is long and the best, very varied, which allows you to offer this type of business to the whole family, since many of them are not limited by the age of the people. Make sure you have the best advertising to give more visibility to your business.

What are the disadvantages? While not directly affected, this particular type of business tends to have much stricter regulation than other market sectors. Also, these tend to change, so it is very necessary that if you undertake here, you are updating all the records and conditions of your business.

Here you will find all the businesses with which you can undertake in this sector, do not forget that each one you all the businesses of health

No business idea in the market is without risks and obstacles, because as we saw, starting from its operation, each of them can have different difficulties. However, the key to reducing the impact of the risks and the disadvantages that may arise, depends on the plan we develop for its operation and in this way, we get the best rid.

While money is an important factor that may not even be necessary when starting a business, what can not be missing throughout the process is the commitment and discipline to keep it afloat, because with this on board, the profitability of our business idea and its growth, will be the first results.

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