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Business Tourism and Travel – Innovate, Position and Undertake

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Start a Business by Writing an e-Book Ideas for Tourism Businesses 

For no one it is a secret that tourism has grown substantially, because the improvement of the infrastructure of societies, culture, history and the importance of many areas, has become the main factor that promotes tourism and in it, businesses that can be set up in this sector. 

In this area we can find various types of business, from accommodation and hotels, to businesses such as travel agencies, specialized services for tourists, people who offer tours, among many more. 

What are the advantages? The location of this type of business is the central axis that allows its operation, although not all tourism businesses operate physically, but opt for an online operation with digital services, we recommend good advertising on the Internet, as many people before traveling do research in this medium. 

What are the disadvantages? Although it is a business that depends to a certain extent on the arrival of people from different parts of the world, profitability would be possible only at certain times of the year. However, with a good sales strategy, you could even attract those who live nearby to enjoy the plans you offer. 

In the following link we show you all the business ideas that are available in this sector if you plan to undertake in the tourism business.

How to start in the Tourism Sector and Grow with your Own Business?

Currently, with the era of communication that we are experiencing, information goes from here to there almost immediately, and if we add that it is increasingly frequent to meet people from other parts of the world just a click away, we will have that tourism is a striking and strong sector to undertake, because thanks to the Internet we can admire a large number of destinations that certainly manage to catch us.

So if you like this sector of the market, which undoubtedly in recent years has increased its movement, then the business ideas we propose you will be the options you must take into account to start your path of entrepreneurship. However, make sure that the business you choose is not only viable according to your objectives, but that you are passionate about it, because much of the success will depend on it.

Let’s see what are the profitable business ideas in the tourism sector: 

Opening a hotel with a high thematic rotation

This business idea is primarily intended for couples who wish to have time alone, as they often cannot find intimacy within commonly shared areas or simply wish to spend a pleasant evening in a different place, especially when traveling elsewhere. This is the case of the hotel of high thematic rotation, where it will be precisely the theme that will attract the greatest attention of the public. 

Among the themes usually found in these spaces are rooms set in a spaceship, caves, atmosphere of the far west, among many others that you can organize to give all the innovation to your business. On the other hand, remember that the location and dimensions of the establishment in which you install yourself are extremely important aspects. 

To find out everything about this business idea and how you can get started, don’t forget to visit our article on opening a high-themed rotational hotel.

School of Tourist Guides as a Profitable Business

One of the best activities when going to a place we know little or nothing about, are guided tours, because through the guide we can travel safely and learning, the area in which we are. For this reason, the guide plays one of the fundamental roles within the tourism sector with his knowledge and practice, turning the tour into an excellent experience. 

That is why a school of tourist guides can work very well if you have knowledge in the area and professionals to teach the classes. You need to have a good working space where classes can be given in a comfortable way, in addition, it is key to have operating permits and licenses from the organizations and ministry of education. 

Make sure you have everything you need to get started, but don’t forget to read it in our full tour guide school article.

Open your Babysitting Agency 

The speed of today’s life has required a lot of services until today, but one that has prevailed over time has been the service of nannies, because it is still a need supplied by women specializing in the subject and who have decided to devote themselves to this type of business with children. That is why it is positioned as one of the most profitable ideas in the market of services and low investment. 

A nanny agency implies having the best staff to recommend it to our clients, so it will be necessary to evaluate each of those interested in offering their services. The small investment of this money will go to everything related to documents and registration procedures of the company, as well as advertising your business for launch. 

Weaknesses: we know that starting a business is not a simple process, but this type of services can have it more difficult because it is based on a special service for children, so it is necessary to gain trust and credibility with parents to open the door to an unknown person. 

Advantages: one of the great exits of this business is that you can dedicate yourself to several fields, although the traditional one is to offer the service at home, you can also have nannies who specialize in offering the service to tourists, because in many of their activities they cannot take children when they travel. 

To learn how to start step by step in this business, remember to go to our full article on nanny agency

Starting a Hostelry, a High-Performance Business

Nowadays, the businesses that take the lead when thinking about a place to stay for a certain time, are all those that include within their range of services, food, which is why opening a hostel that has accommodation and food, is one of the best ways to invest in the tourism sector, because they are basic services that are sought at any time and no one is exempt. 

To undertake an inn is, also, to offer to your clients the possibility to pay less money for a similar service if we compare it with the common hotels, but not for it less quality, reason why an inn has many more probabilities of being chosen if one thinks in economy, money and practicality. Remember that the key is to create a space thought in the comfort of the person, for what you will need to have ample spaces, pretty and with what is necessary. 

To know the requirements that you need to take into account when organizing your inn, in the following article we leave you step by step which are the ones you should not forget how to start a hostel.

Set up a Tourist Company in Your City

Tourist companies have all to gain if we orient our advertising strategies very well in order to easily find our potential customers, because, after all, who does not like to travel? That’s why undertaking in this field is always an option that should always be taken into account, regardless of the area in which you are. 

A tourism company is a tourism agency that can include a large number of services, since it plans the entire travel plan thinking of the interests of its public, because it is necessary to create specialized plans for families, couples, seniors, adult groups, among other categories whose activities and tastes may vary. Therefore, this business becomes one of the favorite spaces to which we go before arriving at our destination. 


If you want to know all the possibilities of this business idea and how you can start, in the following article you will find all the information you need for your tourism business.

How to open a Medical Travel Agency

Although the concept or idea of a medical tourism travel agency may be relatively new, it is increasingly gaining strength through the activities it carries out, among which are often aesthetic surgeries, treatment of diseases and ailments such as cancer and obesity, ophthalmology service, among many others. 

To open a travel agency like this one, it is necessary to have the best team of medical professionals, as well as other types of direct contacts to which clients can be easily and confidently referred. This business can be opened with an accessible investment, given that most of the work is oriented to telephone service, so it is even a business that we can start from home.

So how do you set up a medical travel agency step by step? To find this and more information, go to our full article opening a medical travel agency.

How to set up a Bed and Breakfast – Bed and Breakfast

If accommodation businesses tend to have a great movement, especially all those located in central areas of the cities in which they are, they have it even more if they add food to their services, especially breakfast, because many customers prefer to eat and dine out to know the place they are knowing. 

As far as the requirements to mount a bed and breakfast, some of them are the norms of security, permissions and licenses of operation, basic documents with which you must count, as well as a good organization of personnel and disposition of the spaces in which they are going to lodge. Remember that a good offer of varied breakfasts is always key to meet all the tastes and preferences of our customers. 

In the following article you will find much more information to start this bed and breakfast business idea

Open an Agro-tourism Establishment

One of the best activities to get out of the routine and connect with what surrounds us, are all those oriented to contact with nature and the necessary escape from technology and the city, which is why this type of spaces become one of the favorites wherever you visit. If you are looking for a business idea to undertake and this type of sectors are one of your passions, this is a business idea that you can not discard. 

To begin with, it is necessary to carry out a market study that allows us to identify the current conditions for our business idea, the rates, the services that are included and thus, little by little, orient our agrotourism establishment to a specific public, in this way we will be able to establish the dimensions of the premises and the regular flow that it could have. 

Remember that an agrotourism business requires deep planning, as well as other listed services that we could include, knows everything about an agrotourism establishment.

Payment Box Office Business on the Beach

The beach holidays will always be one of the favorite plans, either by the local inhabitants themselves or visitors from other sites, so in this field we have a lot of possibilities to undertake, in this case, the paying lockers on the beach. It is a service of storage of belongings, one of the concerns that constantly interrupt activities and do not allow us to enjoy with tranquility the place we are knowing. 

The key to this business idea is to guarantee our customers security and trust, which is also reflected in the facilities of our service, so customers will leave with tranquility their belongings to go and enjoy. Make sure to install the operating lockers in strategic and visible areas, as well as good advertising for those who come to the beach.  

To analyze all the possibilities of this business idea, as well as all the information that you should take into account in your business of paying lockers on the beach

How to set up a Rural House as a Business

A good way to take advantage of the constant search for contact with nature, a moment of disconnection with the urban and all its activity, is to set up a rural house as a profitable business, because it is an innovative, comfortable and striking way to do it for the modality it offers: a much closer and specialized experience that gives the feeling of living in it. 

To build a rural house, you can either recover an old house located in a good sector, buy one of these houses that attracts your attention and meets the conditions of space or organize a residence that has been acquired previously, because the key is to enable it for the service. Remember that including food is always an advantage that the public will appreciate, because it facilitates a basic need. 

Learn in the following article all the advantages and benefits of starting a business like this, as well as key tips to get the best benefits from your business idea of setting up a rural home

Setting up an Ecotourism Company

Also known as ecological tourism, is one of the industries that has had more movement in recent years, because it is an alternative that allows contact not only with nature, but also with culture, from the appreciation, preservation and sustainability to sensitize those who enjoy these spaces. 

We recommend you carry out a market study, which also allows you to deepen on the activities of this business idea, as well as operating permits according to the area in which you want to locate, because it is necessary to evaluate the regions to which it is possible to move and in this sense, the activities that can be developed there. 

How to start and what should you take into account? All this we tell you in our full article of an ecotourism company.

How to Open an Urban Tourism Business

Whether people living in the area or visitors, the truth is that urban tourism is a good way to break the routine and learn much more about the history and culture of the area we live in or the one we are getting to know. An urban tourism business is a good way to innovate in this sector, taking advantage to a great extent of all the historical aspects that each area and region can tell.

Choosing the working area is one of the most important aspects, because you must take into account places that are very crowded, tourist and striking of the city. Likewise, it requires a deep and specialized investigation to offer truthful information to the visitors. Try to make it a space where visitors can have a wide range of possibilities for their needs and interests. 

In the following article you will find all the information related to the first costs of this business as well as the personnel and the location. Find out all the information you need to open an urban tourism business

Start a Night tour Business for Youth and Adults

No doubt the night plans are one of the favorites of both young people and adults, so a good way to take advantage of this choice in the field of tourism is to start a specialized business of night tours. In particular, this type of schedule offers us a great variety of alternatives, as the night usually invites us to talk about topics that do not have as much force during the day, such as myths, legends, stories and even ghost tours. 

It is important to choose a crowded area, preferably known by a historical context where we can create and organize a whole plan and tour that includes curious and important information for the night tour. Remember that it is extremely important to acquire the permits and operating licenses to operate without any problem, especially because you will need to enter cultural spaces.

We have gathered a series of key aspects that you can not miss to start a business of night tours for young people and adults. 

Opening a Profitable Bed and Breakfast Business

Travel is one of the favorite plans and in fact, the current market has experienced a high movement that includes people of all ages, so it is undoubtedly a sector in which an entrepreneur interested in the tourism sector can not ignore, especially because in this business idea we respond to a basic need of those who move for certain times to other regions. 

The place of operation is a key aspect, as it must be located in a visible area, with large spaces, easy access and, as far as possible, as close as possible to tourist centers and transport. Also, the accommodation must have all the necessary conditions, so we recommend building comfortable and pleasant rooms. Remember that breakfast is the most important meal, so you will be able to offer a wide variety of food for this first meal of the day. 

In the following article you will find all the information you need to start a bed and breakfast business.

Open a Travel Agency, Business in the Tourism Sector

Travel agencies are the main search center when planning a trip, as they offer everything we might need in one place. That’s why opening a travel agency becomes an excellent business idea if you’re looking for where to invest in the market and like the world of tourism and travel. 

Before starting, it is necessary to make a good market study, in which the travel packages are aimed at a specific audience or a variety of profiles among which we can include families, adults, couples, friends plan, among others. Find out which are the favorite plans of each of the ages, this will help you put together your plans and offer just what they are looking for and more. 

To find out all you need to know before opening a travel agency, go to our full article on opening a travel agency.

Open your Gastronomic Tourism Agency Step by Step

This business idea combines two of the favorite activities, travel and food, as it proposes an adventure in which it is possible to enjoy a variety of foods characteristic of the area we are visiting to take advantage of its gastronomic offer and delight the palate. That is why if you like the world of tourism and are looking for a business idea to invest, this combination has the best conditions for entrepreneurship. 

Among the activities that can have a gastronomic tourism agency, is the visit to major markets in the area, tour of natural and specialty shops in the region, visit to restaurants of traditional food, vegetarian, tasting of traditional dishes at local festivals, among many others. Remember that a good way of cataloguing plans is to define types of customers so that you can organize visits according to the preferences of each. 

How to start? In the following article we tell you everything you need to take into account to start and get the best out of your undertaking of a gastronomic tourism agency.

Tips for developing a Tourism Business, Tours and Rides

If we talk about a business in the tourism sector, for no reason can we rule out the ideas oriented to tours and walks, as they have become one of the activities enjoyed from the smallest to the largest of the house. Although much has been heard about it, the truth is that with a good strategy and innovation, we can obtain great profits that allow you to gain recognition in the market. 

The possibilities of this type of business are many, in which you can even include transportation service, snacks or snacks, sports activities, among many others. We recommend you to have specialized personnel, preferably with experience, because in a business that starts, it is necessary to highlight the quality of our service to continue growing in the market. 

Learn more about this business idea in the following article, where you will find how to develop your business tourism.

Open a travel Babysitter Service Business

Services like this one are more necessary than what is believed, because it is a solution to a frequent concern before the care of the children in trips, excursions and exits, especially if we consider everything that this type of plans requires in its general organization and the stress that this implies in many cases. It is an innovative solution but it has the necessary conditions to grow. 

This is how a travel nanny service business allows many parents to have the support of someone who is completely in charge of their children to be aware of what they might need. Remember that you can expand the number of services and specialties of child care in traveling babysitters, diversifying situations in which they might need it. 

So how do you open a business like this? Enter our article with the complete business idea where we tell you all about your traveling babysitter service business.

Open a Tourism Agency for the Blind and Deaf, Tourism for All

Although we have heard of tourism agencies with a wide variety of services, little has been heard about tourism agencies for the blind and deaf, conditions that require and imply a service specially designed for them to enjoy the experience of a trip in a comfortable, but at the same time, very complete. 

To start a tourism agency like this one, it is necessary to have all the necessary knowledge to offer a quality service oriented to them. In this measure, the staff we work with must be trained for this type of service, so that the communication and language used, can be understood, since all this improves the travel experience and activity. This is a service that should also include activities designed for them, so it will be necessary to make a good market study. 

As for the requirements of this type of business, as well as some other tips and aspects that you should not forget, we tell you all this in our full article on tourism agency for the blind and deaf.

Motorcycle tours, motorcycle tourism as a profitable business 

Among the many ways to innovate in the tourism sector, a good way to do so is with the planning of motorcycle tours, since it is a means of transport that has increased in number in recent years for the adventure, practicality and ease that allows for travel. So if you like the theme of this tourism business and are looking for where to invest, this is an idea that you can not rule out. 

It is a service that allows the exploration of wide places, rich in flora and fauna to enjoy and travel without problem, an alternative tourism in which we can take more advantage of the time with other visits taking into account the travel times so short that allows. Create plans according to the preferences of your customers, and build attractive tourist packages for each of them. 

To find out the costs, alternative services and other key aspects to start with this business idea, visit our full article on Motorbike Tours.

How To Have A Nanny Agency, Au Pair Service

The babysitting service is one of the most in demand in different parts of the world, since current life makes parents spend more hours away from home with no one to leave their children with while they are away. That’s why a nanny agency, Au Pairs, continues to be one of the most profitable businesses in the market and an excellent idea to invest in. 

We know that this is a specific service whose profitability depends substantially on the quality of the service, to which is added the confidence and security of our clients to leave the care of their children in our hands, so it is necessary to have trained staff for each of the tasks that requires child care. On the other hand, you can organize plans that allow you to establish rates according to service times. 

To learn more about this business idea, don’t forget to visit our full article on having a babysitting agency.

As we saw, there are many possibilities in the tourism sector, given that a large number of needs are generated in different fields that can be answered by entrepreneurs who identify strategies to innovate and thus gain recognition in the market. That’s why if this is the field you like and you want to become your own boss, these are ideas you should take into account. 

Remember to visit our tips section where we have gathered a lot of data, tips, strategies, techniques and more, which you can include in your entrepreneurship to improve your conditions. 

Already have your business idea? It’s time to start.