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Thematic High Rotation Hotel – Operation, start and concepts

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Start the high rotation hotel business

The Hotel de Alta Rotatividad or the thematic hotels are the option chosen by the couple for their nights of passion. Within the public of this type of business, we find a great variety that does not always respond to the clandestine couple. In order to offer this public something different, personalized, innovative and impressive, we make the following proposal: open a Hotel of High Rotational Theme, so that each couple can fulfill their fantasy in a unique and unrepeatable place.

That is why if you are looking for a business in a sector with high performance, become your own boss and bet on one of the fields with more movement in the market, this could be the option you were looking for. So stay until the end to learn everything about this idea, from how it works, to tips, requiets and more.

Let’s get started!

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How does a high rotation themed hotel work?

The idea is to set up one of the most important businesses in the tourism sector and with greater profitability; a hotel, given that our clients can be anyone who decides to travel and enjoy a good vacation and becomes one of the most needed places.

When opening a theme hotel, one of the most important aspects is to identify the decoration we want it to have and of course, the theme in general. Of course, these can be many and varied. Here are just a few suggestions for you to take into account, develop them, transform them or simply be the trigger to generate new and brilliant ideas.

Among the options we find is the traditional Far West with a representation of the bars of the FarWest era, inspired by the films of Clint Eastwood. There is also the one of a spaceship trying to represent a capsule of a spaceship, cave decoration, this room can include a prop stick and a costume representative of the caves, and another of the most known a decoration of the Caribbean with palms, sand simulation and even an indoor pool can be the characteristic objects of this room.

Advantages of having a hotel with a high thematic rotation

The high rotation hotel business can be extremely lucrative, since people will always need a place to rest on their trip or to spend an intimate moment with their partner due to family or personal circumstances and enjoy the services that a high rotation hotel can provide, along with the entertainment and services they can enjoy during their stay.

The accommodation service is extremely versatile although it is based on housing people in a physical space, can be provided for a variety of entertainment services that can generate many extra profits, such as food, tourist entertainment, transportation service, among many others that can be considered the business of high-density hotels.

What do you need to open a high rotation themed hotel?

Before we focus on the theme of the hotel, we need to build the hotel itself. The options are to start from scratch, which requires a significant investment and a lot of time (not to mention paperwork and permits); buy an establishment that is abandoned and recycle it; acquire a hotel, high rotation or not, that is in operation and, for some reason the owners want to sell it, and set up your High Thematic Rotation Hotel there.

Once you have it, start remodeling it. Ideally, you should seek advice from an architect, who will give you guidelines, plans and sketches of how the general structure of the Hotel de Alta Rotatividad Temático will look. Before you take care of each room, you will have to set up the reception and hallways with a style that represents what you are selling, so you can put part of the decoration in these areas.

How to open a themed hotel?

To start with all the documentation and legal formalities, you need to first define the type of accommodation your hotel will offer, bearing in mind that in this case it is a theme hotel. To this you must add other characteristics such as whether you will offer additional services such as restaurant, swimming pool, service rooms, gym, meeting room, among other aspects. All this will help you to define and shape the type of hotel with the specific operating characteristics.

Bearing in mind that you can open it by renting a space, arranging a house or building it from scratch, you will have to evaluate an initial value that will be the investment you need to put it into operation. All of this will be included in the business plan, where you will also have to include everything you will need for the furniture, the personnel who will take it, the promotion channels, the location of the house and the building.

the rates, among other aspects that we tell you in our advice section where you will see the step by step of how to make this document.

Start the high rotation hotel business

Tips for opening a high rotation hotel 

One of the most important aspects to take care of when opening a business like this one has to do with all the legal aspects, since in addition to the hotel registration, you need to have operating licenses and permits, especially if you are going to offer additional services to the accommodation. Make sure you take a look at the hotels in the sector to evaluate their operation.

First of all, acquire a physical platform in good conditions, besides trying to offer the basic services at the beginning, so that the service you are considering is done looking for a policy of excellence, this way the customer despite seeing a place that is starting in the business notices an excellent quality, making him enjoy the service again.

Focus on what services are going to be organized and maintained in the business, so that it is not saturated with services and then can not sustain the costs involved in maintaining that service, so starting in the business is recommended to make good assessment of the limits that can be handled according to the starting capital.

As we said at the beginning, not only the couples that maintain a clandestine love visit these sites, but there is also an audience that has been married for years and wants to renew their passion, which often threatens to become extinct, through a change of environment in which they can love each other in the jungle, the desert, the Caribbean landscapes and, why not? Dracula’s castle.

Weaknesses: Since this is a business that requires a significant initial investment, especially if you plan to set it up from scratch in a large location and so on, you may not see a return soon, since it will take time to become known in the industry and gain the trust of your first customers. However, once you take off, you will go up and increasingly gain a better position in the market.

Points in favor: if your idea is to invest in the hotel sector, even if it takes some time, it is better to do it with one that you undertake on your own. Besides, it is one of the busiest businesses in the whole tourism sector, so clients will always be looking for places to stay in the place where you are located. Make sure you create a website and social networks, because before any decision, we usually evaluate the options available on the Internet, where you should certainly be present.

Problems that can occur in a hotel with high thematic rotation

This type of business requires a high level of surveillance over time, since there is always movement and check-in within the premises, not to mention the number of travelers who intend to catch their flight on time, so it is easy to lose control of the organization.

Another latent problem is maintenance, due to the high movement on the physical platform this tends to get dirty daily so the business can easily deteriorate if there is not a proper surveillance of the maintenance of the facilities, which can be a challenge because the hotel must always look good for the first impression of visitors.

Success stories for opening a high rotation hotel 

No one said that starting your own business is easy, much less when the competition is growing every day, however, we well know that it is not impossible either. That is why, by clicking on the following link, you can see all the success stories, all the entrepreneurs who have managed to position themselves in the market with a lot of effort and dedication.

A success story can refer to the Venus Motel, with multiple branches throughout Spain, also has a branch opening in Mexico, has proven to be a clear success story in the business of high-density hotels, positioning itself as one of the best and most reliable, whose service has a reputation for being top quality.

This motel can be found in the city of Pontevedra, Santiago, A Coruña, Valladolid, Madrid to the south and north, as well as in Merida Yucatan Mexico, considering in its policies a constant expansion of the brand.

And you, are you ready to undertake and make money?