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Traveling Nanny Service – Advice, Regulations and Advantages

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How do you open a traveling babysitting business?

Creating a traveling babysitting service is a novel and profitable idea that seeks to make a business that promotes a sense of unity, self-care and inclusion. It is to encourage a business that continues to expand the market for investment in the babysitting community.

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Traveling with the support of traveling babysitters is an easy solution for child care related to the stress management required when driving or traveling. Exceptional childcare can also be offered to make life easier for the family. Understanding that providing quality care to delegate child care is a priority. This business alternative can bring good profits if it is offered to people who are on business trips, family vacations, or need longer-term care. Traveling nannies will provide a safe and fun environment for the children.

Here are some ideas for starting this interesting business idea.

Determine what type of business license is needed for your region

Each State or region has different standards for childcare companies, including placement agencies as a nanny referral service. You should contact your state’s business licensing division, or the Secretary of State for Business and Economic Development.

Develop a client application

This is the form needed to gather information from parents and caregivers about the type of babysitting service they are looking for. This should include the number of children, ages of children, special needs or assistance if needed, the number of hours per week a babysitter is needed and the length of work. Other information collected should include whether the babysitter is expected to reside with the family, if she will be traveling with the family. Usually only for full-time babysitting positions and any other duties that the family expects of the babysitter such as housework, transportation of children, or traveling with the family to care for the children.

Create a contract, with the assistance of a lawyer if necessary  

The client’s contract is clearly an agreement between the client and the nanny referral agency. This should include referral fees for their services. The fee structure is often based on the type of nanny position, such as full-time, part-time or temporary. Advertising for clients and nannies

Place advertisements in local newspapers and online to promote the service, while also publicising the potential recruitment of travelling nanny candidates. Advertising in college newspapers can attract students in child development and education programs. Websites provide free advertising that reaches far beyond city limits. Request a resume from traveling nannies and professional references for review. Interview and check the criminal records of potential candidates.

open a traveling babysitting business

How a traveling babysitter service works

This is a service that, equally oriented to child care, works especially for people who are going to travel with children and need a person in charge of them completely. This allows them to have peace of mind with their children in the care of a responsible person and to be able to carry out the errands and other tasks that this type of situation involves.

So your service consists of creating an agency that contains several profiles of travel nannies, which can be organized according to the handling of languages, ages in which they specialize and other particularities to offer to those who need it according to their particular requirements and availability.

Requirements to start in the Traveling Nanny Service

This staff is usually hired by clients who are travelling and need a professional person to help them with the children. Because many times they cannot keep track of everything during the trip and require someone expert to support them with child care.

One of the requirements of the business is to set up a web platform so that online, couples with children travelling by plane can get in touch with female travellers willing to look after and entertain the children during the flight for a fee.

The cost increases as other services are added, such as meetings upon arrival at the airport, help with baggage collection and care, among others. There is also the option to bring this staff on vacation trips when driving overland to reach a destination.

Advantages of having a Traveling Babysitter Service

This business is of great advantage because it offers a high-demand service that starts from the moment a traveler with childcare experience enters her data, such as name, address, RFC, references with contact information and information on her next trip.

The search for babysitters on board is carried out by the parents, who then come to an agreement. As the platform administrator, you have the advantage of being able to charge a percentage of the transaction. Another advantage of this service is that all the contact between the baby-sitters and the children takes place during the flight and always within the sight and supervision of the parents.

Success stories of Traveling Nanny Service

Nanny in the clouds is an example of success in this business, being a new service that has been created as a business, to address problems with childcare during the trip.  In simple terms, it brings parents (who fly with children) into contact with other passengers on the plane, who are willing to offer a hand for a fee.

Tips for getting started in babysitting 

Place ads in local newspapers and online to promote the service. Advertising in college newspapers can attract students in child development and education programs. Websites provide free advertising that reaches far beyond city limits. Ask traveling babysitters for a resume and professional references for review. This is so that in the interview process, you can check the criminal records of potential candidates.

Weaknesses: There may be some issues that need to be addressed as the traveling nanny progresses in the business. These include problems with the nanny’s communication with customers and children. There are some rules that must be respected to get along well with the travelling babysitter. The first one is to talk. It is too easy to get nervous if the babysitter does not put the remote control in place if she does not show herself to fulfill the role that is assigned to her. If you think you are spending too much time on the phone, you need to tell her.

Pros: This is an activity that, while allowing you to create your own business and become your own boss, also opens the doors of employment to women who need it and whose skills are being wasted. Although it is not necessary that you have experience, it is advisable to take some course or training that allows you to approach the field, even if you are not the one who is going to offer the service, since every entrepreneur must know his business and operation very well.

On the other hand, we cannot ignore the performance of this enterprise, since more and more often the service of babysitters is used in different contexts, so that it becomes an opportunity for growth for entrepreneurs.

And you, what are you waiting for to start your travel nanny business? Don’t miss the opportunity and open your agency today.