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Open your gastronomic tourism agency – Steps, Activities and Suggestions

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Business of good eating

One of the latest market trends that has managed to consolidate with greater force is the idea of the gastronomic tourism business, which has become a type of activity that proposes adventure and variety to all those who enjoy a basic need of food and all kinds of food, as well as links to gourmet food and the artists of each preparation; the chefs.

Contrary to what we might think, gastronomic tourism does not only focus on the visit to restaurants, but also on a series of other activities. To this end, we will see everything related to this business below:

Business activity

A gastronomic tourism agency can offer different activities within the food, so it can include visits such as: attendance to markets, shops of national products only, shops of vegan food, tasting for food from local festivals, among others.

Clients: You can make a series of plans that involve family plans, couple plans, plans between friends, that in this measure can enjoy different gastronomic offers.

Consolidation of the business

You will need to be informed about the licenses and permits that you need to have up to date to keep what is documentation of the company or agency updated and on the go, as this will be the key when starting the activity of the gastronomic tourism agency.

Cultural knowledge and research

It is extremely important that in the process, you make sure to do a thorough research on the areas where you are going to start operating in order to know the most popular food in the area, including main dishes, desserts, wines, drinks, etc. This will allow you to offer more accurate routes with respect to the gastronomic culture of each place.

Location of the agency

As for the office, you can set up a physical office or operate over the network, which allows you to have flexibility in reaching your customers. While the sector of operation where the service of the gastronomic tourism agency will be installed, you can define it according to your location and facility.

Some ideas that you can take into account are, for example, the tequila route that works in Mexico, the Iberian ham route, the fruit and liquor route, as well as the wine route that works in Chile.

Organization and planning of the service

The main idea is that the user or client has the possibility to visit different places to be able to take to his palate the delights and best preparations of the place, for what it will be necessary to organize different plans that can not only offer several stops, but also, several tariffs and displacements that can take advantage of all the interested ones.

gastronomic tourism

Promotion of the business

To promote this type of business you can count on advertising media such as: flyers, ads, business cards, website and social networks. The physical advertising can be distributed in tourism related businesses and travel agencies, as well as hotels, lodging sites, among others.

Problems that may arise:

Arranging visits in other people’s sites, can be a problem to agree with the owners of the sites where we are going to send our clients, but if we make clear issues like commissions and so on, the business can move forward. If you have little investment capital, it might not be an idea for you, you can make sure you have factors such as transportation and travel.

Final recommendation:

The key is to attract the attention of foreign customers or those who simply do not belong as such to the area of operation, since they will be the ones who will be mainly interested in tasting the gastronomic delights of the place they are visiting, an extremely interesting, innovative and delicious plan. This is not a requirement to try the service of the agency, because the residents will surely want to try it too, only that our scopes must be fixed in the foreign sector.