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Business Environment – Ecology, Profitability and Sustainability

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Environment and Ecology Business Ideas 

Under current world conditions, it has become necessary to change many of our consumption habits, waste management and production of new elements to reduce our impact on the environment and also reduce pollution levels. This is why a wide variety of profitable businesses have been created in this sector. 

The ideas of this sector include several spheres, so you have very varied options among which are the businesses of recycling of electronics, separation of waste and collection, reuse of waste materials, installation of devices that reduce the consumption of electricity, among others.

What are the advantages? 

Launching this sector of the market implies a commitment not only with the undertaking but also with the environment, which will be efficient when it comes to making yourself known, because little by little people opt for those consumer options that guarantee an environmentally friendly operation. 

What are the disadvantages? 

Although the market conditions are promising, it is necessary to be very careful with the processing of materials, especially recycling businesses, because a bad step or wrong action could not only end the business but give you sanctions. It is necessary to be aware of the regulations of the area in which you are. 

There are a variety of businesses to consider in this sector, of course it’s all about your interests and the investment you want to start. Remember that in the following link you can access all our business ideas of environment and ecology.

Start your Recycling Business 

One of the most enriched fields of recent years is all those that are focused on the environmental sector, where recycling occupies one of the most important positions. The increase in collective awareness has meant that more and more people are betting on practices that promote sustainability and help us to reduce the impact of pollution. Therefore, recycling businesses are one of the best alternatives. 

In today’s market there is a wide variety of businesses dedicated to this sector, so here you will find a series of specialized ideas that you can modify according to your objectives and where at the end, you will find a direct link to the full article. Remember that the first step is always the most difficult, but the key is to undertake in a sector that you are passionate about, so if this is the case, you already have a lot of favour to start with. 

Now let’s see what the business ideas are in environment and ecology: 

How to Start a Recycling Business

To start, you need to give a focus to your recycling business because there are several roads that have not been exploited and from which you can have a high return. You can start by collecting specific materials in different areas of the city or focus on a single area to offer your service. Although the dimensions of the business go hand in hand with the investment, in this initial stage you can accommodate it to your budget. 

Weaknesses: to a large extent, recycling collection requires not only more storage space, but also processes for arranging the material and machinery that allows it to be adapted. However, in the initial stage you can opt for small, easy-to-handle quantities that you can transfer to specialist recycling companies in your area. 

Advantages: as we mentioned, businesses related to the environment are receiving great acceptance and more and more people are opting for new measures for waste management, so you jump into a sector of high productivity with the willingness of those who join the care of the planet. 


To see which are the possibilities of approach of this recycling business and what you must follow to start with your recycling business.

Open an e-waste Recycling Business 

Electronic articles have become a fundamental part of human life, because they are tools that are used for endless daily activities that not only compromise our work obligations, but rest on different dimensions, such as leisure, entertainment, culture, among others. 

As the use of these devices increases, their disuse also increases to a great extent, which is why it is necessary to have a recycling space dedicated to this type of articles that brings together computers, cell phones, televisions and more. We recommend that you do some initial research, especially if it’s your first recycling business, to identify nearby businesses and competitors. 

Weaknesses: While in theory businesses engaged in this type of activities should have a sense of contact with the environment and proper practices for processing the items they store, it is common that many companies send toxic materials or simply do not follow the rules. It would be best to find out very well the modes of operation of the companies you work with. 


Advantages: you can start this business with a very low budget, as the raw material will be provided by various sources that you can access to become customers. A good business plan will allow you to guide your business along the right path at all times, so don’t leave it aside. 

However, it is key to know how this business works, so we have designed a complete article for you to undertake a business of recycling electronic waste

Setting up a Garbage,  and Waste Collection Business  

The importance of treating garbage correctly has led to the addition of canals to those that existed, which are dedicated to its collection, but also to the separation of waste as a way of improving environmental conditions within each of the cities. 

This business focuses on the collection of all those elements that can be reused, including glass, paper, cans, cardboard, among others that also have an economic value in the market. Since this is one of the initial steps, we recommend that you take into account the cycle of waste management, which includes transformation and recycling. 

Weaknesses: although its growth is progressing every day, it is possible that the lack of facilities and spaces such as collection centers are in remote areas, which implies a cost of transport to carry the waste. It is a business with a lot of patience and love for what is done, because there is still a lack of concern for the separation of waste. 

Advantages: It is one of the most important business ideas today, because the need for these spaces increases to see the environmental conditions facing the world. It is a business with several operating options that you can have according to your initial investment capacity. 

In the following article we tell you step by step what you need to do to set up this type of waste collection business.

Open a Christmas Tree Recycling Business 

One of the most beloved and awaited times for all is Christmas, because it becomes a space to share and enjoy with everyone we love the most, so business focused on these times of the year become one of the best alternatives for entrepreneurship. In this case, with the recycling of Christmas trees. 

The operation of this business requires the treatment of natural Christmas trees that can be collected to take advantage of them. In reality, there are several ways to recycle them in order to take advantage of their components and earn money. 

Weaknesses: while the way in which Christmas tree waste can be used is a business idea, one thing you will have to contend with will be those who deposit their used trees in free recycling centres for them. However, a good advertising campaign could attract them to your business. 

Advantages: there are many ways to use the waste from Christmas trees, as their materials are used especially in gardening sectors. The best thing is that you can own a business that takes advantage of what has already been used without having to invest huge amounts of money to make it profitable, but that is necessary to have quality machinery. 

All you need to keep in mind to start this Christmas tree recycling business. 

Open a Business Selling Used Oil for Biofuel 

This is one of those businesses whose conditions can be accommodated according to our conditions and preferences at the time of starting, because the costs of operation can present important variations. 

This business idea consists in the collection and sale of used oil, in which the key will be the flow of customers that we have to make our business profitable. During the planning of this project we recommend you to do a research of competitors in the market, as well as the identification of current suppliers to establish the most viable areas of operation. 

Weaknesses: it is a business with a delicate operation with respect to the processing of used oil, so it is required to know all types of regulations established in the area in which you are to avoid any problem in your business. Also, it must have all the conditions required to abide by the law. 

Advantages: although it is not a business whose operation is always seen in the streets, it is one of the most important entrepreneurial alternatives, because in the course of starting your business you will see the large number of people who require this service, essentially restaurant owners who want to treat correctly the oil burned during the preparation of food they offer. 


We know it’s a complex idea, but with the right knowledge and the right management channels, learn how to start a business selling used oil for biofuel

Sale and Installation of Solar Equipment 

In one of the most profitable sectors, it is necessary to create businesses that include sales, but also the installation of equipment such as this, given that energy is fundamental for the development of the activities that we carry out on a daily basis. Therefore, before starting, it is necessary that you have knowledge in this area and thus guarantee the quality of your service and your product from recognized suppliers. 

Solar equipment must have transformable energies and can be aimed at different types of customers in the market. Remember that it is very important to have the operating permits to operate without problems. On the other hand, we recommend publicizing this business idea especially through the web, since there it will be much easier to expand the panorama of the venture. 

What do you need to start? In the following business idea we tell you everything you need to take into account to undertake in the sale and installation of solar equipment.

Setting up a Plant Shop

There are those who are fascinated by its variety of sizes and shapes, also those who use them as decoration, those who buy them to accompany their environments and oxygenate the air, for good luck or to aromatize, etc., plants are living beings who are always at home, both indoor and outdoor plants, so a business dedicated to this sector has all to win the market. 

A plant shop, in addition to these living beings, may include a number of other services and additional products that allow you to increase your profitability. Among them we find the sale of supplies for the care of plants, products for their conservation, shelves, and in services we find contacts with gardeners, professionals in plant design for decoration, among others. The possibilities are many. 

Now, what do you need to set up your plant shop? Everything you need to know we tell you in our full article.

How to Set up an Environmental Hygiene Company

This business idea consists of offering companies all kinds of material, equipment and inputs related to hygiene, including plastic or metal dispensers, handwashing products, paper, environmental plastic material for the collection of elements, among others. Thus, an environmental hygiene company provides all types of establishments with products of the highest quality. 

This is a business whose potential customers are especially companies, businesses and establishments, so in the first place it is necessary to start approaching them to offer our products. One way to do this is to offer samples and set up a website to support our venture. Remember that you must have all the necessary operating permits. 

So how do you start getting customers? In the following article you will find more information and advice that will help you in your venture of setting up an environmental hygiene company.

Cartridge and Toner Recycler

In sectors such as training and learning, as well as everything related to the area of office and documentation, it is extremely important to always have all the necessary resources with respect to printers, which means having cartridges always ready and toners, however, in addition to not being anything economical, is not ecological, so the best alternative is to use cartridges and toners to refill them and avoid the production of more pollutants. 

This is a business idea that besides focusing on a profitable sector, goes according to what is necessary for the environment and that, even, we can start with very little money. To open a recycler of cartridges and toners is necessary to have an operating space that may not be a local with certain characteristics of location. It can even be mounted at home, always according to the requirements for the process. 

To learn more about this business idea, we let you our full article of setting up a cartridge and toner business.

Undertake an Organic Garden, Natural Food

At present, food consumption habits have gradually but significantly changed, where there is a strong tendency to choose those foods whose production and organization processes are more natural and do not contain any preservatives or additives that modify their natural composition. This trend has created the need for businesses such as organic orchards. 

Although there is a demand that has not stopped growing, the supply does not fully meet the needs of the public, so it is an excellent place to start an environmental business in one of the most profitable sectors, food. Remember that it is important that you know all the processes that must be followed in an orchard, as well as the operating permits. 

Step by step in the following article we tell you how you can undertake an organic garden

Open a shop for LED Lights, Ambient Lighting

With the need to reduce our impact on the world and try to reduce pollution levels, one of the most important sectors in this process is energy, so the light bulb as we know it has been replaced by LED lights. That’s why if you want to take advantage of the boom in this type of business, a LED light store may be the business idea you were looking for. 

This idea is an alternative for those who not only care about the environment, but also recognize the high costs that can be avoided by changing their lights. On the other hand, a LED store can offer a wide variety of lamps that can be very useful for different spaces and establishments. 

Here you will find much more information about how to undertake this idea of LED store lights.

Installation of a Food Recycling Plant, Business for Our Times

Recycling plants, in addition to being a very lucrative business, are also a necessity in front of our current mode of consumption where levels of food waste are so high, which is why one way to undertake while proposing an alternative that focuses on counteracting many of these practices, is the assembly of a food recycling plant. 

It is important to know that we can obtain several products from a food recycling plant, among them are mainly fertilizer, food for pigs, among others. Remember that you must know and have the necessary operating permits, as well as analyze the materials you will need to calculate the initial investment. 

How to start with the installation of a recycling plant? In the following article we tell you everything you need to take into account.

Doing Bonsai, an Ornamental Business

Bonsai are small trees that with specific care, can look like exact replicas of trees of natural size, with which not only different spaces are decorated, but also contribute to generate oxygen, one of the most important and vital tasks for life on earth. 

This business idea implies knowing everything related to bonsai, so it will be necessary to know about their care and maintenance, as their growth must be accompanied by a series of basic care. Remember that you need specific spaces where you can produce them on a large scale to sell them and that the Internet is one of the best ways to gather your target audience. 

Know everything you need to know to undertake and dedicate yourself to the sale of bonsai

Growing Rose Gardening, Exclusive Plants

Growing roses for sale is a private business that can give very good results, given that it has a very wide public that can offer this type of product, from large nurseries, such as establishments dedicated to the sale of plants or private customers. 

This is a venture that you can easily start in any space that meets the conditions for cultivation, since you can choose between dedicating yourself to the sale of roses or simply find a distributor who sells them to reach potential customers. 

In the following article you will find our complete business idea with several considerations you must take into account to dedicate yourself to growing roses

Sale of Decoration for Gardening 

Among the many businesses dedicated to nature and the environment, one that can not fail to be listed is that of gardening, especially this idea that focuses on the sale of decoration for this type of spaces that convey so much beauty and are fundamental to many living beings on earth. 

A shop that is dedicated to the sale of gardening is a profitable business insofar as it offers a wide variety of articles and plants that can be directed both to outdoor areas, as to interiors and that enchant anyone who adores the world of plants and flowers. On the other hand, it is a business idea that has a variety of large customers, including establishments such as nurseries, flower shops, gift shops, individuals, among others. 

Find here all the key information to start your garden decoration sales business soon, step by step.

How to open a Profitable Green Brick Factory

Another idea that is fundamentally subject to concern for current environmental conditions, is the processing of bricks, which has generated the alternative of making ecological bricks that also becomes a profitable business that we can start in this sector. 

It is key that in a business like this you make a specific business plan that allows you to have an overview of today’s market and evaluate the strategies you can implement to sell green bricks. On the other hand, this sale requires a great job of advertising that allows you to reach the public you focus on. 

As for the necessary personnel, materials, operating licenses, among other aspects, we leave you all the information you need for a profitable green brick factory.

Start your Green Consulting or Environmental Consulting Business

Faced with the changes we are experiencing, more and more companies, establishments and individuals are looking for information and alternatives that allow them to direct their activities to more aware practices and with less impact on environmental issues. This trend arises from the consequences of pollution and consumption patterns, so it is marked by various sectors. 

This business idea is dedicated to providing consulting or advice, as well as accompaniment and guidance to a community, person, business or company to take advantage of their resources and generate strategies that allow them to address this latent concern. It is very important that our knowledge is updated frequently as advisors, as well as a good market research is key. 

Step by step in the following article we tell you everything you need to keep in mind to undertake this green consulting business idea 

How to Start a Fabric Bag Business

Each time the use of plastic bags is decreasing substantially, replaced by the use of bags made of fabric that we can use for virtually any type of purchase and even to carry our things. This trend is due to the contamination levels of elements such as plastic, as there is no longer a special reason to continue using them massively. That is why a good business idea that arises in this field is the sale of cloth bags. 

It is a business that we can start with little money and that we can even manufacture ourselves to offer to the public. One of the advantages of this idea of entrepreneurship is that besides that you can operate very easily, because you do not need to have great knowledge or experience in the market, is that you can offer this type of items to a very wide audience, either to establishments or individuals. 

If this business idea has caught your attention, in the following link you will find the article where we tell you all the keys that you must take into account to start a business of bags made of fabric.

Tyre Recycling Business

One of the most polluting elements at present are tyres, as in many areas there are no storage spaces for used tyres and these can appear in different places where the effects of pollution increase, especially with the burning of tyres. Therefore, one of the businesses that is most needed is the recycling of tires. 

To start a business like this is extremely important to have the necessary knowledge, since the recycling of elements like this, especially, requires a specific process. On the other hand, you must have all the necessary operating permits and a storage facility that allows you to organize them. 

In the following link you find our article with the complete business idea where we tell you more aspects of tire recycling.

Sells and Manufactures Toys for Dogs and Cats with Recycled Material

With the increase of activities and practices such as recycling, alternatives have also emerged that allow us to take advantage of all kinds of materials that are separated and recycled to give them a second life and try to reduce in certain measures the unnecessary production of many items. A good way to reuse these elements are those related to crafts and in this case, the making of toys for pets. 

Letting your imagination run with some inspiration in mind is what we need to undertake this business that does not necessarily require a physical location, but can be offered to stores specializing in pets. On the other hand, the obtaining of the material is also relatively simple, but it is key to have basic materials for the manipulation of the toys that are made. 

All the information you need to start this business idea we leave you in the full article of sale and make toys for dogs and cats with recycled material.

Business Selling Second-hand Office Furniture

Many of the objects that we acquire, in a short time or cease to like us, do not serve us or the remodeling makes us no longer want to have them. In the case of companies and offices, this is much more frequent with the case of furniture, given that the need to maintain a sophisticated and aesthetic environment, involves, in many cases, the renewal of all furniture. That is why a good way to earn money is to buy these pieces of furniture to sell them in a specialized space. 

Within the business plan is important to include the location of the local according to the best area for it, because it must be a well located site that is visible to potential customers. To expand the possibilities of earning money, you should not leave aside key tools such as the Internet, where you will reach your potential customers more easily. 

What should the business plan of this venture include? In the following link you will find our article with complete information on how to start your business selling second-hand office furniture

Set up an Ink Cartridge Refill Shop for Printers

One of the most polluting agents in the stationary environment and all types of ink elements are cartridges and their contents, as they represent a danger to the environment. That is why alternatives are born that allow us to respond to the need while trying to reduce our impact. 

This business idea can generate large profits, especially if we bear in mind that it can be addressed to a very varied public, such as offices, medium and small businesses, as well as university and educational institutes that require this type of inputs. Although this is a physical handling item, we can take advantage of the Internet to offer our service through this medium. 

So, how do we start? Clicking on the following link, you will go to a full article where we delve into this idea of setting up a store refill ink cartridges for printers.

Open a Shop of Natural Products, Organic Bio-shop

This business idea responds to a growing demand in the market, and are the health food stores that provide the public with a wide variety of products of organic origin that avoid the use of chemical agents that, in the long run, contribute to the emergence of certain discomforts and inconveniences. That is why a natural products store is today one of the most profitable businesses. 

It is extremely important that direct sellers have all the necessary knowledge in this area to provide good advice to each of their customers. That is why it is necessary to attend courses and train in the sector to make recommendations according to the nuisance and needs of each person. The location is very important, increase your income by diversifying the sales channels.

Learn more about this business idea in the following link where we tell you everything you need to know to start your natural products store.

How to Open a Physical Store of Organic Products

The changes in consumption today have been seen especially in the issue of food, as the origin of the products we consume is an aspect that has begun to have a very important concern that arouses interest in purchasing food that has been produced in better conditions than in industry, with fewer chemicals. One business that responds to this demand is the physical stores of organic products. 

The objective of this business idea is to offer organic and ecological products that will be chosen according to what we want to sell, because this type of business has a wide range of possibilities. Among the main products we find as central axis the fruits and vegetables, as well as cereals, integral products, handcrafted, baked, natural derivatives, among many others. 

If you want to open a physical store of organic products, go to the following article where we tell you everything you need to know to start a physical store of organic products.

Open a Composting Business, Agriculture Industry

One of the best ways to invest our money, is the agricultural industry, which is why in this field arise many possibilities to create business. In this case, we are talking about a venture dedicated to the manufacture of fertilizer, which is made from all kinds of organic and biodegradable waste, as well as decomposed matter from vegetables or plants and animal materials. 

To open a business like this the location is a key issue, because it is necessary to have the necessary land conditions and adequate space for the manufacture of fertilizer. On the other hand, don’t forget to register your business to obtain the operating licenses.

To open a business like this the location is a key issue, as it is necessary to have the necessary land conditions and adequate space for the manufacture of fertilizer. On the other hand, don’t forget to register your business to obtain the operating licenses, which will allow you to operate without problems, and by the way, learn more about your project for assembly. 

Step by step in the following link we leave you all the information that you must take into account to start with your venture of manufacturing fertilizer, agriculture industry.

How to make an Ecological Garden

If you like everything related to nature and you recognize this space as an opportunity in which, through a venture you can do your bit, then a business like this is the project you are looking for to invest your money. This is a sector that is increasingly demanded in the market and in which, moreover, we have many possibilities. 

In order to start a business as an ecological vegetable garden, it is necessary to know in depth all the processes and steps necessary for a correct sustainability of the products. This implies specific knowledge that if you do not have, it is advisable that you take the time to train, because your undertaking will depend on it. 

How to start? In the link below you will find this complete business idea with all the information, data and tips that you can not leave out if you start with an organic garden

As you can see, the businesses dedicated to the environment and in general, all the ideas that arise from this field that tries to reduce our environmental impact and the pollution of our times, have a very good reception within the demand of the market. This is a way to undertake and at the same time contribute to improving the conditions of our planet. know your ecological garden

Each business idea can be modified according to your objectives and conditions, so a good market study should be one of the key tools to start your project. 

Remember that in the advice section we leave you a series of elements that you can complement with your business idea, thus, you will improve the market panorama for you. Start today.