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Dedicating yourself to cultivating roses – Business model, entrepreneurship

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Start growing Roses 

Dedicating oneself to Cultivar Rosales is a venture that, while still classic, has infinite possibilities to be exploited as a modern project. This is because not everything has been created yet, so hybrids and new species are still waiting to be grafted and mixed to continue impressing gardening lovers and creators themselves, which in this case would be you, to turn this passion into a very profitable business.

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Considerations when it comes to cultivating roses

Rosebushes decorate the landscapes we face every day, while also doing the same with our small gardens, even our balconies. In this way, cultivating them, both in their classic and in their more avant-garde version, is a very profitable option, due to the low price of their cultivation and the high selling price we can stipulate to market them.

A very important factor is knowledge. We should not get into this business without first having read a lot about it and practicing at home with seedlings and the subsequent care after transplanting and growing the rose bush. Roses need certain care, such as receiving many hours of sun a day and being especially careful of ants, which can devour a rose bush in a few hours. Therefore, being aware of the preventive products, those that help their flowering and the tricks to protect them, is a weapon in our hands, which we must use at all times and trying to make it as economical as possible.

The staff is also a resource that we must use to make things better every day when we start the business of Dedicating to Grow Roses. So we will be selecting people with a background in gardening and with experience in carrying out tasks relevant to the job of growing and caring for roses.

Start growing Roses 

Selling Roses

Sales are what we will aim at when we enter the business of Cultivating Roses. So what we will do first is to know the profile of our buyers, which are divided into the following three groups:

Great Nurseries: absurd as it may seem, those who would have every chance of making their own roses also have many other plants and trees to dedicate themselves to, so they tend to buy the roses from specialists in the field. They buy large quantities, but demand significant discounts. Quality is an unavoidable requirement to sell to these magnanimous merchants.

Plant shops: these establishments buy from both large nurseries and specialized producers. They demand discounts, but not that much, since they do not buy in bulk, but rather make batches of orders as their own customers place specific orders with them or when they simply run out of stock.

Private customers: they pay the list price, but buy less. They are divided into final consumers, i.e. the person who buys for themselves, and garden designers, who buy to assemble their clients’ gardens.

Requirements to start Cultivating Roses

To start a business growing roses you must find an excellent place, a good soil, with the right temperature and wide that meets the expectations of how and how much you want to grow, it is important to take into account these aspects in the location for the business to prosper.

Another requirement is the necessary business records to carry out the activities without inconveniences, also you must get good suppliers of all materials and inputs that are required so that you can grow the best roses in the market and generate good profits in the business.

Tips for starting to grow roses

People who want to start in this business are advised to buy organic products for the cultivation of roses, such as fertilizers, pesticides, and manure, as far as possible, so that it affects the soil in a positive way and contributes to the conservation of the environment.

Encouraging training on the care and cultivation of roses is a good investment to generate a high quality product, both for people who want to start in this industry and for workers, so this factor is widely recommended in this business.

Advantages of Growing Roses

One of the advantages of having a rose growing business is undoubtedly to be able to work in an environment surrounded by beautiful nature, fresh and comfortable, very different from other types of businesses where greater physical effort must be applied.

It is a product requested by everyone, on holidays, special dates such as Valentine’s Day, birthdays, wakes, and for all those people who want to have a detail with a friend or partner, so sales can be performed at any time of the year generating good profits.

Success stories of this business

Rosen Tantau, founded in 1906, is a successful rose producer, dedicated to obtaining varieties of roses for both gardens and greenhouses. Over the years it has stood out as an important hybridization house and has become world famous as a leader in the hybridization of cut rose varieties. Rosen Tantau has an extensive network of agents and distributors worldwide to serve and meet the needs of new varieties of roses for the demanding and exclusive flower market.

Advantages of Growing Roses

Problems that may arise 

The first year of commercial activities can be difficult as in any business if you do not have a good strategy to make your company known, this would generate problems to attract customers affecting directly in sales. If you do not manage to match the amount harvested with the amount sold, the surplus could deteriorate.

There could be problems in the process of preserving the roses, it is important to understand the process involved in working with this type of item, from cutting the rose until it leaves the doors of the business so you can offer a fresh product and good quality.