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Environmental Hygiene Company – Beginnings, Maintainability and Tips

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Environmental Hygiene-Cleaning Company

Common cleaning products can be particularly expensive when they have to be bought in large quantities by companies and hotel or restaurant establishments, not to mention the way they are applied and disposed of is not the same as when we do it at home. So the solution is in the hands of an Environmental Hygiene Company. So we inform you all about how to set it up.

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What is the role of an Environmental Hygiene Company?

An Environmental Hygiene Company is in charge of supplying companies with plastic or metallic dispensers for liquid soap, paper and automatic hand dryers, as well as soap and paper to replace their respective loads.

So the idea is to make your own brand, either by installing a factory for the containers and for the soap, or by hiring factories to do that work for you.

At the same time, an Environmental Hygiene Company is in charge of providing companies and establishments with more powerful detergents for the environmental cleaning of the premises itself, as well as providing scented products to complement the cleaning.

Requirements for setting up an Environmental Hygiene Company

In order to set up an Environmental Hygiene Company, you will need to register your company and obtain the necessary authorizations and permits to operate as such and to be able to invoice. So go to the corresponding state offices and carry out the relevant procedures.

Although you can have a place for the public, it will not be strictly necessary, as long as you have a shed to store the cans of detergent and other cleaning products. Under this last modality, you will even be able to work from your home, with a simple telephone line and an Internet connection.

You will also need to have a van or truck to deliver the orders that will be made. Make sure you can get a good load inside.

Environmental Hygiene-Cleaning Company

Getting customers for a company

Once you have the product to offer, start contacting different companies, hotels, restaurants, bars and even companies that provide cleaning staff to companies. Plant your proposal, which you will take carefully prepared, arranged in a folder that you will give to the person in charge with whom you hold the interview.

Take care of all the details, include all the information that will be relevant and, very importantly, follow up on that first contact; many are the sales that end up being closed because of insistence.

Keeping the customers of an Environmental Hygiene Company

Once you’ve got them, your job is still in the loyalty phase. To do this you must call them regularly and ask them if they need a replacement product. You will also offer them new options that you have launched on the market.

It is essential to be compliant and to do so punctually; many customers will call you to supply them, do so at the moment you commit to do so, always be ready and organize your schedule and routes to comply in time and form.

Advantages of having this model of Environmental Hygiene

Basically polluting is much easier than cleaning, which makes your business a necessary one that, presented a lot of work during the year, now more than 50% of the planet is contaminated so this business model will take strength every year more and more in any jurisdiction on the planet.

To have this business supposes a human civic act that, will contribute to save vital spaces for the growth of the nature the human health or the preservation of the few species of animals that are left in the specific zones that suffer from contamination.

Tips to start Environmental Hygiene

Safety always comes first, so it is advisable to use implements and substances that protect the human resources working for the business, so that the risk of disease and contamination harmful to humans is considerably reduced.

To make the business known, offering the services through advertising campaigns, using the Internet tool to make the company known, in this way it will be possible to get bigger and bigger contracts to carry out the work of environmental hygiene.

Success stories

Amelin is a successful company because of its professional services in the control of birds, bats, rat extermination, insect extermination, wood treatments, pests in homes, offices, factories, among others.

Another successful company is Cyanowater, which is dedicated to the control, diagnosis and treatment of invasive species in rivers, reservoirs and natural parks. Water treatment and control, algae and sludge management, as well as bathymetry, invasive species control and

redirection of fish.

Problems that can occur

The logistics involved in this business model are heavy, and the nature of collecting, cleaning and maintaining large contaminated areas involves a constant risk to your health, representing a significant wear and tear on your body and your payroll, so these factors must be addressed to avoid damage or disease, using protective tools, for contact with contaminated sites.

Some companies that may be potential clients for the business, employ their own environmental hygiene department, putting the business in low priority which may imply shortage of large contracts.