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Electronic Waste Recycling – Start, Trade and Succeed

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Start with e-waste recycling

Some 2.25 million tons of obsolete televisions, cell phones and computers are disposed of each year, commonly as electronic waste that is ready for disposal according to a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency study. Of this estimate, only 18 percent of these common electronic devices were recycled. The rest ended up in landfills. This is where an electronics recycling company comes to the rescue. An electronics recycling center facilitates the reuse of usable electronic components, the separation and processing of recyclable metals, and the proper disposal of toxic or non-recyclable parts.

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First Steps in Recycling Electronic Waste?

Here are some ideas for opening your e-waste recycling business, step by step.

Do the right research

Be informed about state and federal laws on electronic recycling. To do this, you need to consider whether there are other companies in your destination area that are already involved in this business. If so, determine what can be done that these established companies are not doing. Locate sources of e-waste in your local area. Consider the process that each electronic device will have after it is discarded. Know where to go for any leftover material and how and where you can legally dispose of toxic waste such as heavy metals.

Start with e-waste recycling

Create a business plan

Learn more about the part of electronics recycling that works for you. You can choose to transport large quantities of electronics to a recycling plant, or you can store and process recyclable electronics yourself. Another aspect of electronics recycling is melting the metal of the components. Whatever you choose, plan for it with the proper facilities and equipment. Decide how you will finance your business.

Obtain any permits or licenses

Be prepared for possible inspections. Your local natural resources department can conduct inspections, whether required by law or not, if you suspect a problem. Records should be kept on the percentage of e-waste collected that is actually recycled.

Required Costs to Start an Electronic Waste Recycling Business

A large and suitable room is needed in which the discarded equipment can be deposited and dismembered for sorting. In addition, a transport vehicle is required for the collection of the equipment and for the delivery of parts and rescued pieces. It is also necessary to incorporate the costs of advertising and marketing as well as the permits required by the state or region.

Requirements to start the recycling of Electronic Waste

Knowledge of electronic and industrial engineering is needed to determine which components are reusable and for what purpose.

In addition, there must be ample space to set up different classification areas, in addition to the equipment needed to melt or disassemble the materials for reuse, taking into account the industrial process needed to recycle these components.

To contain and work with these elements can be harmful to health, also represent a high level of pollution, so you need the appropriate health permits depending on the jurisdiction of the country, most likely you have permission to establish this business model, only in industrial areas, which will be far from the urbanized areas for issues of law on urban planning.

Advantages of having this business

You will be responsible for contributing to one of the most valued civic acts in 21st century society, the establishment of a business that is dedicated to recycling for the sake of safeguarding the environment.

This field is going to take more and more strength, even there are companies that have changed their industrial processes and energy use to be self-sustainable or manufacturing processes whose waste is contained, helping to preserve the environment.

So this type of business is transferable between generations, in addition you will have a wide acceptance in society about your company for the results that thanks to your business will be present in the future.

The raw material never stops arriving, you will always have electronic waste of all kinds, which will give you ample capacity to create and innovate new products or simply sell reconstructed or rescued functional parts to repair electronic objects or manufacture objects destined for a second use by another user.

Success stories

Deutsche Recycling is asuccessful company in this sector of recycling because it supports the customer extensively with its experience as a distributor and producer of electrical equipment that is subject to a variety of country-specific guidelines worldwide.

Our goal is to ensure that electrical equipment is disposed of and recycled in a regulated and environmentally friendly manner, in accordance with the requirements of the ESA Law (ElektroG) which are very high and strict.

Another renowned and successful electronic waste management company is Recytronica, which is an expert and authorized waste manager, specialized in the treatment of technological and electronic waste, with a broad commitment to the conservation of our environment. Due to recycling they manage to recover raw materials avoiding 75% of pollution, contributing to create a more sustainable society.

Advantages of having this business

Problems that can arise when starting your recycling business

Running your business ethically and legally. Unfortunately, some electronic recycling companies undermine the nature and environment of recycling businesses by sending toxic materials overseas. Some even show blatant disregard for environmental protection laws and use intermediaries to conduct illegal transactions. Be very careful and investigate who you are doing business with.

Recommendation for success in your venture

Get the best data management programs on the market and assure customers who turn in their equipment for disposal that their files and personal information will be completely deleted. Investigate all forms of computer wipes to remove files containing account numbers, passwords and confidential files. Also, design a data security certification that acts as a receipt for data deletion services.