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Dedicated to Bonsai – Profitable Business, Tips, Profits

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Start to make Bonsai

The subject of decoration is very important for all those people who wish to have their house fixed and beautiful. One of the options to achieve this is to decorate it with some bonsai, small trees that, after a specific treatment, look like the exact replica, but in scale, of the life-size trees that fascinate us so much. Therefore, this has opened a vein of business for all those who wish to dedicate themselves to Bonsai and have their own company in this sector.

Requirements for Bonsai Making

When the business option is to Bonsai, what we need to do is the following:

Learn the Procedure: to create bonsai is not easy, you need to learn the method in detail and try it. To do this, we can do a course in our city, in which we will be face-to-face students of the classes, so we will do practices and our work will be evaluated by a professional in the field. We also have the possibility of doing a course by Internet, in which we will not be presential, but we will learn with videos and specific explanations. Finally, we also have the option to be self-taught and learn on our own, for which we will need to have a book or Internet instructions. Either option is valid and the choice of ours will depend exclusively on our capabilities and time to learn.

Try Our Work: a bonsai is a living being, so it will not be enough to do it and consider that it is already ready. This is because, although the bonsai may have remained, for the moment, very well, if the procedure is not well done, the small tree could dry up and die. That is why the trial period is vital. We will carry out this process with at least twenty units and we will keep statistics on how many have been successful and how many have not. In turn, we will try to find the fault where we have failed, modify the procedure and test again until our method is infallible. This will guarantee that whatever bonsai is created, it will be a success and will last as long as it should.

Knowing What We Are Selling: When we are dedicated to Bonsai, we must manage the information in detail of everything we do. This implies knowing the tree we are minimizing in all the details that make it up. This information includes if it is deciduous or perennial, if it has flowering and when, if its flowers are perfumed or not, its longevity and which are the pests that attack it, among many other things. In turn, we should be well aware of whether all these characteristics are repeated in the bonsai.

Making Bonsai and Selling It

Selling is the core business of Making Bonsai, which is why we must develop strategies that will lead us to sell more and more. Among them we find originality, quality and beauty. Based on these precepts, and with good contacts in shops, supermarkets and nurseries, we can start with this fascinating business.

Advantages of Bonsai Making

There are important collectors of this type of crop, since it represents a very rich and interesting millenary culture, which draws the attention of hundreds of clients to your business, representing important profits in the process.

Attending this business can be very comfortable, you just have to set up your space, supply your business with different bonsai sepas and wait for the enthusiastic customer to connect with your business, so you are always comfortable and enjoy a fresh space.

Start to make Bonsai

Tips for starting Bonsai

Make constant advertising campaigns for your business, use radio spots, the Internet tool today is almost vital to attract a good amount of customers, look for bonsai enthusiasts forums, create groups, use social networks to publicize your business.

Use your business to offer other types of products associated with bonsai care, such as gardening tools, vitamins for plants, ornaments and other implements that may exist in this world, whose culture of care has lasted thousands of years.

Success stories

Bonsaikido is a successful company in the Bonsai market, because besides offering ornamental plants, it also gives courses to learn how to cultivate, maintain and decorate with bonsai, potted trees, also in other Zen arts of Japanese culture, such as floral art, calligraphy, tea ceremony, Japanese origami, kitsuke, among others.

Mistral Bonsai, is another successful company that sells and markets the most diverse varieties of bonsai as well as a variety of accessories and ornaments around this product. Pots, tools, accessories, substrates, fertilizers, treatments, among others.

Problems that may arise 

Since you are working with a very specific product, you may have competition with plant sales businesses that decide to offer bonsai as part of their inventory, which leads to a direct problem in attracting customers.

You must have a very fresh space so that the bonsai can be kept alive, otherwise they can perish representing losses in your inventory and possible gains from lack of movement of the same.