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Plant Shop – Tips, Requirements and Profits

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Start with a plant shop

Who is not fascinated by the presence of plants? From large, sturdy tropical plants to delicate houseplants, the range is so wide and beautiful that setting up a plant shop will earn you much more money than you imagine.

You can find out about the environmental and ecological business here

We all buy plants, either to decorate our empty terrace, to continue to populate our lush garden or even to give away. Plants are the ideal company for many people and always turn out to be the ideal gift, for both men and women.

So start thinking right away about where to set up a plant shop, success is guaranteed.

What to consider in a plant shop?

When you go to set up a plant shop, follow these simple strategies and steps and you will see that you will be very successful:

Ideal location: Since you will be working with living things, it is important that there is good lighting and ventilation in the place. Make sure you have an outdoor area that can be covered. It needs to be outdoors for outdoor plants, and it needs to be roofed to prevent frost from killing sensitive plants. Make sure these details are followed.
Offer everything and specialize: although when setting up a plant shop you should offer all kinds of plants: live plants, flowers, crass, aromatic, medicinal, shrubs … in short, everything; it is equally or more important that you specialize in one type of plant. Just to give you an example, you can specialize in rose plants. What you should especially keep in mind is that, when you decide what type of plant to specialize in, you should not be missing a single plant option in that category.
Take care of your goods: unlike clothes, shoes, books and thousands of other products, plants are living beings that, believe it or not, have their needs. So fertilize them, prune them, remove the dry leaves, turn over the soil… do whatever is necessary to make them look radiant.
Get trained: whether it’s self-taught, reading about the subject, taking courses in gardening, horticulture, flower arrangement, etc. The more you know about it, the better merchandise you will be able to sell and the better you will advise your customers.

Start with a plant shop

Tips to help you set up a plant shop and make the best profit

Expand your services: don’t settle for selling the plants; provide a garden and green space design service. In this way, one part of your business will feed back to the other, since whoever buys plants, will want you to build their garden with them and, whoever buys a design service of their green space, will need the plants to fill it.
Create: get inspired and start making hybrids and grafts that no one has ever made before. Be original Try to create yellow joys and don’t stop looking for the black rose. Give your business a personal touch when setting up a plant shop. Offer something unique, apart from the traditional.
Requirements for setting up a plant shop

Have a large inventory of plants, so that the customer can get what they need as soon as they enter the business, also try to have a stock of related products, such as gift cards for bouquets and colorful items to add to the same plants.

Manage the trade register to be able to work since, it is vital in every business that pretends to work in a formal way, so it is convenient to hire a professional specialist in trade registers to support and start the business.

Advantages of having a plant shop

Plants will always have interested customers whether they are families or people living alone, absolutely everyone needs a plant because of what it represents as a living being for the emotional and cognitive state of the human being. Therefore, the connection with nature, latent in all human beings with plants, is almost vital for the quality of life of customers, increasing their demand.

There are many events that need bouquets or floral arrangements, this type of event can bring very good contracts for the business, for example, the celebration of a marriage that can move much of its inventory, representing very important margins of profit in just one event.

Problems that can arise

It is an inventory that must be kept fresh, so this takes work, because the inventory must be watered every day and kept moist to prevent the plants from dying before they are sold, which must be done as quickly as possible, because there may be losses.

If you don’t have good publicity you can have problems to get enough clients, representing a problem because the business of the plants, has to move in a short time, because of its maintenance and relatively short life.

Success stories 

Pro-Jardin Nurseries is a successful company in this sector because it offers the best plants for home and garden, where you can find everything related to plants and gardening. Likewise, the nursery has a very convenient location, in an area perfectly communicated both by road and by public transport.

The company has a wide range of all kinds of plants, trees, shrubs, flowers, indoor plants, outdoor plants, fruit trees, garden plants, bonsai, aromatic and culinary plants, seeds, cactus and crasses, for the gardening enthusiast.