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Garbage Collection – Features, Benefits and Tips

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Start with garbage collection

Waste separation is now being implemented in many countries as an alternative to improve the environmental conditions in cities. Therefore, a recyclable waste collection business can be a very profitable opportunity. Collect glass, cardboard and paper packaging, soft drink cans, beer and others. They can be of significant economic value if you have the resources to locate and market them.

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Problems that can occur for waste collection:

There are a number of difficulties that are currently making it difficult to improve the problem of collecting recyclable waste.

The lack of concern of people about the selection and separation of waste.

There is a misconception that if waste is sorted at home, it will take away from the people who are working on this process. It is a reality that beliefs are not helping cities to solve this problem because citizen collaboration is required to improve it.

The complexity of sorting waste at home

At home, it is necessary to organize among family members to educate them in this process and to understand that they must have and use containers for the separation of paper, glass, containers and other waste. However, if the business idea of collecting recyclable waste is developed, recycled paper bags or boxes can be provided to support families in the selection, making it easier and cheaper to carry out the process.

The distances to be covered to the collection centres or containers.

If there is no immediate access to the bins or collection centres, or if the waste is collected from the houses and mixed again, people are discouraged from returning to the traditional process of putting all the waste together. Therefore, a home collection service would be a great contribution.

The lack of facilities offered to citizens to place this waste.

This business idea works precisely to offer citizens an alternative where there is a shortage of centres and spaces where they can leave their waste separately. Offering the alternative of collecting recyclable waste for a monthly fee, as well as a form of organization or an incentive from the public administration, would be a great motivation to continue applying this measure that is of great need for all cities in different countries at this time.

The lack of spaces, collection centres and marketing of the final material.

The lack of spaces for marketing and processing these wastes

Start with garbage collection

Organization and marketing of recyclable waste

This is where the business idea comes in, in the sense of putting the following steps into practice:

Create the company dedicated to the management of recycled waste: Taking into consideration the revaluation and reuse of them, with the idea of mitigating the environmental impact that these wastes cause, because it is an increasingly sensitive issue in the community.

Working to ensure that the least possible amount of waste, whether solid, liquid or hazardous, is disposed of properly. Aiming to achieve the ideal of the least amount of waste possible, thus contributing to the sustainability of the planet.

To include in the management cycle: the minimization, transformation, recycling and commercialization of these wastes. If it is not possible to transform or recycle them, that the waste can be disposed of with the highest environmental standards.

To consider the vision of the future: that the residual resources (such as plastic, organic, wood, cardboard, cans and others), are considered environmental liabilities, which can be transformed into assets so that they can be reinserted into the productive sectors and transformed into a new product that can even be marketed.

To have an approach that aims: to add value throughout the waste management process, through innovation and the incorporation of technology. Always thinking about the idea of a contribution to sustainability.

The service includes: the gathering of information regarding the types of waste found in the client’s facilities, first evaluating their commercial value and then segregating them.

Subsequently, the waste is conditioned in order to optimize the transportation and marketing of the cargo.

Finally: those wastes that have a commercial value are sold. Making previous contacts with the companies that require them.

Problems that may arise when starting this waste business

In the informal waste management system,

Waste pickers in several countries collect recyclable materials at different stages of the chain, including from households, offices, shops, streets, transfer depots and landfills. They do this on foot, by bicycle or by other means. Despite appearances, the informal recycling sector includes a differentiated and sophisticated chain that achieves high recycling percentages, from 30% to 80% in some cities, although exact quantifications are not available.

Requirements for starting with recyclable waste

One of the first requirements to start in this type of business is to make the commercial registrations and obtain the governmental permits to collect the garbage from the containers that are generally classified as glass, plastic, paper and organic waste.

Units specifically designed for garbage collection must be purchased and an adequate facility located for the storage and proper processing of the collected waste to ensure optimal business functions.

Advantages of having recyclable waste

One of the advantages of this business is the support that can be given to society by keeping the containers available for future waste, thus avoiding future diseases due to garbage accumulation.

According to statistics presented in North America, each person generates two kilos of garbage per day, which makes this type of business a vital one for society, improving the quality of life of the people who indirectly benefit from the work of the company, in any part of the world where the company is established.

Organization and marketing of recyclable waste

Success stories

A successful company in this sector is Chatarrasa, Desguaces y Reciclaje SL, which is a limited company dedicated to the control of water supply, sanitation, waste management and decontamination activities. Its main activity is waste collection.

Another successful company in the sector is Actividades Medioambientales y Forestales SL, which is also dedicated to water supply, sanitation activities, waste management, decontamination, and waste treatment and disposal. It also carries out forestation, cleaning of weeds and rubbish in natural, rustic and urban areas, tree pruning, and road cleaning both to prevent pollution and to preserve the environment.