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Refill ink cartridges as a business

Whether it’s the cost of acquiring new ink cartridges, the danger to the environment or the urgency with which this type of service may be needed, an ink cartridge refilling business may be the idea you’re looking for to create your own profitable business. Because the initial investment is relatively simple, we contribute to the environment and also provide a solution to a present and growing need of the public.

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Who would be your potential customers? Essentially large and medium-sized companies, especially if they are in the IT services or technology area, although other types of companies may require it with equal need.

How do I start my business?

Business activity

Basically the activity focuses on refilling used ink cartridges, as well as preparing them for reuse. The amount required depends especially on the customer, as they can be large companies or individuals. You can create an ink cartridge refilling business for which people pay on a monthly or weekly basis.

This type of business allows consumers to save on the purchase of new cartridges, contribute to the environment by avoiding increased cartridge production and manage waste properly, while on your side, you can start with little investment and see a return in a short time.

Basic knowledge

You have the investment capital and the business idea, but do you know how to manage the business? It is extremely necessary that you take a training on this process, the types of ink for each cartridge, the types of cartridges, the quantities needed, etc. The quality of your work and in this sense the success of your business depends on your knowledge. Make sure you know every part of the process and that your staff undergoes the same training afterwards.

Supplies and materials

Another necessary point to emphasize is the material you are going to use. Keep in mind that creating a cartridge refill business represents a serious responsibility to provide quality product, as well as knowledge, could mark the success or failure of the business. In addition, you must have the necessary supplies, such as: toner cartridge filling powders, inks of all colors and sizes, liquid for head removal, removal tools, interior cleaning product, spatulas and cleaning material, among others. With the growth of the business, you will need more professional material such as cartridge filling machines, steam guns, toner vacuums, ultrasonic vats, among others.


Although you will need a place to store your ink cartridge refill material, this service will most likely be done at home, however, the key is to diversify and offer both services as much as possible.

Promoting the business

Large companies, individuals, small businesses and others, can be in different sectors of the public, so it makes the task of sending advertising more complex if it is so diversified, so it is best to raise and implement both traditional advertising through flyers, media appearance, business cards and banners, as well as create a website, be present in social networks and sell the service online.

Refill ink cartridges as a business

Disadvantages that can appear

With the passage of time and the growth of the business, easily the investment capital should expand its scope with the orders you have, as more and more people will know you so they can easily recommend you to start with other customers, so you should be aware of that. Clearly without advertising there is no business and this is one of those businesses that depends on advertising and promotion strategies to make it known.

Requirements for Refilling Ink Cartridges

You should have a small work space, you can even set it up in a mall gondola. Thus, the process of recharging cartridges takes minutes and can be done in a small space so it is a practical and dynamic business.

You must have the trade register if you want to work in a formal manner, for this you can always hire a professional to support these efforts, making the business is in order.

Advantages of having ink cartridges recharge

The printer elements are easy to work with and the equipment is economical to purchase unlike other more complicated businesses. Therefore, recharging a cartridge can take minutes and is extremely necessary when emptying the ink, because the user needs to print all the time.

In addition, this model of

Business goes hand in hand with university stationery stores, offices and other jobs that require a printer’s work, making it a much needed business in the intellectual field.

Success stories of ink cartridge refilling

Cartuchos Ozotoner S.l, is a successful company in the sector that, is dedicated to the import, recycling, sale, assembly and manufacture of components, computers, peripherals, consumables and electronic devices.

Another successful company in this area is the Corner of the Consumable Sl, which is a store specialized in the sale of ink and toner for printers, original and generic, as well as paper for printing, recharging of ink cartridges, matrix ribbons, rolls for cash registers, accessories, among others.  Offering the service of home delivery, companies and individuals.

Final recommendation

You have the advantage of being able to receive a wide variety of audiences, so you must be aware of the needs of each customer profile that contacts you, both university students who need to recharge their cartridges to print their thesis, and employers who need to print the contract of a new employee, so diversify and address them.