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Green Consulting – Features, Benefits and Tips

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Start with a green consultancy?

Profitable businesses do not necessarily have to be unaware of the affinity with the environment. On the contrary, as it is possible to observe nowadays, one of the biggest trends that the market has presented is all those businesses that at some point expose and establish a friendly relationship with the planet, such as green consulting.

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This trend, promoted mainly by the effects of pollution, the wear and tear of the world’s natural resources and other directly related aspects, has generated the concern and preference of an important section of the public for the choice of all those products and services that offer them, in their use, a reduction, but also, a method that allows them not to be an imminent danger to the planet.

How does Green Consulting work?

Then, when we talk about Green Consulting, we refer to a type of consulting that offers a service dedicated to the guidance, advice and practice of techniques, strategies and actions that allow either a company, a community, a business, a locality, etc, to implement measures to reduce and use resources, particular forms of recycling in the place, alternative and organic methods of production or packaging, in short, the possibilities are many.

How to start with this type of business? Below we will present a series of keys that you should take into account to start up this type of profitable business:

Investigate and train yourself

In order to offer a quality consulting service, it is necessary that we initially train in the area and acquire all the basic and important knowledge that will allow us to manage and dedicate ourselves to this business. In this sense, it will be necessary to emphasize mainly in the sector in which we think to operate, for example if it is about companies, recycling methods, communities, production and organic packaging, etc. With the passage of time and experience, you will be able to diversify your environmental subservices.

Evaluate and examine what your skills are and which sectors you are best placed to exploit and make the best use of.

Build self-confidence and credibility

There are still many people who do not believe or simply prefer to ignore the importance of implementing environmentally friendly management, regardless of the sector in which you choose to operate, so it is necessary that you have the ability to provide security and truthfulness to your first customers so that they give you confidence and see the results later.

The ability to inspire others, although it is a complex and hard work, will allow you to expand your market and provide you with very important tools.

Start with a green consultancy?

Service and product

We have talked about the formation of a service, but the real consultants are located in a specific niche of the market. What happens when we have a product and a service at the same time? The opportunities and implementation of strategies give us more possibilities.

When we change what we offer and the techniques we use make customers think they will get something physical from what we present, it automatically gives the feeling of having a product, although we certainly still talk about a service.

Develop networking strategies

Once the above points have been raised, it is time to start moving. This type of strategy consists of creating relationships that allow us to reach our clients. Don’t forget about relationships in the telecommunications media.

Acquire permits and licenses

As for the operation of any type of business, it is necessary that we have all the legal documents that expose us as a legitimate and functioning brand, in addition to avoiding any subsequent inconveniences. Remember that in each country this type of procedure is granted and established in a different way, so you should contact the respective entities in your country.

Promote your business

Here you can apply both traditional and digital advertising methods, that is, both brochures and business cards that will be key, as well as presence in social networks and a web platform or landing page where you offer your services. What you can do is visit all those fairs and events that are related to your business, companies in search of this type of consultancy and begin to give you to recognize and exalt the importance and the need to apply what you sell so that they soon begin to contact you.

Requirements to start green consulting

When starting this business, it is necessary to carry out the pertinent commercial registrations, as well as the permits that every company must process to start its commercial operations without any inconvenience.

Find a suitable location where your business can attract the most customers, get a commercial space and the properties that fit the needs of this type of company, such as desks, chairs, computers, office utensils, among others.

Advantages of having a green consultancy

A great advantage of having a green consulting business is to be able to guide those people who want to collaborate with the preservation of the planet. Each consultation that is given is a grain of sand that is contributed to preserve the environment and at the same time economic benefits are being obtained.

Another advantage that can be presented in the business of green consulting is the comfort of the nature of the service provided, for people who prefer the office environment, it is ideal, from your desk you can perform all activities inherent in this type of business.

Tips for Green Consulting

It is recommended to find out in depth about suppliers that can be recommended to clients, for example suppliers of solar panels or recycled materials, among others. This is important when customers request these products to obtain the highest quality, thus providing credibility to the business.

Advertising and promotion is vital to invite people to purchase the services provided by the business, can be done through radio spots, billboards, publications in newspapers, magazines, social networks, create a website would also be very useful.

Success stories 

BlacktoGreen is an international consulting firm with a 25-year track record of success, providing intelligent solutions to businesses and governments to ensure a rapid and orderly energy transition, supported by climate technologies and funds. It is a company of services related to energy efficiency and environment that offers intelligent solutions to companies and governments.

Cesyt is another successful green company that has a multidisciplinary team of consultants committed to the development, promotion and consolidation of the urban green fabric as an indicator of the quality of cities.

The company seeks to achieve healthier, more liveable and natural cities, working to solve urban problems arising from climate change, poor air quality, rising temperatures and loss of biodiversity.

Requirements to start green consulting

Problems that may arise 

A problem that can be presented to any green company in its beginnings is to capture the attention of the clients needed to maintain their commercial activities, for this reason, it is important to promote in the best way the services that the business provides to attract people interested in this area.

Competition in the business can be a problem when it comes to getting customers, make a study of the number of companies with the same type of service in areas near your location, which helps plan strategies that make you stand out from other businesses.