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Cost effective green brick factory – Tips and benefits

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Start with the manufacture of ecological bricks

Today, concern for the environment has led us to create new ways of manufacturing ecological bricks and to reconsider production systems that have a significant impact on life on planet earth. On this occasion, we bring you an important business idea that, in addition to reducing environmental impact, has the potential to become a profitable business.

You can learn here about the businesses that are ecological

Without a doubt, one of the most important businesses is the building material business, as demand is always high. They are not only required for the realization of new works, but also for repair, improvement and reconstruction processes. This is how the business of the ecological brick factory has a high potential of business with performance, mainly due to the style of a futuristic business.

Production of the ecological brick

Before any other step, it is necessary and basic to know how the manufacturing process of the ecological bricks is. Well, first of all we must do the sifting of the soil. In this step, the thick soil is glued until it is all the same volume. Then it is mixed with the help of earth, water and cement in a mixer. Having this, it will be necessary to strain the mixture in a hydraulic press and there the bricks will have water with a duration of four to seven days, after that the ecological bricks will be ready.

Creating a business plan

Developing this document will be key to bringing together the many factors we need to consider when setting up our business. Step by step we will establish short, medium and long term objectives, as well as the material and equipment we will need, space, personnel, investment capital, marketing strategies, etc.

Operating premises

For the location of the business, we must take into account that when it is a factory of articles and products, the spaces of operation must be places that are not very crowded, this especially by the level of noise that can generate, the emissions and others. For an ecological brick factory it will be enough to get a shed where we can manufacture these products. Finding a large area with space for all phases of the process will be key in achieving the operating space.

Factory personnel

When we speak of a factory, we automatically speak of an activity that is made up of different phases and jobs that will definitely be very difficult for a single person to manage, so it will be necessary to have the right personnel and the right amount to start production. As for the number of people, you must try to have them precisely the ones needed, in addition to their knowledge in the areas of operation.

Start with the manufacture of ecological bricks

Training of the entrepreneur

It is extremely important that with this type of business you focus on keeping yourself informed about new trends, as well as attending courses and workshops that are related to the activity that your ecological brick factory will carry out.

Licenses and permits

Like any type of business, you must have the permits and licenses established by the trade and operation laws according to the area in which you live and in which you intend to operate. This allows us to adhere to the established regulations and according to that, operate without serious problems that will later compromise the growth of the business.

Promotion of the factory

With the ecological brick factory business we become wholesalers, so it will be necessary for you to start contacting retailers, companies dedicated to the supply of construction elements, private individuals and agencies that offer this type of service. The key is in the promotion of the product, the sample and an excellent service to the client, in addition to commitment and fulfillment.

Remember that this is one of the most innovative, environmentally friendly and attractive business ideas that will undoubtedly attract a large number of customers to you.

Requirements to start with the manufacture of ecological bricks

One of the main requirements to open this business is to have experience in construction materials linked to environmental protection. Therefore, this business can be developed by professionals in the field who are familiar with it.

Since, it is necessary to test with mixtures of different materials manufacturing the bricks and submitting them to the pressing process to measure their resistance. Therefore, the knowledge in the manufacture of these bricks, brings some stages that it is of vital importance to learn to know from the foundation, also should seek the manufacture of the molds or failing that the purchase of these.

Since it is a mass production requires a space organized by areas, which must be thought out and structured in the business plan. The areas, equipment, supplies and specialized personnel must be planned in advance.

Advantages of ecological brick manufacturing

Raw material can come directly from the ground or reusable construction waste so raw material is usually available for free, producing a significant margin of profit on sales.

However, in the world of construction, it is necessary to know the material’s resistance and durability. The ecological brick is very resistant and looks very good on clean building facades.

The manufacture of the ecological brick is a relatively easy process, which makes it a simple business in terms of production and sale of the material to the consumer, for different construction projects.

Tips to start making ecological bricks

The space should be large for the manufacturing process, so you should probably look for a preferably industrialized area, or industrialized area, the more space you have to work, the more production you can ensure.

Another requirement is to have adequate personnel to begin production, making sure that they are only those who are necessary and who know the work they are going to do in the areas of operation.

Make the business known, using advertising campaigns to encourage potential clients to have information about the location of the ecological factory.

Attend events on environment and ecology that can give the possibility of attracting customers who are enthusiastic to collaborate with the rescue of the environment.

Success stories

The company Freight Pipeline, is considered successful in this business because it tries to make the ecological bricks that it builds, which it has called “Fly-Ash Brick”, spread and sell to other places in the world.

These bricks have several advantages over conventional bricks, in addition to their ash recovery capacity, they are lighter and consume less energy as they require only a cooking temperature of 60º, compared to normal bricks that require ovens of around 900º C. In addition, they can absorb small amounts of mercury from the air.

Problems that can occur 

The process of manufacturing ecological bricks can be slower than usual, this means less sales and a movement of inventory that can be little dynamic, however, this problem can be solved with enough space and constant work.

This is a heavy job, in conditions usually outdoors, you must have good health and preferably a human resource for support in production, which makes this business more complex in nature compared to business models in commercial premises.