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Sale and Installation of Solar Equipment – Performance and Advantages

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Start with the sale and installation of solar equipment

The sale and installation of solar equipment can be a good idea of investment in these times where energy is the black gold of the world, as we know in our society to energy is essential because we need in principle for anything, right now we are using it to enter the Internet and read this article, for this reason anyone who consumes much energy or dreams of helping the ecosystem will need a clean energy and low price as the solar.

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A solar equipment, has transformable energies, clean that still for many is a challenge to be able to have it, since they believe that it would be difficult to them when this cloudy one and they do not have alone, for this reason still they use the coal, petroleum and gas. Even so there are cities where companies or new houses that see a clear advantage when investing in solar energy that later a little more expensive at first but in the long term the only expense will be the maintenance of it.

The solar equipment company is aimed at people who are sensitive to the environment or energy saving, they must also have knowledge in renewable energy and solar energy, these are necessary to provide a quality service.

It is recommended that before starting with the company of solar equipment the entrepreneur can be informed of the legal regulations that affect the business because not all countries are equal, in some we have requirements and in others not, in Mexico and Colombia could receive aid from the state without requirements, however countries like Spain or Uruguay subsidies can help but we must meet some requirements.
It is important to mention that before starting with the company is necessary to have an accreditation type A, granted by the Andalusian agency of energy, to be able to carry out installations of photo volcanic energy and solar energy ends. If the installation company is going to work with solar thermal energy, it is a requirement that there is a person hired with the installer’s card in the specialty of heating and hot water.

Sale and Installation of Solar Equipment

The services provided by the solar equipment company will be: the analysis and study of the viability of the installations, the necessary preliminary studies and the engineering design required for the installation, management of the procedures of the electrical companies, permits, licences, etc., technical advice, advice and procedures for obtaining aid and finally the assembly of the installations.

As for the sector that the company heads, this is included within the renewable energies and solar energy, taking into account that Spain is one of the countries with the highest percentage of solar radiation and solar hours per year, this is a favorable aspect when making the decision to invest in this business.other aspects that should be taken into account is that due to the continuous increase in the price of conventional energy, which is causing the price of electricity to be higher and higher, more people are leaning towards the use of clean or renewable energy. Increased ecological awareness is also favoring solar equipment companies, making them profitable businesses in the long term.

The most exciting thing about starting this business is that renewable energy is the future, and it is being promoted by various entities, including the government. If more people become interested in using this energy, it would save several thousand euros a year.

The customers who will seek these services can be of three types, individuals, construction and development companies and institutions and several companies.

In the type of individuals can be individuals, may be living in an apartment or a house, can also be family for houses a little larger, even can be schools, neighborhood associations, housing developments.

But the clients that will have better profitability to the business will be the construction companies, because by their activity they usually make orders of great volume and very frequently, reason why it must have a special price for these organizations, it is necessary to offer them prices with competitive advantage.

In the third type we refer specifically to public institutions such as town halls, which also place orders with this type of company.

Start with the sale and installation of solar equipment

Who is the competition for this sector?

Solar equipment sales and installation companies have a really new market and there are still not many companies dedicated to this kind of service, so the entrepreneur should take this point as an advantage for his business. Among the direct competitors in this sector are the manufacturers, companies

installers of solar equipment, companies that offer services of other renewable energy alternatives, such as wind and hydro, companies that offer substitute products such as conventional energies like natural gas, butane gas, oil, etc.

Solar Equipment Sales and Installation Plan

Every company needs a sales plan that contains clear strategies to help market the products or services offered. If the organization does not exist, it does not know where it is going or where it wants to go.

The initial sales plan has to be aimed at getting the greatest number of people to know the solar equipment company, and that it is out of curiosity the first approach that one has, using this to turn customers into people interested in a renewable energy installation, this in order to save not only their pockets, but also with the mentality of helping the environment.

The strategies that can be implemented in a sales plan aimed at this company are

Make visits to future clients as well as construction companies
Attend trade fairs held in the town
To exhibit the products and services offered, gradually in the shopping centres.
Designing a company’s own web page where the products and services offered are made known, as well as the advantages and prices that are determined.
Registering the company in renewable energy associations such as ASENSA, HELIOS, etc., this can be a very good publicity without any cost.
Creation of catalogues showing the products and services offered, to give them to the promoters and construction companies in the country.
Mouth-to-Mouth advertising can be very feasible as well as free, a single person could attract more than 10 clients.

Budget to set up an engineering and solar equipment installation company

To set up and start with the solar equipment company it is necessary to take into account general aspects of the investment we are going to make, it is not superfluous to say that we have to make a forecast of expenses, both in variable costs, as in fixed costs and of course the cash needed for the monthly management of the company.

As for the payment of the rent, we will not be able to pay less than 900 euros per month, this is because we need premises of at least 150 square meters. In countries like Spain but if we are in Latin American countries like Ecuador or Bolivia, the rent of an establishment can be of only 200 dollars.

Here we have an example of the expenses to set up an engineering and installation company of solar equipment in Spain, even so I remember that according to the country it varies, because in Spain the average rent is 900 euros in Latin America is 350 euros.

In payment of supplies will go about 200 euros per month, in light, water, telephone, cleaning, consumption of bags, stationery, etc.

Commercial costs are also important, to publicize the business and attract the largest number of customers, these range from approximately 120 euros.

The personnel expenses will amount to about 4,701 euros per month, this will be the necessary collaborators for the maintenance of the company.

The total estimated fixed costs range from 6,220 euros per month, giving us a total monthly expenditure of approximately 18,551.00 euros:

Requirements for the installation of solar equipment

To acquire a place where to offer the product, the elements for this merchandise occupy some space so you must have a medium to large place to deposit and work with the solar equipment.

Obtain the required permits for this business, because solar technology is one that is booming so you must have good elements and legal support for the business, so that the potential customer can acquire this equipment in a simple and direct.

Advantages of having Solar Equipment

Solar energy is becoming more and more fashionable, there is nothing better than having a home with independent electrical energy, in addition, once the investment is made, the user reduces considerably the expenditure on services in terms of electrical energy, a factor that represents a very high desirability of the product, attracting a large number of customers for the business.

Once the customer is captured, it practically depends on the company, always obtaining alternative gains in terms of maintenance, repair or reconstruction of the systems, representing constant gains, even when there is a low influx of customers due to the season.

Tips to start 

It is advisable to publicize the business, because at present there are thousands of potential customers who dream of this product, especially countries whose services are too expensive, businesses and even large companies

that seek to reduce electricity service expenses, so a good advertising campaign attracts multiple customers, raising profit margins considerably.

Likewise, it is necessary to have solar equipment in the company itself representing a huge advantage, besides the fact that the company will have access to solar equipment for its spaces and home, ceasing to depend completely on the responsibility with the enormous expenses in the matter of electric energy. This can serve as evidence to customers that the technology does work.

Advantages of having Solar Equipment

Solar Equipment Success Stories

Otovo Solar is a successful company in this sector of Norwegian origin, with an experience of more than 3,000 residential installations in recent years, offering a system of photovoltaic modules tailored to the needs of the customer, with quality equipment.

PROSOLAR, is another successful company in this field that has solar, thermal and photovoltaic installations, biomass boilers, pellet stoves, condensing boilers, underfloor heating, aerothermal/geothermal heat pumps, comprehensive maintenance, among other options.

Problems that can occur

The energy companies still have a lot of power, capturing the monopoly of the natural case of electricity, so at the beginning you can have a limited influx and little interest from customers, representing little profit for the business, however, you must be persistent about it and not get discouraged because all businesses go through the process of capturing customers at the beginning and by the seasons.

Working with solar equipment can be complicated, you must have technical knowledge about it, otherwise you can damage the electrical installation of your client’s home, leading to responsibilities for the business in terms of damages.