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Second-hand office furniture for sale – How to get started

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Start with Selling Used Office Furniture

Whether it’s growing a business, going bankrupt or remodeling all the furniture it has, an office furniture business can try to get rid of a lot of its stuff and be in the best shape to put it up for sale. Usually this type of furniture can be taken advantage of by entrepreneurs, established businesses that require it or private individuals who could take advantage of the furniture at cheaper prices and still of good quality.

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We can make good profits just by taking into account a series of basic aspects that you will see in this article, as well as other keys that you will have to work on, so let’s see what it is about and how you can set up your business:

Making a business plan

The business plan is one of the most important areas to consider when starting a business, no matter what sector it is located in, but what is it about? Basically a document in which we will point out everything we need to have (especially material), in order to start our business. In this sense, the following topics come into play:

Local: This depends on whether you want to have a local business to publicize the products or have them in a winery and sell them through the Internet. However, if you look at it, both options require considerable space to keep the furniture in good condition. Likewise, your customers will most likely want to see the state of the furniture before deciding whether to buy it or not.

Start with Selling Used Office Furniture

Location: If you want to sell directly in your business, then you will have to look for a busy and commercial area especially for entrepreneurs or office areas where you can display your items. As it is about furniture and big items, keep in mind to have a street or transit space nearby so that the transfer of these does not become a problem for the transport income.

Personnel: As the business grows, even from the moment it starts, you will have to have at least one other person who can be in charge of other aspects that you cannot take care of, such as customer service, the administrative area, cleaning the area and the furniture, maintenance, among others.

Remember to have a contact person for transporting the furniture for the clients, so that you have someone available when you need them, to share the profits and not make the client wait for them.

Licenses: Like any business, you will need to have licenses and operating permits to start your business. This kind of documents and legal aspects will not only give you the peace of mind of working under the law, but will also be a plus to have the confidence of the customers.

Materials: Whether you are a winery or a local business, you will need to keep a record of the entire process, office materials such as calculators, papers, a computer, chairs, waiting tables, a product catalogue, business cards for business promotion, etc.

Possible obstacles

If we take into account that you must be the one directly in charge of sewing repairs, fabric renovation, painting, lacquering, general maintenance, among other aspects applied to furniture, we observe that you will also need part of the investment capital in supplies and machinery to carry out these tasks, which generates an increase in investment. However, this will allow you to obtain more for the furniture.

Final recommendation

To compile your list of contacts for companies from which you can obtain the furniture, remember to contact companies near you or in your area from which it is initially easy to move the furniture, but do not leave aside other establishments that may not be as close as you, but which are interested in offering their furniture. Promoting your business is an extremely important aspect, so you will need to set it up in both physical and digital advertising. Consider creating a website, you’ll see how your customers start to arrive.

Requirements to start in Second-hand office furniture sales

The appropriate commercial registers must be in place if the business is to be formally initiated, and therefore a professional with experience in this area must be hired to successfully manage the business before the regulatory body.

To have a physical space to distribute it in different areas that include the attention to the public, sample of the available articles and a small space for the administration of the business.

Users interested in selling or donating their used furniture should be attracted so that there is an inventory that can possibly be improved and resold for a second use.

Advantages of the Used Office Furniture Sale

Advantages of the Used Office Furniture Sale

You can always acquire inventory more economically, with good profit margins, if you know how to negotiate you can take the margins to the maximum, which makes this business a very lucrative one.

At present there is little competition in this area, since most people think about setting up new stores, due to the process of attracting users who are willing to donate or sell their second-hand items, which makes the idea an advantage to work in this business model.

Success stories

The company No Lo Tires, is considered successful in the sector of collecting used furniture because its main activity is the emptying of apartments, emptying of houses, premises, offices, ships, due to the rental of a property, for evictions, eviction of former tenants and any reason that has, removing the used furniture for free.

Vaciatucasa, is another successful company in the sector because it offers second hand furniture for fans of rustic furniture with an antique or vintage touch, which can be reformed or redecorated. The company has a website, with photographs and details of the items they own. The furniture is on display in the corner of the shop or directly in the homes of customers who have it for sale.