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Physical store of ecological products – Advantages, Challenges and Tips

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Start a physical store of organic products

If you are one of the environmentally conscious entrepreneurs who wants to run your own business, your plans for the future may have included the possibility of opening an organic shop. This type of business is currently very profitable, as the consumption of organic and natural products, both for food and for personal and household care, is clearly on the rise, as shown by some recent data collected by GreenPeace.

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Organic products are not only food, but also those related to housing and hygiene of the person, which are increasingly common. Today there is a new awareness among consumers, and nature, which becomes the center of attention, even in the purchase decision.

People who buy organic products are very health conscious and consciously decide to opt for completely natural foods free from chemical adulteration. Of course, quality must be 100% guaranteed, as organic food must be reliable in every way.

In the 80’s these foods have started to appear timidly in the market, but at the time very few people have decided to start a business in this area. Over time, organic products became established and we can now say that it is experiencing a boom period, with a real and significant expansion of trade.

Start a physical store of organic products

Location for setting up an organic shop

You can set up your business in a place that is not too big but functional, and above all, that adapts correctly. In general, it is not necessary for a business of this type to be located in the center of the city, because the clientele remains large and loyal over time and through effective marketing and advertising campaign, it is always possible to acquire new customers.

Small details make the difference: for example, it is suggested that the premises be equipped with windows, to give visibility to the chosen products from time to time.

Interior spaces must be handled with precision: products must be clearly visible on the shelves, with the prices and characteristics of each one. The warehouse is absolutely necessary, for the management of stocks and parts of the organic food. As far as the staff is concerned, at least initially, only one partner is sufficient (besides the owner), who takes care of the public and the warehouse. Then, when the business expands, one can think about hiring additional staff.

A functioning organic shop can earn up to 1,500 euros per day. Within two years, with a constant turnover, you can recover all the costs incurred at the start of the business.

Products. If we want to open an organic shop, one of the things we have to think about is what kind of organic products we want to sell. You can sell fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, rice, pasta, cereals and more, even baked goods and wholemeal products. Among other health products for diseases and household and hygiene products.

Suppliers: After determining which organic products to sell, you need to identify the suppliers of those products. We should always try to bet on quality because although it is a little more expensive, in the end it is worth it.

Problems that can arise when setting up your organic shop

Small organic food companies market their products in consumer cooperatives that support them in accessing the product directly. They may also place their products in private shops or markets, attending small organic fairs, where they can also make contacts with herbalists. However, the big food brands are already competing strongly in the market for organic products and supplying organic shops, herbalists and others at more competitive prices because they have more control over costs. If we do not realize these aspects, we may be making losses in selecting the supplier.

Requirements for starting an organic store

When starting your business, the first step to be taken is to get the proper business records, with these you can start operations without any inconvenience. To be well informed about the products you want to offer is the most honest thing to do, making a study of the suppliers with whom it is most convenient to establish commercial links.

Another requirement is to choose a location with good access to potential customers that will give you the necessary benefits, e.g. you will be able to access the best prices.

the store can be opened in a shopping mall or in an area where shopping areas predominate.

Location for setting up an organic shop

Advantages of having an organic store

Every day people are deciding to improve their lifestyle and that means consuming organic products, which is why they are booming and very famous for health care, such as organic food and personal care products, home and environmental care products, as well as cleaning and personal care products.

Since this business has relatively little competition, this is an advantageous factor in establishing it. In addition, it is less complicated to attract customers as these products are in vogue and many of them are staples.

Success stories

Ecomarkt is a successful company in this sector because it has a supermarket of organic products, food without chemical additives for vegetarians, vegans and people with food intolerance, everything the customer needs in food, cosmetics, drinks, and an herbalist.

Therefore, Ecomarkt, is the place where you can find everything you need in natural products, with a philosophy of showing its ecological and natural commitment. Likewise, the products are cultivated with natural fertilizers, without pesticides, with environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and always promoting sustainable development.

Proust’s La Magdalena is another successful company in the organic market because its star product is the organic bread factory. However, it has a food spectrum that covers the entire process, from its own garden where it grows seasonal fruit, vegetables and salad stuffs, while the company promotes local, responsible and sustainable consumption, with a wide variety of products called kilómetro cero.

Final recommendations for your organic business to succeed

Make sure the organic food you buy for your store really is.  You need to have reliable suppliers who actually supply organically grown food and products. Therefore, it is important to find out what forms of production or supply company the suppliers we select for our organic shop have.