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Businesses with no initial investment: undertake without money

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How to start without an initial investment?

There are many who want to start, but in reality, very few who launch into it, because one of the most latent concerns is the budget, and that has become an excuse for not starting their own business that they always wanted to start. However, what they don’t know is that currently, we have several options that don’t require money.

The dream of starting one’s own business is not extinguished if we do not have investment capital, it is extinguished if we let it remain a dream and we do not turn it into a plan with specific steps to materialize it and finally make it a reality.

How does a business work without an initial investment?

This type of profitable business does not require money in the initial stage, because its mode of operation implies other instruments to undertake. That is why the initial budget ceases to become a concern for those who always had the desire to undertake but do not have a great deal of capital to do so.
Generally the ideas of profitable businesses without investment require other tools to start, so its mode of operation also varies at this stage of the process. Profits can then be turned into investment for your business to continue growing, as it will begin to expand and have more needs.

This type of business uses tools that we already have at home such as the Internet, although they are also focused on consulting services, training, child care, among others, for example the repair of elements where we already have the necessary tools. As you can see, it is possible to undertake without investment.

Let’s see where you can start without an initial investment:

Start selling by catalogues

One of the best ways to do business without having to invest money is catalogue sales. This way of selling has a wide variety of sectors, as it is possible to sell by catalog from clothing, to accessories, kitchen items, accessories for cell phones, toys, and so on.

To start selling by catalogue, it will be necessary to refer to the companies that offer this modality and choose the sector that pleases you the most. Try to keep catalogues updated with the most recent products on the market, as access to communication allows the user to be easily aware of everything that is being used.
Weak points: according to the market sector in which you are focusing, you must be the one who goes to the customers in the initial stage, so it will be necessary to conduct a market study that allows you to identify your potential customers to offer them the product catalog. Agree with your customers on timely payment terms that allow you to respond to the company and keep your profits.

Advantages: with this type of business you do not need to establish extended hours and hours and exhausting hours, because you can organize your own times of operation and can even work if you already have a business or devote part of your time to another activity, so it becomes one of the best ideas to generate income without having to invest.

Here we tell you everything you need to know to start the business of selling catalogs step by step

In-home child and infant care

The arduous activities of adult life often force those who have children to leave the care of their children for a few hours a day, however, they always look for places where they can trust children and babies, where they are comfortable and can wait for them quietly. So if you like kids and activities with them, this business idea is for you.

This business consists of taking care of children and babies in the house in which they live, so you only need to travel to the place and everything is provided by the people who hire you. Remember to set a cost for times and days a week, this way you can keep a better record of your business.

Weaknesses: one of the most difficult obstacles is the mistrust of parents, because to leave their children in the care of another person requires that this person is 100% reliable for them, so launching your service to the market without having references or not having any certificate, could make the process slower.

Advantages: although in our deep article we talk about a large scale business with more staff and so on, remember that the dimensions of the ideas we offer can be adopted to your conditions, so in the initial stage you will not need to invest money. Try to offer your services among people you know who can recommend you and soon you will be able to start having more clients.

Here’s everything you need to know to start a step-by-step home child and baby care business

How to tutor at home and earn money

We all learn at different rhythms, and what can be easy for one, can be really complex to learn for others, so one of the best alternatives to reinforce knowledge are private classes, where we can dedicate ourselves in a personalized way to learn a particular area.

If you have knowledge in a particular subject, you can set up your own business without having to invest money, because you will share your knowledge at home, since you will only have to move to the person’s home or agree meetings in libraries and areas where they can be carried out, this depends on the flexibility of your customers, even offer your classes virtually.

Weaknesses: since, as we mentioned, learning is a complex process that not everyone carries the same, it is important to be clear with whom you work, which involves a use of particular resources according to the subject you teach and other aspects such as the age of the person and materials. It can be difficult to calculate the time that you will take in the process, but we recommend you to establish a certain time to make your collections.

Advantages: this type of business allows you to teach almost any type of subject or share your knowledge in any area, not only in school or university subjects, but also consulting in business management, administration, etc.. We recommend you to keep your knowledge updated and in constant movement, this will allow you to increase the quality of your classes.

Here we tell you everything you need to know to start in the business of private classes at home and earn money step by step

Open a cost saving consultancy

The cost saving is a latent need that is not only in force in the homes, but essentially in the companies and it is to this public that we will focus, so that, in this way, the companies that require the service can organize their capital very well and start a savings plan that allows them to fulfill everything they need regularly avoiding bankruptcy.

The consultant will be responsible for making specialized savings plans to companies that require it, according to their conditions and objectives, thus, you can optimize the management of resources and energy. To this are added other analyses such as the study of fixed costs of the client’s company and an entire plan that allows you to improve the conditions of your company.

Weak points: as in any business, starting is a complex process, especially for an inexperienced consultant or an independent consultant, because high competition in the market can limit our business opportunities while we get our first customers.

Advantages: you have the opportunity to filter the type of companies you want to start working with and the sectors you are going to target initially. In addition to this, you will be able to manage your own time taking into account your availability, you will meet a wide variety of customers who, through the prestige you gain in the process, can recommend you to their acquaintances.
Here we tell you everything you need to know to start your home tutoring business and earn money step by step.

Reediting fairy tales

We all grew up with the classic fairy stories that were so fantastic and full of magic that surrounded our young age and that we will never forget, as well as marking us, passed from generation to generation. However, with the increasing use of technology, fairy tales remain in books and are replaced by online games to which children have easy access. Our business idea focuses on rescuing these stories and turning them into attractive pieces that today’s children can continue to enjoy.

We will re-edit the fairy tales to present them to the publishers, they will be in charge of the production process and their costs for the publication of the stories.

Weaknesses: one of the key points you have to consider is that it is not a highly demanded business, as it initially requires awakening the interest not only of your final public, but also that of the publishers so that they agree to work with you. This convincing stage can be the most complex.

Advantages: on the other hand, remedying the previous obstacle could be helped with a very creative re-edition of the fairy tales that adapts to the conditions of the present generations, in which they themselves feel identified and whose illustrations are eye-catching.

Here’s everything you need to know to get started in the business of re-editing fairy tales step by step

Start your Personal Shopper business

There are many tasks that we perform every day and this reduction in time has delegated several of our own activities to other people and companies that allow us to do so. One of them and the ones that concerns us in this business idea is the figure of the Personal Shopper, a person in charge of making purchases to which other people can not devote much time.

This business idea offers an extremely useful alternative, especially for those who can not do it directly for lack of time. Here we enter as Personal Shopper and we will take charge of making the purchases that are required without having to invest money in it.

Weak points: in order for this business idea to reach the profitability it requires it is extremely necessary to have several customers or contacts to whom we can offer our service, which can be a little difficult without experience. We recommend that you create a customer profile and start with people close to you who can recommend your service.

Advantages: this business idea implies earning by commission, at the same time, we can organize our own schedules and even specialize in a single area of purchase, so you can choose the sector in which you have more knowledge. For example, you can offer only Personal Shopper clothing, interior design, among others.

Here we tell you everything you need to know to start in the business of personal shopper step by step

Setting up an e-commerce consultancy

There is no way to doubt the reach that the Internet has had, which has generated the emergence of a large number of businesses that operate in it, one of them shopping on the Internet and in this sense, consulting for e-commerce.

It is a business that offers solutions to companies or individuals with respect to Internet business, although it also includes aspects such as the positioning of websites, how to make sales over the Internet and in general, a range of activities that will allow customers to grow on the web.

Weak points: on the Internet it is possible to find a large amount of information that appears as a magic solution to the problems of companies and entrepreneurs to sell online, so you must build a high prestige of your business in which you disprove this type of information and propose a specialized service in which your customers forget the magic formulas and trust what you offer.

Advantages: you participate in a sector that shows great growth in the market while offering a crucial service to increase sales, which will undoubtedly give you a very high prestige to soon have many more customers. You have several channels available to offer your business, as you can devote yourself to consulting online or physical.

Here we tell you everything you need to know to start in the business of consulting in e-commerce step by step

Set up a study of Web Developers

Currently there is a high demand in relation to the creation of web pages, as well as those companies that want to make changes to their sites, complete or partial redesigns that require the web development service, so they are looking for specialists who can leave their site in charge.

This business idea allows to offer to the public services of creation and design of web pages, exerted by professionals in the field, which implies at least a small group of developers to start the business, although it is enough that you have the contacts of the most reliable.

Weaknesses: working with several people as a team around the same goal can be complex, especially when the availability of time, compliance and responsibility vary, so the first challenge will be to have accomplished and honest web developers to whom will be delegated the process of the pages.

Advantages: although having a team of developers is difficult, once you have it, you will be able to offer your service on a large scale and even have the possibility of having several profiles oriented towards different needs of companies and individuals on their websites. This will allow you to count and launch yourself to a wider audience.

Here we tell you everything you need to know to start a study of web developers step by step

Home child care

One of the oldest businesses is childcare, an activity that involves vocation for childcare to ensure good service, as well as patience and the necessary knowledge, which will be very well recognized by those who need the service.

This business idea without investment, allows you to offer child care service from the comfort of your home according to the hours they are needed. Many caregivers are also dedicated to moving children to their schools or other activities that their parents cannot take them to.

Weaknesses: The key, especially if the children you are caring for are older and not babies, is to offer them a comfortable place where they can do something productive playing, even if they are not studying. This dynamism will allow you to enjoy the place, after all is who should feel good. Child care is a business of much attention, because parents are not willing to leave their children anywhere, so it will be necessary to start caring for children of people close to you who trust you to re recommend.

Advantages: this is a business in which several areas can be exploited, as it allows you to add value from different areas, such as a space for care and school accompaniment, food service and other necessary activities that your customers will appreciate very much, while you undertake without investing money.

Here we tell you everything you need to know to start child care at home step by step

Tips for setting up an advertising delivery company

With the high levels of competition in the market to which is added an increasingly demanding demand from the public, it is necessary to focus advertising strategies as best as possible to achieve the best results. This is one of the most important businesses to allow market companies to continue their movement hence their viability to undertake.

An advertising delivery company does not necessarily require money in its initial stage, as the necessary expenses will be covered by the companies that hire you. The advertising delivery can work in different ways, however, adding value will be one of the keys for your target audience to focus more on your business.

Weaknesses: it is a business idea that requires specialized knowledge in advertising, because knowing how the market works in this department is crucial for the operation of an advertising company.

Advantages: you have an extremely wide audience, because no matter what type of company you focus on, it needs advertising to increase its presence and recognition in the market. However, you must remember that it is necessary to analyze very well its conditions and the sector to which it is focused in order for the distribution of advertising to be more efficient.

Here’s everything you need to know to start an advertising delivery company step by step

Give roller-skating lessons to children

One of the physical activities preferred by children is skating, so we undertake in the children’s area and especially in one of the areas they prefer: sports, are excellent conditions for starting a business without having to invest in it.

To start with this business idea it will be necessary to first try with the children who are close to the area in which we live, because we can share with them our initial stage and go acquiring knowledge. Patience and love are key elements for learning to become an interesting activity, especially for children.

Weak points: although it is one of the sports most chosen by children, it is also necessary to take the necessary precautions to give skating lessons. For this reason we recommend you to demand the use of protection for the activity: helmet, knee pads, wristbands and skates of quality with which they can develop the exercise, as well as to go to safe spaces, because you have several lives to your responsibility.

Advantages: the benefits of practicing this sport are many, because while they do physical activity, they also invest their time, improve coordination, prevent overweight, among others, so, when you are spreading advertising your business, it is necessary to publish this information, this will help more parents are encouraged to hire your services.

Here we tell you everything you need to know to start roller skating classes for children step by step

Set up your image consultant business

The large and varied offers in the market around the sector of fashion and beauty, have made the configuration of the own style is one of the key elements to create an image with which we can feel identified. That’s why if you like the world of fashion and working with people directly, helping them to find their style offers you an entrepreneurial alternative with no initial investment.

The activity of this business focuses on providing recommendations on what type of clothing is best for their customers, based on their feelings, stage and appearance they want to convey and the one they feel, because all this together will allow you to project the best of yourself to show it in safety and confidence.

Weaknesses: in the initial stage, this business can have several obstacles, especially because the target audience will be mostly entrepreneurs, public or related people, which limits the field. This is in addition to the existing competition, so we recommend you to have a lot of patience and expand the target audience.

Advantages: besides being able to manage your own time, you will be able to meet a great variety of people with different searches, which will also broaden your experience. Remember that each person is unique, so the service and steps may vary. Satisfaction will be the result of your work.

Here we tell you everything you need to know to start your business image consultant step by step

Setting up an interior design business

New market trends, design and styles, are making more and more people worry about having physically pleasant environments, accessing the thousands of ideas offered by the Internet. One of the ways to make your dream come true, to have a space like the one you always wanted and so on, is to offer the interior design service.

If you like and have knowledge in decoration and interior design, this business idea without initial investment is for you. You need to have a license that certifies your profile so you can start offering your service.

Weaknesses: being the option chosen by our target audience, in principle, is one of the most complex processes, since to be recognized we need to have experience in the market. However, little by little and with good services we can be recommended among our initial clients.

Advantages: you have the possibility to have flexible schedules, which must be adjusted for meetings with your clients. The rates can vary according to the services and the way in which you organize the cost, since it can be by hours or by project. It is vital that you take care of the prestige of your service, so you need to have contacts fulfilled.

Here we tell you everything you need to know to start your interior design business step by step

Setting up a children’s party animation business

In the business world that exists for the children’s sector, one of the most growing in recent years is that of children’s parties, given that market innovations have made it possible to create special parties for them around one of their favorite series or parties where special occasions are celebrated without a specific theme.

Party animation is an activity that requires a lot of energy, improvisation and activities in your pocket that allow children to have a happy party and very entertaining children, so if you like children and you have skills for fun, this is an excellent idea profitable without investment that you must take into account.

Weaknesses: often those who hire animation services for children’s parties often ask for the complete package, ie both the animator, and the decoration and toys that children will use. Therefore, starting independently can be a difficult process. We recommend that you initially turn to companies that are interested in your service as an entertainer.

Advantages: Entrepreneurship in the area you like, managing your own time and not having to invest money in your own business, are some of the advantages offered by this profitable idea. For a good service, we recommend you to strengthen your skills with activities that allow you to improve your creativity and arm yourself with a set of activities that will always keep children entertained.

Here’s everything you need to know to start  your children´s partys animation

How to Start a Door to Door Advertising Business

While some of the advertising has moved to other areas, the truth is that physical advertising or traditional advertising has not been able to be dislodged, as it is one of the most efficient ways to ensure that the public really knows what we offer through tangible material with design.

Companies have noticed that digital advertising does not have the same effect if it is not complemented with door-to-door advertising, so starting in this business is a great alternative.
Weaknesses: although advertising costs will be covered by the companies that hire you, it will be necessary for you to manage the rates and budgets, as well as contacts. The key is to find compliant and honest suppliers, because part of your prestige and credibility will depend on them.

Advantages: it is a business that besides being able to undertake without the need to invest money, does not require a physical space to start operating and you are free to manage your work schedules. It is important that you strive to create specialized designs that go according to each client, this will be a fundamental value.

Here we tell you everything you need to know to start your business door to door advertising step by step

Starting a Phone Line 803 Business

Now businesses are also in the telephone lines and in fact, they have taken a great strength in recent years, as there are companies that offer information and particular services to their customers within reach of their telephone. This line in particular is dedicated to the area of entertainment, one of the most desired sectors, but in particular to erotic service from video calls, webcams, among another series of activities focused on the adult public.

To start in this business it will be necessary to have contacts specialized in the subject, but it is also necessary to research previously in the medium to know how it works, especially if you don’t know it. Find the entity that allows you to develop your business with the best conditions.

Weak points: if you don’t have any kind of experience, it’s possible that launching yourself without knowing it will generate several missed opportunities that could have been well taken advantage of, so it’s necessary to analyze the market well and know it as well as possible before starting. This way you will take care of the prestige and security of your business.

Advantages: one of the greatest benefits for the entrepreneur is the possibility of generating money without having to invest, as well as allows the entry of interested parties without having to comply with a list of requirements to operate. Remember that it is extremely key to launch advertising, so the Internet should be your main ally.

Here we tell you everything you need to know to start your business 803 phone line step by step

Offer English courses from home

One of the most latent needs of the world is the language, especially the learning and domination of English, so the demand for business teaching this language has grown substantially, especially in Latin American countries, but also certainly in other areas of the world where English is not the most mastered language. Therefore, if you have knowledge in the English language this idea of business without investment is for you.

Here you will be able to generate income without the need to invest a single peso, because you are going to offer classes from the comfort of your home, so you can choose and / or combine classroom classes such as Internet classes, using platforms such as Skype that allow you to contact your customers.

Weaknesses: although it is a business with high demand, the truth is that gaining credibility and more people start to be interested in our service can be a slow process. We recommend you to create accounts in social networks that allow you to be closer to your audience and start offering your service to people you know so they can recommend you.

Advantages: in addition to being able to manage your own schedules, you can choose whether you want to devote yourself to English courses from home by receiving those interested or devote yourself fully to online classes. You don’t need to invest money, because even in the advertising of your business on the Internet you can do it for free.

Here we tell you everything you need to know to start English courses from your home step by step

Set up a telephone tarot line

Undoubtedly one of the most present doubts in human beings is the unknown future, so that those who devote themselves to this type of service can receive a lot of public in the course of a single week. The truth is that this business idea has not been left in the lurch, but it does have new tools within reach with which it continues to work thanks to technological advances.

This business operates on the 803 line that focuses on the entertainment sector. It will be necessary to do a prior investigation of what we need to start, as well as operating entities and market costs to establish them to our business.

Weaknesses: a good service will be seen in the satisfaction of the end customer, so it is key that we have all the knowledge in the area if we want to undertake in these sensitive and caring sectors. The quality of your service will determine the prestige and credibility of the line.

Advantages: although this business idea works via telephone, it will be necessary to plan a good advertising strategy that calls your audience and in this, Internet is one of the best allies, since it allows you to investigate without having to invest. That if, with growth, physical advertising will also be a very good tool.

Here we tell you everything you need to know to start a telephone tarot line step by step

Create a translation agency

The current media allows us to get in touch with people from anywhere in the world, which requires if not a mastery of the language, the translation of reports, documents, books, talks, etc., at the hands of professionals who can offer their service to companies and individuals. If you are one of them, this business idea is for you.

It will be necessary to have the necessary documentation to certify your knowledge and also you can show your customers the legitimacy of your service. Entering the market is not easy, especially when you have no experience, so it is necessary to make a list of potential customers to whom you want to offer your service and might need it, this will give you a much clearer picture.

Weaknesses: Making yourself known will be a slow process. However, one of the most appreciated aspects is the experience, so we recommend you take every opportunity that is viable for you as small as it is and start spreading your service among people close, this will help you grow.

Advantages: it is one of the services in which the entrepreneur can choose the available channels to offer their knowledge, since while there are those who focus on operating in a face-to-face manner, there are also those who do it from home. You can dispose of your time, but if that, compliance and sincerity should be your main tools.

Here we tell you everything you need to know to start a translation agency line step by step

Mystery Shopper Business

The ever-moving market has created a lot of strategies to improve its conditions and stand out from the competition, one of them is mystery customer service. If you like the purchasing sector, analysis and have critical skills to develop specialized reports, this business idea may be for you.

The service is aimed at companies whose activity consists in addressing their direct competitors to evaluate the quality of the service or product they offer and thus develop a comprehensive and detailed report that allows them to know what their competitors offer to the market. On a large scale it is a business that can grow easily, so it will be necessary to carry out further training.

Weaknesses: this is a business idea that should be planned on a large scale, since usually companies, in their market analysis, usually include several profiles of buyers to assess their perception of competition and thus have a much more concrete response. Therefore we recommend you to start working with other profiles, so you can apply to various market sectors.

Advantages: it is a business idea that does not require investment but it is not subject to a long working day, since everything depends on how you want to manage it. If you want to start this business idea individually, we recommend that you do some research on the products you consume the most so that you can offer your services as a mystery customer to related companies.

Here we tell you everything you need to know to start the mystery customer business step by step

Private lessons in the area of sports

With the concern for the well-being of the body and the increase in sedentarism, all kinds of activities that require movement are the most chosen in recent times, especially sports. This is a type of business that can be oriented to any customer profile, so you can choose which best suits what you plan to offer.

According to the sports area you master, you can choose the type of audience you will launch into in the initial stage. The classes can be given individually to your acquaintances, or you can also offer your service in gyms and other specialized centers that require it.

Weaknesses: the most complex part of this type of business is to find the target audience to whom you want to offer your service and so on, but also that this remains active in it, because many begin and very few who continue with the discipline. Motivation is a key aspect for this type of business where customers do not abandon their process.

Advantages: one of the best advantages is that you have at hand many channels to offer your service, you can even offer online classes where you explain general techniques and sports processes, but complemented with specialized videos. We recommend you to start giving classes to people close to you so that they will soon start recommending you.

Here we tell you everything you need to know to start the business of private sports classes step by step

How to Make Money with an 807 Phone Line

One of the most popular means of promoting and offering business services are telephone lines, as it is a means that your customers and target audience can easily access. For its part, line 807 is dedicated to the professional area aimed at companies or the self-employed.

This line often includes law firms, consultancies, psychological consultations, among others. So, to start this business we recommend you to do a research for the companies that move in this line and then make a selection of them in which we must have clear all their general information to offer it to the public. Don’t forget advertising.

Weaknesses: any business that wants to undertake but does not have a good advertising strategy to launch itself into the market, surely will not receive the results you expect. Launching a good business strategy depends on the type of business you are going to undertake and its scope, so it is necessary to conduct market research that allows us to analyze the most viable channels.

Advantages: it is a business that besides allowing you to start without investing money, also allows you to own your own schedules and times. You have the option of choosing the type of companies you are going to start operating with, which is a great advantage, as this will allow you to choose those with the best potential and the most requested in the market.

Here we tell you everything you need to know to start the business of telephone line 807 step by step

Open a general consulting business to Youtube

One of the platforms in trend today is Youtube, since it has become a space that users can access to find a lot of information, listen to songs of their favorite artists, watch news, programs and follow the famous Youtubers, creators of varied content that have created their own audience.

This business idea is designed for those who have knowledge in content creation, body and oral expression, digital marketing, photography and design, or another area in which you can offer advisory service to youtubers who are starting on the platform or those who identify that most require it.

Weaknesses: although it is a growing sector, you may well find high competition in this sector, or content creators who are not interested, because the Internet could offer them the solutions they require. However, it is necessary to show the advantages of your service and how you could improve it so that the results are more efficient according to their conditions.

Advantages: one of the best things is that while you start a business without having to have investment capital, you can do what you like best and even choose the sector you want to focus on, because in this platform is possible to find content creators on various topics open to the public. Gaining experience will allow you to increase your recognition in the sector.

Here we tell you everything you need to know to start the business of general consulting to youtuber step by step

Starts a consulting business in a specific area

Today, the field of consulting has become one of the broadest sectors and with the widest variety of opportunities, since it can bring in specialists and experts in different disciplines. So, if it is your case and you have knowledge in a specific area, it is time to start making it profitable.

In this area we can find businesses in sectors such as food, welfare, sales, marketing, business, environment, personal organization, etc.. The approach and search channels to reach your target audience will be one of the main activities to start with this business idea.

Weaknesses: it is a sector that involves certified knowledge in the area to gain credibility, but also experience for your customers to trust you, which can be difficult if you are just starting. We recommend that you offer your services to those closest to you, so that they can recommend you to their acquaintances.

Advantages: it is a field that is always on the move and even one that you can offer to different customer profiles without having to change your field, but you should analyze these businesses to know what is their situation and the process they should follow. Your earnings will be obtained from the rates you manage, since you have the freedom to organize your times and availability.

Here we tell you everything you need to know to start the consulting business in a specific area step by step

Start your business as a door-to-door pollster

Undoubtedly one of the best strategies to create products and / or services increasingly better for our target audience is to conduct surveys that allow us to know directly their opinions, what interests them, what they dislike and in general, their preferences. This is why it is one of the techniques increasingly implemented in the market.

If you like the business sector and dealing with people, this business idea is for you, because you are going to offer your service as an interviewer to companies or businesses in the sectors you choose to present this valuable information.

Weaknesses: although it is a fundamental strategy, in many cases it has been replaced by technological tools, although there are companies that have noticed that the same results are not obtained, because they do not know who is behind the screen. It is the initial obstacle that you will have to overcome to achieve your contracts.

Advantages: it is a business that can grow on a large scale, because surely, with the growth of your service, you will have several companies you work with, so you will need to contact more people who work with you.

Here’s everything you need to know to start the door-to-door interviewer business, step by step.

How to start an errand business for seniors

We all always need to do diligences and procedures that for various reasons we can not do at all times, one of the sectors is the elderly, which in many cases can not move to certain places, make purchases or services of different kinds, so a business is a good alternative for them.

This business idea is to serve older people with a business errand in which they can delegate a responsibility or task, either the purchase of an invoice, pick up a package, make a purchase or other diligence, that they can not do.

Weaknesses: distances and travel can generate a significant consumption of time, so your service could be extended for longer than you planned, this could be a problem if your rates are organized by hours or by service, even by other aspects. We recommend you to organize the costs very well oriented.

Advantages: you jump into a very broad sector in which you can set your rates according to the economic capacity of your customers, the type of services, distances, and so on. You must organize your time very well in order to offer an efficient service, especially when you have more than one client.

Here we tell you everything you need to know to start the business of errand for seniors step by step

Rent your garage and make money for it.

Starting your own business without having to invest money implies, among other things, using what we have at hand to start growing. One of the business ideas that you can implement without requiring a large capital, is the rental of a garage that you have to put it within reach of those who need it.

More and more people are opting to have their own motorcycle or car, however, they do not always have adequate space to leave it while they do not use it. If you have a garage that you don’t use, this is a great way to start earning money without having to leave home.

Weak points: although you do not know who is getting your service, it is important that you have a security system, since it is usually one of the main concerns for those who undertake in the comfort of their home, given that many of us do not know who enters the garage.

Advantages: this type of business can become a very important source of income, because with a good organization and willingness, you can offer more than one service. In addition to this, you do not have to leave home and even the schedules will not be a problem.

Here we tell you everything you need to know to start the business of renting your garage and earn money step by step

Start your business as an intermediary or import agent

Today as consumers we can access a large number of products and services that are brought from different countries of the world, because their innovation and particularity makes them one of the most chosen to highlight the diversity of market niches that exist in the world.

This business idea consists of offering the service of import agent or intermediary to companies that wish to start importing, so that the central activity will be to advise these businesses to start the procedures that allow this process.

Weak points: it is a business idea that requires knowledge in the area, in addition to updating them to be current on issues that have to do with laws and regulations to provide a quality service and not generate losses.

Advantages: to operate with the necessary regulations and the required permissions, it will allow you to begin with everything to the hand, that if, we recommend you to begin with one or two companies before launching to more, since these, in the process of learning, are going to take you a lot of time and dedication.

Here we tell you everything you need to know to start the business of intermediary or import agent step by step

Offer your service as a content editor audiovisual material

With advances in technology, the media have undergone significant evolution in the way they reach the recipient, but also in the way they are now created. That is why if you are an expert in the area of design, photography, writing or other related areas for audiovisual material, this is a business idea that you should take into account.

This is a business idea that can focus on different sectors of the public, both companies, as individuals or independents who start their business in the field of technology. However, a key point that you should not forget is the promotion of your business through different platforms, since it is a very wide audience that requires your service.

Weak points: although it requires that the initiator has the necessary knowledge in the part that will focus, it is also necessary that you are updated in relation to new trends and tools that are used in the market, since many customers can request them and make sure to be more efficient for the work you offer.

Advantages: the business opportunities are very wide, but we recommend that you initially limit the activities of your business to get to know the market and gradually adapt to its conditions. This will help you to grow your service and be better every time, remember: “less is more”.

Here we tell you everything you need to know to start the business of content editor audiovisual material step by step

Starting a business as a commercial intermediary

Among the many tasks of a company or a business, reaching its target audience directly is one of the fundamental operational activities, however, they do not always reach the totality they desire or focus on other tasks that require their attention, especially in the initial stage.

This type of business consists of putting consumers in contact with suppliers, a very useful service for new entrepreneurs who want to reach their final customer faster than they could by their own means. One of the best ways to start this business idea is to focus on suppliers who are manufacturers, since in some cases they may focus on selling to different businesses or freelancers from various sectors.

Weaknesses: one of the aspects you should consider is that although you are providing a service independently, is an activity that requires a lot of time, so possibly your working days extend easily throughout the entire process of research and operation.

Advantages: besides not having to invest money, since you will earn according to the rates that you offer to the companies, you will be able to construct a great register of contacts that allow you to grow quickly in the market. Soon you will need more help.

Here we tell you everything you need to know to start the business of commercial intermediary step by step

How to Start a Business with 806 Phone Lines

This is one of the ideal lines for business, since through it we can offer services or informative content about companies in a specific sector, in this case, line 806 is a virtual line that focuses on the leisure and entertainment sector, one of the largest in the market.

To start with this business idea, you can either focus on a business in your own sector or contact companies that are in the market. In order to do this, it is necessary to analyse each of the companies available in the sector very well and to know what is necessary about them, since the key, subsequently, will be to gain as much traffic as possible.

Weak points: it is possible that the contracting processes and general procedures are subject to the requirements of the companies we are going to work with, so it is possible that some prerequisites appear to contract.

Advantages: in this sector, line 806 has a great variety of companies, as it is one of the richest sectors, so you will have at your disposal an important number of businesses with which you can operate. We recommend you to investigate them very well before starting.

Here we tell you everything you need to know to start the business of telephone lines 806 step by step

Money is not always a problem, especially when you want to get into the market with a business that allows you to do it without having to have large amounts of money, but requires a couple of tools, knowledge and a lot of enthusiasm.

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