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Childcare and babies at home – Requirements, steps and advice

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What is the care of children and babies?

You ever happen to want to go out to do some leisure to eat, go to the movies, or just enjoy some time off and can not do it because you have no one you care for your children!

Let’s see another example! are a woman loves home you need to attend an emergency at a meeting, but for this workshop do not your baby just let out three years old, the opportunity to work not want to let loose, but being pending baby could not attend.

You know what is the solution? a serious and honest person responsible is at your fingertips whenever you have an emergency, that person at the time of your call immediately takes care of your children, that would be the ideal solution for you.

The best businesses that do not require investing here

Any idea business of children and babies?

Manage and control a small group of people who are responsible for the care of children when required, ie if the family needs to leave emergency weekend, these people assist them, and gives them their services for a few hours, or all weekend if needed.

If you have children, you have probably happened to you any time you want to go out and do some leisure activity, like going to movies, going out to eat something or just have some time for yourself to the outdoors, but you can not because you do not have anyone to leave by your children and you can not leave them home alone.

Now suppose you are a woman, housewife, you need to attend a meeting immediately work, but can not attend that meeting with your child who has just three years old. It’s a job opportunity you can not miss, but if you do not have anyone to leave your child, you can not attend. Now you see the importance of this type of business?

Thus we come to the solution of these situations: a responsible, honest and reliable person with whom you can leave your children every time you have an emergency and arrive at your home to be with them. Let’s see more about this business idea.

Operating care babies and children

Although while we may start this business idea individually, where we ourselves who provide care services for children and babies, we also aim at having, administer and manage a small group of people who are responsible for the service when required . So that you have staff for each of your customers with children, either for a couple of hours on certain days a week and even an entire weekend.

How much you need to start? It is key to discuss investment capital. We’re talking about would need around about 1000 USD this, with an operating office where you handle your customers, shop equipment, among others, in addition to advertising and marketing that will do to your business.

How can you win? as you know, this is an aspect that varies, especially if you’re going to have staff dedicated to providing this service. While the amount may move according to the number of children, the distance to be traveled to reach them, among other factors such as possible shifts, activities, responsibilities of food, medicine, etc., we may be talking about a value ranging between $ 50 and $ 70. Note that this value must be discounted commission percentage to be part of your business, which can be set between 30% and 50% of the total value.

Steps to start a business baby care

Business requirements for care of babies and children

To start a business like this, it is necessary to have a number of key elements that will allow us to operate properly and smoothly, offering all the guarantees and security it requires. Let’s see:

Taste for childcare: to love to children, we can innovate, engage and provide a service always thinking about their well-being, fun and care. It is therefore important to have taste for it and so take your business even if you’re not directly in charge of children, for identifying who should be eligible to be part of your staff.

Gather the necessary documents: to consolidate a business like this, you need to consult your city entities, the necessary documents to register your business properly, as well as the procedures and requirements that must be subject.

Gain confidence: a responsible, honest and fulfilled service can win the trust and confidence of parents, which becomes one of the key points for your business begins to grow. Each of the parents before leaving their children in the care of strangers, if necessary, seek information about the company, looking for a serious business and quality that gives you the confidence to leave their dependent children, so the service must be up to your expectations and this will be decisive for the next contract.

Personal for service: it is extremely important that people who are completely dedicated to the care of children, are people who actually enjoy this type of activity because it will depend not only their work, but also the reputation of your business. It is best to hire trained and ready availability of time for childcare staff. Something to keep in mind is that parents often request that those who care for their children are women, so this will be a fundamental quest in your selection process because they often transmitted much more confidence.

Insurance for staff: the security of your staff should be one of your properties, as well as it is essential to the good care of children, your staff should also have guarantees in their service.

Training staff: each person should have the least basic knowledge about child care. To this the importance of establishing a protocol of care in which you include courses and knowledge related to emergencies and care home eventualities that may arise while caring for children, they must be at the top of any emergency adds.

Personnel records: it is advisable for efficiency and practicality service selection, keep track of each of the people working with you to know your time availability and schedules where they can offer the service, so you will be much easier to find a person to your customers when they establish dates, days or certain hours.

Permanent contact with parents: keep parents informed about the activities and the status of their children is a fundamental aspect that will allow them to be much more relaxed and confident with the person you leave your children. This can be done through video call, phone or chat so they are unsure how are your children and what they are doing while they are not, one of their most important concerns.


Personnel for the execution of the business of child care

As for the staff concerned, the staff must find trained to care for children, the best thing to be teachers graduated from the University, or single mothers who like to take care of them children, always bearing in mind that it is highly recommended that your staff is mainly female, for this kind of work inspires female staff and conveys much more confidence.

It is very important to establish a care protocol, and that protocol includes all activities that require solving emergencies or eventualities that may arise during the care of children.

It is very important to include in your database, a list of times you may have each worker, then, in this kind of work, you could be subject to schedules somewhat crowded, so it is important to note itself that worker could be available at that time and how much they could charge about.

The general price ranges to care for each child between $ 50 and $ 70, certainly this price can vary depending on the number of children, the distance that the person has to travel to get to the place, and many other factors. Bearing in mind that these people have to give a commission to be part of your company, and this commission can range between 30% and 50%.

As an additional service, you have trained nurses who can provide services to children who need it, always under the responsibility of their parents or guardians.

As you can see the service child care home, it is a fairly easy service to install, all you have to do is earn the trust of those parents needy parents for a serious company and quality, to be able to care something as important as your children, if you hire a quality staff and good service, you will have very happy parents may hire you again and again.

And to also conclude could include your services, a service for the care of sick or disabled people who can not be served by their own account, so you can assemble an entire company, only hiring quality staff and their work seriously .

Personnel for the execution of the business of child care

Tips for service care of babies and children

We know that to gain credibility is not easy, so it is best to start to gain confidence babysat close relatives, friends or neighbors, so that we can go recommending these and we gain experience.

Staff must participate in courses or training classes to learn what to do in an emergency and how to deal with children of different ages, because their behaviors are always different.

If possible and do not have experience with children, we recommend you start doing taking care of a relative or close child, this, provided you have acquired the necessary knowledge.

We recommend setting a record of your personal organization where you add not only availability but also the age range in which it specializes.

A good way to prepare for any eventuality, would have an additional service of trained nurses who provide care to children who need it, under the authorization of parents or persons responsible.

A good way to gain the attention of children, would bring toys or games that can develop specific skills.

In advertising not only highlights the image of the company, a good way to gain confidence would promote the skills and experience of your staff and their specialty and virtues.

Ten handy contact numbers of parents of children, especially when they’re providing service to keep to the point.

start a business baby care

Steps to start a business baby care

Now that we have an overview of how it will work our child care business and what we need, it’s time to start, step by step, to physically build our business

Get experience:This is an extremely important aspect, because in many areas, to open a business like this, it is evident necessary and documented experience in caring for children and babies, so you need to show your skills and knowledge when it comes to having them in charge . Among these evidences we find references, proof of experience or credentials that allow you to realize your experience. You can reunite her with the care of a child at home, family or volunteer programs, etc.

Choose a name for your business: select the name by which your business will be known, it has a significant burden, as it should be easy to remember and write, so it should be attractive and directly indicate the type of service which focuses.

Register your business and get licenses:after having this, it’s time to register your business in the relevant entity and trade licenses and other permits must be to ensure the legality of your company and ensure security to your customers. All this will identify the rules that you must fulfill and the conditions that must hold the child care.

Find your staff:Search your staff is one of the fundamentals, even if you start with one or two people, since they must comply with the appropriate profile. They should be people who like caring for children, who have knowledge and experience and must also submit all necessary documentation and where possible, records of experience and references. They depend on the image of your business to the public.

Operating place:It is a service that will operate at home, however, it is best to have a small office, whether at home to save costs or other areas where you can get in touch with your customers and meet with your staff. Also, you need to equip it with office supplies, equipment and other, for the respective records and make calls.

Set your initial public: As we mentioned, the ideal is that we start offering our service to people close to to gain experience and credibility with our business, therefore, you can be set to first measure a given area home, as slowly it can go easily grow to the treated a homebased business, providing many possibilities.

Organizes the rates:remember that service fees may vary according to the type of personal experience, but also the age of the children, the day, conditions of service, distance and some other specifications that should be taken into account. To begin to get an idea of ​​the prices you can handle, we recommend researching the nearby markets and tariffs for the sector, which should put your particular service.

A good way to set fares and other categories, is to organize, by age, child-oriented services, which may include activities that can perform in the company of the staff.

Create marketing strategies:let you know, a pitch of your business and a first image will be the first presentation of your business. Note that a business depends on marketing strategies that are implemented to start, so we recommend studied and planned use techniques that allow you to achieve the maximum potential audience. So, what you can do is to create advertising that is distributed to the output of schools and gardens as well as in the homes of people nearby.

Create contact channels: In addition to establishing schedules customer service, you must have a phone number that is subject to availability schedule to contact potential customers, organize service hours, contact your staff, among other processes.

Business success stories in child care and baby

Business success stories in child care and baby

Some of the most successful and famous who are dedicated to offer the service child care, companies can be found for example EnBrazos, a company in Madrid that specializes in child care, Kanguritos a nanny agency aimed at child care, using custom methods of care, among many others that have emerged as a solution to such an important need.

If you like the world of children, this is a business idea that you have to consider to undertake. Remember that the commitment and passion are the main ingredients of a successful recipe of entrepreneurship.

Start now.

Weak points: certainly in the beginning you will not have the results you expect. With the rise of negative news in daily endangers the integrity of children, especially involving strangers, you may find parents very suspicious that not having heard a recommendation, refrain from letting their children in charge of your company. Even if it is an obstacle, you can start, as you mentioned, taking care of children who are close to you, whose parents know.

Points in favor:one of the main characteristics of this business idea is that it offers many benefits, including the investment is really minimal, because if you aim to organize a group of people engaged in child care, we only need a small office with office furniture and allow us to act as contact processes with customers, records, meetings, etc. On the other hand, being a business that is based on the mode of address, can save large costs money, they do not need to have a physical location where they receive small.