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Start an advertising delivery company – Tips, Requirements and Success

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How a company starts advertising deal

In these times of crisis is when more emphasis ought to be done in announce and publicize our products and services, is when the scarce demand and purchases are more selective when sharing advertising is more important, it becomes a must for businesses go ahead.

For this, open a delivery company advertising is a business idea that can give us money, apart from this, start a business like this it is that less investment needed because the work is on the street and it’s a of the most effective forms of advertising, we received willy-nilly and a large majority of cases, we end up reading it.

excellent businesses that do not need investment here

During times of crisis, it is when more emphasis should have in the process of listing and advertising to publicize products and services because when demand is very low, purchases tend to be so much more selective, at which point it is crucial for efficient advertising. That is why for any business, distribution of advertising becomes an essential process at any stage.

Open an advertising delivery company is a business idea that can give us big profits with good strategies and good planning. In addition, a business like this is that less capital investment required, since the work is essentially in the street and on the other hand, is one of the most effective forms of advertising, for the supply goes directly into the hands of the potential customers.

To start this business, you can do it individually and on their own, since beginning, we will not have much demand and therefore will not need to hire employees. However, if needed in some services, you can hire staff working for hours.

How can you win? Something to keep in mind is that the price for the number of brochures distributed varies according to the country, even in the cities and areas, however, we can calculate an approximate value of 40 USD per 1,000 brochures distributed.

That is why this time we present this idea profitable business with all the information you need to keep in mind if you decide to throw it.

How to start handing out advertising

It is time to put to work, here we will see step by step everything you need to consider to start your business. Do not forget to read the tips and other key information to start.

Study the market:It is very important that you take some time to do a research process designed to show you the conditions of the sector which lanzarte plan. From this knowledge, where you investigate distribution agencies advertising that exist in your city, its modes of operation, performance and others as well as the movement of potential customers, you can create strategies and techniques to build your service. You’ll be able to know what are the best areas to distribute advertising, weekdays busiest, among other key issues.

Study your customers:in addition to the market, it is essential to study your customers, as a business like these, dedicated to the distribution of advertising, must be on both potential customers and their needs so, provide the best possible and service according to your requirements. This information will be useful to resolve any concerns and learn about their interests.

Structure and location:one of the advantages of this business is that we need a large warehouse or local operating needs as hiring external staff may be minimal, especially if we decided to start solo. The activity of the distribution of advertising lies in the streets, so it is sufficient to have perhaps a small office operation where we can serve our customers or perform all registration processes, planning and others there.

Business staff:As mentioned in the initial stage is not necessary to have a team of hired workers but, simply hire one or two more people to work for hours according to the established time sharing advertising. You must ensure that these people are trained and know the mode of activity to ensure proper gestionamiento of the leafleting.

Remember that the number of employees required depends on the conditions of service and the size of the city and strategic points that mark.

Legalization and permissions: This will be one of the most important steps you must take to register your business legally, this also allows you to have permits and operating licenses you will allow show your customers the legality of your delivery business advertising, given which for them it is an essential requirement to hire.

If you plan to work individually or with only one additional employee, your business can be adapted to the category individual microentrepreneurs, which will allow you to minimize many expenses related to taxes and generally the whole process of legalization of your business .

Promote your business:one of the best ways to promote your activity will be visiting businesses in your city. There, through business cards you can start offering your services. This activity is very important to highlight the benefits of traditional advertising. Remember that a website is always a resource that can not miss, so create a page that remains active and in contact with potential companies that are based in your city, will be the first approaches you should consider.

How to start handing out advertising

Requirements for an advertising company


At this point you have the key conditions that are necessary to open an advertising delivery business, remember that each area many of them work differently, so a full investigation is necessary. Let us begin:


Weather: This is undoubtedly one of the most important requirements of this business idea, since that implies activity a large investment of availability for delivery and distribution of advertising hand to each of the potential customers, evaluating a strategic area previously, thus, increase the chances of effectiveness of the advertising process.


Good communication:one of the keys not only to get in touch with your customers, but also for the activity of distribution of advertising has to do with good communication, that is efficient and provide good results. This is accompanied by a professional and calm attitude but also a good personal presentation.


Documents and permissions:in registering your business, you know all operating permits and need to be critical in your process. Knowing these aspects will allow your service to abide by the conditions of the area where you meet the restrictions set.


On the other hand, it is extremely important that before starting any particular service to a customer, do not do it without having signed at the least agreement. This is because it often happens that misunderstandings arise where both parties stand to lose.


Keep track:to be aware of all the movements of your business, having all movements documents, income and expenses, you must keep a careful record of everything that happens. There should show evidence of all expenses exist.

Operating Company Advertising

The distribution of advertising or also known as leafleting, is one of the oldest resources and yet, more efficient advertising, that increase the visibility of a business of any activity methods. It is kept alive while the Internet has captured much of the way in which advertising campaigns are launched, since it is an advertisement that is delivered into the hands of the customer directly.

Thus, this business is to distribute flyers, brochures or pamphlets in strategic areas, into the hands of potential customers agree who it is for the product or service the person contracting our company. It is important to note that work sharing advertising is not as simple as it seems, it should be considered strategies and tricks to make this disclosure have the results expected for the contractor. This is because advertising and the way they are delivered, should generate a good experience in person, so do not dispose of the brochure or flyer at the around the corner.

Tips to undertake an advertising company

A delivery business advertising requires not only a planning and step by step, but also other key issues that have put together the following tips will undoubtedly be of great help in any part of the process so that you get better results. Let’s see:

As mentioned, it is extremely important that your employees are trained, as not just a hand to hand leaflets, but a process that involves having training and be aware of strategies to deliver flyers efficiently. The way it is delivered, what is said and attitude will be key to this process.

If you can, you can differentiate your employees or your team with a uniform representing the company and thus distinguish them directly. This will definitely improve greatly the image of the company.

A good way to grow in the market, is partnering with other companies, so that joint strategies are activated with companies working within the same sector. An example of this is to make alliances with printing companies to occur there all the design and launch of flyers and brochures and other advertising companies.

Take photos or evidence of work done, it will be a great way to show potential customers your experience and what you’ve done in the market. Although at the beginning it is difficult, have a record of this it will be very useful.

Weak points: is very important market research and obtaining permits operating license involving all the requirements and conditions of service, as you must be aware that, in many parts of the world, sharing advertising hand and even on the windshield, it is fined for some entities, which puts at risk your advertising delivery business.

Points in favor: even though at any time can use this form of advertising, the truth is that it becomes much stronger in times of crisis, where business products and services need to remember their presence to their customers, so they resort more frequently this type of business to start your advertising campaign, since it is one of the most efficient methods to reach them.

Success Stories advertising companies

Many businesses that have achieved success, this time we present two very important within the market, a market with businesses that have sought innovation and new strategies to excel. Among them are Activand Brands, a company specializing in the distribution company advertising from stilt walkers, a novel way that certainly does draw the attention of the public to better deliver results to the end of the service.

On the other hand we find P & P Media, a company that in addition to sharing advertising, also offers other range of alternative means of advertising among which are direct marketing, BTL, advertising and publicity transportation services for events. In his evidence platform experiences with important and recognized brands in the market.

Opening a delivery business advertising is an interesting idea, certainly worth keeping in mind if you’re looking to create your own business at very low cost because it responds profitable activity to a frequent need, so with good strategies, you can find potential customers very quickly.

There are many companies that are looking for your service, do not wait and launch your activity now.