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Catalog sales business, How to start, Step by step and Tips

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How to start a business sales catalogs

You want to earn extra income without investing money? If your answer is yes, your best option is sales by product catalogs such as “clothing, shoes, cosmetics, lotions, appliances, jewelry, accessories for babies and others, they have a large market worldwide and there is also great diversity of distributors and trading houses, which have their catalogs which you can affiliate them every so often for the latest and seasonal copies containing articles to fashion.

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You can spend little time on the day or as much as you will, even if you work can offer the goods to your coworkers and so start making customers just have to find which distribution is more to your convenience and look out very well as it is the commission percentage that this will be paying for each sales catalogs.

If you still think it’s not enough profit they offer you, you can always earn more with the system of referrals and affiliates to you, so you earn for sales catalogs that they make and the same time they also earn more by being your direct referrals.

Remember to start generating profits only have to devote effort and time while you’re winning field and making customers and your monetary investment is already void that none of the distributors will charge you to sell your products, on the other hand the more bands they’ll will award and either with “money” or with items of the same catalog which you’re selling.

A good idea to make more and sell more is to have variety of products for men, women and children, and also look for distributors that have prices to the extent of the public and with promotions for purchases.

Undertake the idea of ​​sale catalogs

Who have a source of extra income without having to invest money? If the answer is ‘Yes’, one of the options you should consider are catalog sales, a form of entrepreneurship in which you can sell from clothing, like shoes, clothing and accessories, to products of cosmetics, jewelry , baby items, housewares, appliances, among others. Indeed, there is an extremely large market with a large number of distributors and trading houses that give life to this business.

You are a business idea that does not set a specific time, so you can spend the time you prefer to sell even suit your activities the day, for example, if you have a source work, can offer products coworkers, because its variety of items also directed to a wide audience.

Stay until the end, where not only can we tell you how to start, but a few key tips, recommendations, pros and cons, items that you have to consider to start.

Business Success Stories catalog sales

Operation of the sale catalogs

We talked about the facilities, including, but delve even further. This business is based on selling products from magazines in which lie all items available. There are prices and other specifications that must be taken into account when selling. Magazines or catalogs will be distributed by commercial houses which you Afilias and where for every sale or item, you get a commission.

This form of business permits also can make money with affiliate and referral system so that people you link to the business must give a percentage of sales made.

What are the requirements for a business selling through catalogs?

There are certain elements that have advise and some other conditions that will undoubtedly be needed to start a business like this. Among them they are:

Taste for sales: not all people are good to sell a product, you need a taste for this kind of process to develop a good job when selling. If you feel you like the subject of sales, sure it will be much easier, you create bonds with your customers and see good performance in your business.

On the other hand, since you have a wide variety of products from which you can choose to sell, we recommend choosing a category or sector that is to your liking, even if you have no knowledge. Nothing better than selling something we like and we are interested to learn more and resolve all doubts to our customers.

Good communication: since the communication will be the axis on which your business is built to realize sales is very important that you express yourself properly, but also that you attend and listen carefully to the concerns, needs and customer feedback, so , provide accurate answers and solutions. Good communication with the public, implies also to support the both of them, keep in touch, nothing better to build trust with them.

Personal care and presentation: although the way you speak and how to sell your products is important, before any word, personal presentation will be the first image that you will have your customers. While it is not necessary to remain a tie or heels on every sale, we recommend a presentable image also generate a good impression, he remembers that “everything comes through the eyes.” A good smell, clean clothes, presentable shoes, hands arranged and others, will be key.

Know the brand and products complementing the above, the knowledge of what you sell is what will certainly be a determining factor when selling, it is allowing you to convince your customers about what you sell. It is therefore important to know the operation of each of the items, benefits, forms of use, presentation and even tell your experience if you used.

Trust and compliance: a sincere, committed and clear from the beginning person is much more likely to build confidence, especially if it is responsible and complies as far as possible with what is agreed, such as the time when the product reaches the customer has requested, and even on the products themselves. These are two pillars that must take good care because the credibility of your business will depend on their performance.

Steps to start the business of selling catalogs

Look for companies:The first will start with a search for companies that have this type of business. Ideally, start with a product catalog to call our attention to then analyze prospects.

Request catalogs: the selected company once you have, it’s time to contact her to affiliate and start. Request the latest catalogs that have thrown the market, as must be updated with the latest releases to sell products and not out of season.

Select your customers:We know to start selling is not easy, but among friends, relatives, coworkers or study, sure potential customers find the products you sell. For example, if your catalog this month has toys for children, then it should be offered to those who are already parents to find out if interested.

Performs sales campaigns: to start having sales, what you can do is create sales campaigns where your customers round up to offer special promotions and tell what products are in season. A good way to attract attention is sent photos via social networks or creating accounts that allow you to get closer to them.

Seeking referrals: in practice the same sales campaigns that are made, you can find people interested in making sales that will become your referrals and help you sell, so that your increase profit considerably from a percentage that you receive them, that is, a commission for sales they make.

Keep track: you will surely find customers that will make orders and until they receive their products make the payment, or who make payments to quotas, etc, to avoid confusion and bring an order of each of the sales you make, it is best to keep a record or book sales for ordering efficiently and keep track of your sales process.

Tips to get the best benefits while selling

It is important to note that it is bringing the magazine back and forth not alone. A business, like any other, requires commitment and effort to stay afloat and become a profitable project, so we have made a selection of tips that you should not miss. Let’s see:

If you’re not a people person, perhaps a matter of time or to supplement your sales channel, you may consider Internet sales catalog.

If this is the first time you start a business like this, start breaking the ice with friends, family and loved ones, this will help you develop your sales skills.

Know your business and looking for leads for each area, you will be surprised how you can find people who are interested in what you sell.

Organize time to sell if you have other activities. It establishes times when your customers can find at home. This way you can create a schedule of visits.

Remember that not always receive positive answers, so be prepared for negative sales in a friendly and cordial.

Occasionally, samples can offer a gift to your most frequent customers and even the first.

Be sure to provide all information related payments clear and sincere, especially in the conditions of sale on credit.

Steps to start the business of selling catalogs

Business Success Stories catalog sales

Today we find a lot of companies have started to opt for this type of business where entrepreneurship offer an opportunity to those interested in this activity. However, among the best known and successful we can find companies like Avon, specializing in beauty products or Amway, a company dedicated to household items, but includes other categories such as personal care, beauty products, personal care among other items, or even Omnilife, a company offering product catalogs health and wellness.

You see, the possibilities are many for a business like this, and certainly their performance mainly depends on your commitment to your business, because everything is in your hands.

Weak points:one of the obstacles to this type of business has to do with time, since it is an activity that requires a lot of time available to sell, converse with customers and everything that involves a sale. Note that do not have a stock itself, so that the goods are not at your disposal, which can affect to some extent the sale process because the customer does not see the product.

Points in favor:one of the most important advantages of this business is that you do not need to have an amount of money to invest, as to have product catalogs, distributors do not make any payment to those who sell in this mode. Many of these businesses have a habit of rewarding those who get to meet the goals, either with money or items available within the same catalogs.

Well, what do you expect to start?