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Set up a children’s party entertainment business

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How to set up a children’s party entertainment business

If you like children and have some skills that can entertain them, setting up a party entertainment business can be a profitable business that generates extra income.

When someone wishes to organize a children’s celebration, such as a birthday, a baptism, school activity or for simple entertainment, an infinite number of questions arise. For example: food, music, fun, piñata, event preparation and post-event cleaning, decoration, etc.

This business tries to provide customers with all the infrastructure and services necessary for the organization of their party. It allows them to find a variety of options to meet what your event requires and better yet, find options for different budget levels.

Here the list of businesses without investment

Steps to set up your children’s party entertainment business

Create a list of possible services to offer and define according to your investment budget which are you able to start. The idea is to start with some basic services and gradually include some other options as your capital grows. Some of the services that your catalog should include to liven up children’s parties:

Place ornament (balloons, streamers, floral arrangements, etc.)
Rent of furniture or tariffs: chairs, tables, boards
Glassware rental: plates, cutlery, tablecloths, picheles, etc.
Rent of inflatables: slides, climbers, castles, etc. Different sizes for different age ranges.
Water inflatable rental: ideal for summer parties such as swimming pools, slides, water guns, sliders, etc.
Rent of arcade games: ping-pong tables, straw tables, pool tables, basketball baskets, gotcha, etc.
Food service: hotdogs, popcorn, soft ice cream, pizza, or more formal food if required
Entertainment services: clowns, children’s plays, magicians, dances, pampering.
Rent of rooms for events
Rental of awnings
Sale and preparation of piñatas, sweets, etc.

children's party entertainment business
Prepare a detailed catalog of this list that should have pictures of the items and services you can offer for rent with their measurements, specifications and rental prices (per hour). Of course, children’s parties usually last a full morning or afternoon, so ideal if you include an offer with a special price for 3 hours or more.

You must open a page on the Internet to promote your services, this is not very complicated because there are many tools to do this today with low cost and minimal knowledge.

Keep your controls on an agenda and comply with them without reservation to attend your services to customers in a formal and fast way, so that everything is in order and the party is a success.

Promote your business, promotion is key to publicize your business and generate demand. You can start by developing some business cards to give to friends, family and acquaintances to recommend you. You should also place some classifieds on the Internet and in the main thematic directories on the web so they can find and request your services.

Here is a video for more information about the business.