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Art and Culture Business – Creativity, Entrepreneurship and Innovation

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Ideas for Business Art and Culture 

Artistic works, in reality, comprise a great variety of areas, because although they were forgotten at some time with the rise of technology, the truth is that today they have been highlighted and even mixed with other sectors that have made them a profitable idea for different artists in their disciplines. 

Among the business ideas of this sector we find art galleries, specialized museums, bookstores, make-up artists for theatrical performances, and even those who are engaged in making designs for different areas. 

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What are the advantages? There is a great variety of businesses in this sector that we can dedicate to various public profiles, from children to the elderly, with the representation of works, dance, art schools, practices such as exercises, among many others. 

What are the disadvantages? This sector has a challenge and is to strengthen advertising and channels of attention to attract the eyes of the inhabitants of the place, as it tends to depend largely on tourists who want to learn more about the culture of the area they are visiting.

How to start a business in this field?

If you like the world of art and culture, this is the section you were looking for, because you will surely be surprised with the variety of ideas you can undertake according to your preferences and passions. The first thing is to choose some options to start analyzing the market and thus build your entrepreneurship project step by step, yes, with a lot of patience and discipline to get the best results. 

Many people interested in entrepreneurship are unaware of the world of possibilities offered by the arts and culture sector, because in fact it is the closest sector and one in which not enough has been explored. That is why, if you are passionate about this field, then you will find a number of very varied options.

The ideas you will see focus on various disciplines and fields. Choose the one you like best, study its conditions and start your entrepreneurship. 

Let’s see what the business ideas are in art and culture: 

Set up an Art Gallery

One of the most recognized sectors of art is the plastic arts and in it, the galleries that exhibit works by different artists where the viewer is invited to be part of the process, observe the paintings and sculptures closely and propose the possibility of connecting with one of them. That is why a gallery has all the advantages of winning if we have a good location and promotion of our business, because it has a very varied public. 

To set up an art gallery you need to look for a place that has a good space in which each of the works of art can be arranged and where visitors can move comfortably observing the creations. On the other hand, you can decorate the place according to the exhibition and theme being made or keep neutral colors where the works are the protagonists. 

To find out who will be able to participate in your art gallery, as well as the focus of what is going to be sold and much more, visit our art gallery article.

Know all information of art gallery

How to open a dance school or dance school at home, with or without premises

The dance has been one of the activities that has increased its growth in recent years, as it has become one of the most frequent practices among those seeking a physical activity, practice their passion or learn to do it to enjoy spaces of celebration. That is why if this field is of your interest and you are looking for a profitable business, this may be the perfect combination. 

A business like this implies an investment of money focused on the search for the local, however, a good way to save this money and undertake in this sector, is to open a dance school or dance at home, in an area that we can adapt for it and in which our customers can practice comfortably. For this it is necessary that you organize well the times of classes, so that it does not accumulate more than the adequate amount. 

Learn more about this business idea and how to get the best benefits in our full dance school article

Dance school

Set up a One-man Body Art business in Montevídeo

A business like this consists of offering art-oriented services in the body, so that appears body painting, artistic make-ups, temporary tattoos, television make-ups, character character characterization, among many others that are required in spaces such as festivals, carnivals, theater performances, art festivals, television programs, events and parties, among many others. 

A good way to gain recognition in the market and begin to conquer your first customers is with a portfolio of your work, both in physical and digital format, which will facilitate advertising and general promotion of your business. There will be evidence of the works in body art that you have done. In case you don’t have them, it’s time to start and take pictures of your creations to consolidate your portfolio, each work counts. 

A website is one of the keys to this business idea, as well as another series of strategies that we tell you in our full unipersonal business article by Body Art.

Body Art

Design a Clothing line with Classic painters’ Designs

If you like the world of fashion and with it, art, a good way to combine these two fields creating a venture in which you become your own boss, is the design of a clothing line with designs of classic painters, an alternative that will gradually gain recognition in the market, especially of all those who know classical painting. 

Although it is important the previous knowledge on the confection of garments, the truth is that you can begin little by little but without skipping this step to offer nice and comfortable clothes for your clients, nevertheless, you can choose if the process is carried out at home or in a specialized workshop. The sale of garments can be both physical and digital, the latter being a key tool that you should not neglect. 


To learn more about this business idea and all you must not forget to start, visit our full article of designing a clothing line with designs by classic painters.

Designing clothes line with classic painters

Set up a Vintage Photography Business

One of the fields that has gained great growth in recent years is that of photography, this facilitated with the platforms on which it is possible to work and channels by which they can offer their services. Thus, a good way to take advantage of this sector and innovate in the market, is with the business idea of vintage photographs, where the theme will be the one that captures the attention of your audience. 

To start this business, it is necessary that we have knowledge in photography, so if not, it is time to train in it to offer a quality service where the process allows you to discover and analyze the right conditions for great results. As for the setting for vintage photographs, it is necessary to have antique furniture, vintage clothing, decoration of the time and implements of this style. 

To learn more about planning this type of business, go to our full business article on vintage photographs

Vintage photography

How to Set up a School of Plastic Trainers

Among the artistic fields that are most often developed in different educational fields are the plastic arts, one of the disciplines with which we first have contact, so, if you are a connoisseur of the subject and are looking for a way to become your own boss, this is a business idea that you should not leave aside, because in your school you will offer the possibility that more interested people are trained in plastic art. 

Among the potential customers that this type of business focuses on are those who seek a career path once they finish high school, so they will be people around 17 years and older. Also, there will be those who feel attracted by the school of plastic trainers as a complementary or alternative activity to the one they practice, among many others. Remember to set schedules that fit your audience. 

How to start? Make sure you carry out a deep market study that allows you to identify the conditions of your ongoing business, as well as a series of other aspects that we tell you such as setting up a school of plastic trainers.

School of plastic trainers

Open a Knitting Shop

Your skills for weaving and is an activity that you enjoy, this could be an excellent business option for you, as they are designs that are increasingly attracting the attention of the public for their originality, style and tradition. There is a great variety of alternatives to focus your knitting shop, as there are several garments that can be made in it. 

The first thing you should do is a market study that allows you to know the conditions of this field today, the rates that can be handled, the type of garments most requested and above all, location, a crucial aspect when selling. Although knitwear can be purchased by almost anyone, a good way to increase your chances is to settle in a central area with high flow of pedestrians, especially tourists, who tend to fall in love with this type of garment. 

Remember that in the following article you find much more information about this business idea of knitting shop

Knitting shop

Setting up a Cartoonist School

If you have cartoon drawing skills and are looking for a way to become your own boss, this is a good way to do it, especially because you can share your knowledge with those who are interested in learning about the subject. This is a school of cartoonists where they can learn the art of drawing with a message within each stroke. 

Currently there are not many schools of cartoonists, so the competition is low. Thus, the path of entrepreneurship in this field requires hard work in promoting our business, where the Internet becomes one of the best allies to start. Remember that you can give classes in both physical and digital form, this depends on your goals. 


To know all the requirements when setting up a cartoon school, go to the following article from a cartoonist school.

School of Cartoonists

Form a Corps de Ballet, Professional Dance

If you are passionate about dance, a good way to start earning money without the need to have a space for physical functioning or other requirements that are present within businesses such as dance schools, is to form a professional dance corps where works are mounted that can be presented at different events and places. 

It is necessary that the professional dance body is composed of professionals and experts in dance, whose work is clean to propose works that can be sold on various stages, to this is added the importance of having auxiliary people who can be aware of the necessary lighting, sounds and other aspects of logistics that are extremely important. 

So how do we get started? In the article you find by clicking on the following link, we tell you all about forming a corps de ballet

Corps de ballet

Open a Movement Arts Space

The expression of the body has taken diverse artistic disciplines to which people of all ages are added, for this reason, a space dedicated to the arts of movement is a business that can take flight with correct strategies of promotion and according to the conditions of the market. 

Thus, a business like this must include a series of activities in which each of the interested parties feels comfortable and free, among the spaces that you can take into account are: dance in its different genres, yoga, body expression, pilates, acrobatics, among many others.

Don’t forget to visit our full article with all the aspects you need to know to undertake this business idea of a movement arts space.

Motion Arts Space

Craft Shop as a Profitable Business Idea

One of the artistic businesses par excellence linked to the tourism sector, are the craft shops, which, through different articles, in different formats and techniques, manage to get the attention of foreigners, collectors, art connoisseurs, general admirers, so you have knowledge in any particular development or in several, this is an excellent way to start your own business. 

To open a business like this is necessary to take the time to investigate which are the crafts with the highest performance in the market, as well as which are those we prefer. This should go hand in hand with a deep market study in which we can create a first defined list with the types of art we are going to include within the store. 

To open a business like this it is necessary to take the time to investigate which are the crafts with the best performance in the market, as well as which are the ones we prefer. This should go hand in hand with a deep market study in which we can create a first defined list with the types of art we are going to include within the store. 

Teamwork is essential if you plan to start your business in the company of more people, in addition to other key aspects when starting a craft shop.

Craft shop

Open a Craft Shop with Ceramics and Pottery

Another of the businesses that we cannot ignore in the artistic world when we talk about entrepreneurship and art, are the craft shops, in which we include especially elements that have been made from ceramics, undoubtedly one of the best known and most frequent in the decoration of homes. 

That is why if you have knowledge in this type of crafts, this is an excellent way to undertake and become your own boss. The first thing you should do is to evaluate the possibilities of your business, either by creating handicrafts with ceramics of elements of common use, such as those we normally use in the kitchen, crockery, and so on, or the purely decorative ceramics, such as ashtrays, vases, human figures, among many others. 

If you want to know more about this business idea and how you can start step by step, then you won’t want to miss out on our complete ceramic craft shop article.

Craft shop

Bookstores, Business ideas in Culture

Although it is a business about which little has been said, it is a profitable business idea in which many are unaware of its potential and the world of possibilities it offers the entrepreneur. If you like the world of books and want to start your own business, this is a profitable business option that you can not leave aside. 

The first thing you should do is a business plan that allows you to get your project on track. In it we will define everything we need to start. In order to do so, the objectives of our undertaking will be the most important thing to work on the strategies that we are going to implement and that will lead us to them. Remember that having a good location is a fundamental aspect, as well as promoting your business through the Internet. 

Learn more about how to open your own bookstore and get the best results step by step from starting a bookstore.


How to Open a Dance School or Dance Business Idea

Nowadays, activities that involve body movement and training are one of the most demanded, as is the case of dance or dance, as well as awakening passion for certain traditional or modern rhythms, has also been a focus of attention for those who want to combat sedentarism and want to lead a healthier lifestyle hand in hand with the physical activity that dance proposes. 

If you have knowledge in any of the most well-known dance genres or if you wish to hire professionals to take care of it, it is necessary to know the whole field of dance and its possibilities in order to be able to offer a good advice service. Also, it is necessary to have a place that works properly for the practice, according to the initial objectives and classes, this way you will be able to determine if you need one or more spaces. 

It is necessary to calculate the initial investment costs, for which you must take into account everything necessary and not spend more than the bill. In the following article we tell you all about opening a dance school. 

Dance school

Set up a Technical Library

One of the articles that has increased its number in recent years in the market are books, because today there are authors of a wide variety of genres among which stand out fiction books, children’s literature, futuristic novels, biographies, among many others, and although they are good conditions, the truth is that they have displaced technical books from traditional bookstores. 

That is why a good way to recover this space for the growing public that demands them, is by opening a technical bookstore in which we have a variety of books focused on this sector. One of the advantages of this type of business is that you can either go to a used book service where you receive and sell second-hand books or use it for a library service, or even combine both modalities. 

Learn sales techniques and more possibilities of this business idea by entering our full technical bookstore article

Technical library

Undertake in Culture by Opening a Place to Rent Books

Although the majority of students, whether from schools, institutions and universities, are those who most demand the supply of a wide variety of books in different formats and editions, the truth is that it is a sector that can count on a much more varied public. This is due to the fact that sometimes the lending of books in libraries becomes a long process or has unprofitable rates for those who need them. 

A good way to respond to demand while creating a profitable business idea, is to open a local rental of books where we can organize a good catalog of varied genres for all tastes and needs, where we can receive any type of person, because this will undoubtedly be the element that will give life to our venture. 

So, how do we start? In the following article we tell you everything you need to take into account to start and how to generate the best profits with a local book rental

Place to rent books

Set up a Shop for Music, CDs and Musical Instruments

Without a doubt one of the needs of the human being has been music, since it is a pleasure that not only focuses on listening to it, but also on interpreting it, singing it and even dancing it. It is precisely because of this strong connection that this type of field becomes one of the most profitable businesses, given that it has a very wide range of potential customers. 

So if you like the world of music and want to start your own business, this is a great way to do it. These stores have many possibilities nowadays, where we can sell music in different formats and in different musical genres, as well as instruments of all kinds. The key is to have good suppliers and to offer the best possible quality in each product. 

Getting started is not an easy task, so we have created a complete article in which we tell you all the requirements to set up a music store.

Set up a shop for music

Open an Art Workshop Business for Children

In addition to school, parents are always looking for activities and spaces where their children can develop and strengthen different skills according to the interests of the child and the activities they most enjoy doing, where art always occupies most of their inclination. That is why a business of artistic workshops for children has every chance of winning in the market. 

Among the workshops or classes that you will need in your business are mainly those dedicated to painting, music, dance, drawing and theater, this will depend on the interests of the children, as well as the organization of spaces and children in the age classification. A good business promotion involves approaching schools and gardens to take advantage of the meeting of potential customers. 

Make sure you have a good location, as well as meeting the requirements that we have in the following article of artistic workshops. 

Workshop business for children

Set up a Private Music Lessons Business

The music is one of the arts with more public, because we all enjoy its melody in different formats and with different inclinations of genre, therefore, a good business would be to start private music classes, because there are many people who have always wanted to learn to interpret a particular instrument, learn to sing and all that this implies. 

So if you have knowledge of music and are looking for a low-investment business idea, this is one of them. Private lessons facilitate and save a lot of money, since you don’t need a fixed location, but you can practically teach anywhere that has a comfortable and private space in which they can concentrate. Make sure you organize the times you have available, as well as the levels of the classes. 

To undertake this business idea and know all you need to be aware of, visit our full Private Lesson Business article.

Private music lessons

Open a Bar for Local Bands and Singers

Within the communities there are always a lot of projects, especially artistic, that are looking for opportunities to show their work, a work full of effort, dedication and discipline that is not easy to achieve. That’s why a bar for local bands and singers becomes an excellent way to make them known while you start a profitable business in which everyone can grow. 

Nowadays, the most recognized bars are different from the others because of the theme they use, because this allows it to be much easier to bring together people who enjoy the same music and have a pleasant time. That’s why the first thing you should do is define the theme of your bar, a theme that is of your interest and that you want to undertake. Thus, it will be much easier to start locating the bands that will play there. 

This type of business ideas require a specific planning that must take into account many aspects, know everything about a bar for bands.

Bard a local bands and singers

How to Sell used Books on the Internet

The sale of books has taken another path, now there is the sale of used books, an alternative that allows us to take advantage of books that are no longer used or required by other people and who want to share them with another person who can take advantage of them rather than being dusting. This is an excellent option for many interested in literature, as there are books that are no longer distributed in the market and that become treasures. 

This business idea works through the purchase and sale of books, whether we start with what we have at home, books from neighbors, friends or relatives who no longer need or open sale. It is a business that we can start with a low investment, because instead of having a physical local operation, we will sell over the Internet, an alternative that allows us to reach a larger audience at less cost. 

To know all the activities of this type of business, how to get the first books to sell, among other aspects, do not forget to visit our full article selling used books.

Sell used books

Recording Studio, Professional Centre for Singing Artists 

If you like the world of music, you have knowledge in music production and you are looking for a business idea to start your way into the venture, a professional recording studio may be the project you were looking for, because today there are many groups and solo artists who need to have their demo to start promoting it and grow in the music industry, where a recording center is a determining role. 

To set up a recording studio it is essential to have the necessary knowledge, as this will lead us to acquire the quality equipment we need, as well as the conditions of the facilities and in general, the operation of a studio like this. For this reason we recommend you to train yourself if you are not familiar with this type of process. Although the location is important, the promotion is even more so. 

What to buy and how to start? In the following article we tell you everything you need to know before starting your recording studio venture

Recording studio professional

How to Open a Product Business for Urban Tribes

By human nature, over the years a great variety of urban tribes have been consolidated that have stood out not only for the music they listen to and other important aspects, but mainly for the style they wear, which becomes a reflection of their ideas and thoughts about the tribe with which they feel identified. That is why a business dedicated to them becomes an excellent ally. 

Among the main products you can offer in this type of business, we find several categories, such as video games and consoles, accessories and clothing, articles for hair or clothing, among many others. One of the best ways to locate your potential audience is to use a website or at least virtual presence, given that with technological advances, it becomes an extremely important localization center.  To learn more about opening a product business for urban tribes, you could click here. 

Product business for urban tribes

Rock Legends Video bar, Best Rock Bands

Among music lovers and the most distinguished bars in a particular genre, rock stands out as one of the most important, especially classical rock in English and Spanish, where followers do not distinguish age, and undoubtedly becomes a genre that manages to bring together a large number of people to enjoy this music in good company. 

A bar that already has the theme it is going to develop, already has one of the most important steps at the front. Now, among what you can include in your business, are the drinks with and without alcohol, as well as snacks, dinners, snacks, handcrafted drinks, among others that are enjoyed by customers in this type of space. Often bars are searched on the Internet before moving to find out what they offer, so the Internet becomes a good tool. 

In terms of costs, services, initial material, among other aspects, we tell you all this in the following article in detail that talks about video bar rock legends


Open an improvisation school, theatre company

In the artistic world, another of the most recognized and appreciated arts is the theater, a space of fun, learning, feeling and much emotion. That is why if you have knowledge in the practice of this art and you are looking for a way to start your own business, you could do it by setting up an improvisation school where you receive all those who want to start training in this art. 

To open the school, it is necessary to have a central location, preferably near other establishments that have to do with the same sector. Remember to have space available for practice, storage of belongings, reception and general training. Make sure you have all the permits and operating licenses to operate without problems and also ensure the consolidation of your business, this will give much more confidence to your customers. 

In the following article we have listed all the requirements you need to meet on the road to entrepreneurship of an improvisation school

School of a improvisation

Organization of Fantasy Battles, Requirements and Costs 

The content in all its formats, whether in films, music, books, series, among others, has generated an important public that falls in love with its characters, situations, experiences and stories, so it has a large number of fans who follow and preserve them, as is the case of films and sagas such as Star Wars, Harry Potter, Throne Game, Lord of the Rings, among others. 

A good way to make the most of this audience is by creating a business dedicated to fantasy battles, so we will organize these meetings in spaces, either open or closed, planning the audience and the participants and protagonists of the battles. You will be able to obtain profits from this business by charging for income and with other products that are sold there alluding to the opposing parties. 

To know all the possibilities of this business idea, in the following article we tell you more about the operation and requirements Organization of fantasy battles

Although undertaking is not an easy path to follow, the truth is that discipline and love for what you do with your project are the keys to achieving good results. That’s why we wanted to include this section dedicated to the business of art and culture, which although not usually mentioned, as we saw, have a lot of possibilities in the market that have not yet been explored in depth. 

If you like the world of art, you can not leave aside all these ideas in which the market gives you the opportunity to start your own business with the objectives and requirements that you mark to start, because outside there are many who expect your service or product in the art world. 

Organizing Fantasy Battles

Well, after seeing all these possibilities, what are you waiting for to start?