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Setting up a private music lesson business – Activity and training

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Offer private music lessons

In the world we live in, business and commerce have changed significantly, allowing all sectors to occupy a space where they find demand for what they offer. An example of this is the arts, for which there are different promotion channels that are useful for a business:

When it comes to this type of business, we can either choose a business name or work with our personal name. Here you should ask if it is a hobby to generate an additional income or if you really want to make it your source of income, your project and your business.

Businesses that are art here

Let’s see what you need to set up your business:

Choose the activity

The area of music is very wide, especially if we look at the instruments on which we could offer the private lessons. First it will be necessary to teach music theory in general and then, focus on a particular instrument or musical genre, including singing lessons or the instrument you have better command of.

Training for the entrepreneur

Obviously if we don’t have knowledge of music, we can’t offer to teach, so you will need to focus on training and learning about the discipline first. On the other hand, if you already have knowledge in the area, I recommend you not to stop learning and to look for the best methods to teach your future apprentices, because keep in mind that not all of us learn in the same way and you must keep yourself updated on the subject.

Emphasizing the area of pedagogy, regardless of the subject matter we focus on, is key if we want to teach one or more people.

Offer private music lessons

The target audience

It is very different to give classes to children of 6 years old than to adults, therefore, it is substantial that you choose mainly the public to which you are going to offer the private music classes. If you are going to offer to people of any age, I recommend that you don’t put them in the same class, but rather that you distribute sessions, for example in the case of a father and son who want to take the classes, you should evaluate the level of knowledge that they have in the area.

Location and facilities

In this type of business, we can either go to the home of the person requesting the private lesson or set up a class area in our home. However, you must bear in mind that in order to teach, it is key to have a board where you can explain different theoretical concepts, for example, as well as the instruments you want to teach how to interpret.

Rates and prices

You can propose several plans that are accessible to interested parties. For example, they can pay you by session, or you can offer monthly plans for more continuous and progressive classes, starting with different sessions during the month. This depends on the time intensity and how you organize yourself with each person or group.

Promoting the business

One of the promotion modalities for this type of business is the so-called ‘word of mouth’, which is based on customer referrals to other interested people. Therefore, it is of vital importance that you organize your classes, be friendly and offer a good service, so that your clients will get to know you with theirs.

On the other hand, another promotion channel you have is social networks. By this means you can make known the trade you offer in music groups on Facebook, for example, spaces in which you see, can fit your ad. This can also be accompanied by a website, which you can set up little by little. But it is not enough to be on the web, you also have to promote physically with traditional advertising. You can print flyers and place them near schools, musical instrument shops, high-traffic areas, etc.

Promoting the business

Possible obstacles

In the world in which we find ourselves with technological advances, these types of areas could be disappearing by what seems, however, entrepreneurs have an opportunity in the sector, especially if they use digital tools in their favor and facilitate communication with other people in the world. This implies being aware of how the market works and offering better alternatives that motivate those interested in accessing your service.

Recommendation to finish

According to the previous problem, consider the option of offering online classes, either through platforms such as Youtube or more privately by appointment via Skype. You can also sell these videos and provide them only to those who pay for them. This is a way to take advantage of these tools and find customers anywhere. Also, don’t forget the importance of learning another language, lest you turn your back on customers with different languages.