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Body Art one-man show in Montevideo – Functioning and Reasons

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Body Art one-man show in Montevideo – one body, one canvas

Montevideo is a city in which Art has taken a very important positive turn in the last few years. This has led to all creative and artistic activities having a very good reception, so there are more and more instances in which this kind of activities can be shown and appreciated. For this reason, setting up a Body Art one-person show in Montevideo can make you an independent businessman or woman with a very good portfolio of clients and a very full portfolio of money.

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Reasons to set up a one-person Body Art show in Montevideo

Parties, theatrical performances, artistic festivals, television programs of singing and dancing competitions, carnival, fashion shows, among other instances, make setting up a one-person body art show in Montevideo a very profitable business.

First, we will explain the concept of a one-man business: it is a small company, with one owner and up to five employees without changing the conditions of the company. It must be registered with the BPS, DGI and MTSS and has the right to engage in different activities, which must be specified when the company is registered with the corresponding entities.

A great advantage is that, for this particular activity, you will not need fixed premises, since you will be the one who will be travelling to the place of the event. This will imply a great monthly saving, namely: rent of the premises, UTE, ANTEL, OSE, door taxes, among everything else, we are talking about an environment of the 25,000 Uruguayan pesos that you will save from paying month to month.

Both Theater Performances, as well as Performances in the TV Programs of competitions, the end of year shows of the Dance Academies and the other events we have mentioned, need someone who is in charge of beautifying and highlighting the body of the actors, singers and artists in general. That is where your creative and impressive services come in, for which it is necessary to set up a one-person Body Art team in Montevideo.

Body Art one-man show in Montevideo

Setting up a Body Art solo show in Montevideo – Services to be provided

Below we detail the services you can offer when setting up a Body Art one-man show in Montevideo: body painting, removable facial tattoos, artistic make-up, TV make-up, characterization.

For this, you will need to have a case with body and facial painting and make-up, among which you will have glitter. The hair is part of the characterization you will prepare, so gels and fixatives will be part of your materials.

How to become known after setting up a one-person show 

The company is ready, the services to be provided are clear and defined, now is the time to become known, what to do then?

The first thing is to have your business cards made. Design is very important: try not to make them too sober, but to represent on paper what you can do in your body. Once you have them, you must move on to the next step.

The portfolio of work. These are photos printed and compiled into a portfolio. If you are really new and you don’t have any work to show yet, get models so you can put together at least two works of each modality you offer. When you’re ready, it’s time to make yourself known.

Introduce yourself, with cards and a portfolio, at Theatre Schools, Dance Academies, TV Channels, Gyms (sometimes they do shows at the end of the year), Carnival Murgas, Carnival Magazines, Carnival Parodists, Model Schools and other places you know will be presenting to the public. Talk to the person in charge and, if she is not there, insist until you find her, show her your work and leave her your card.

First of all, you must have knowledge of artistic expression and other techniques that understand this trade, it is not only the fact of disguising, it is the art that you understand when you cover, twist or paint the same body, transforming it into a canvas, which implies having a good creativity and acquiring some experience in the matter.

Secondly, having instruments, props, paintings, stage tools, in short, all the elements necessary to plan, create, organize and offer a show good enough to attract the masses and impress the audience.

Tips to start with a Body Art solo show

Firstly, to be informed and trained in the techniques of art and expression to the best of one’s ability, so that one can constantly expand the artistic language involved in the creation, organization and presentation of a work.

Trying to create a friendly environment for creative processes, this business goes hand in hand with creativity so it is vital to find a space that helps the artist to exploit their best ideas embodied in their works.

Finally, it is advisable to surround yourself with good artists who are considered to be successful and who

have good contacts to get outstanding exhibition spaces and artistic events.

Problems that can occur in a Body Art solo show

The life of an artist is not easy, a true vocation is required for this business since it is lived between events and concrete shows where the art and the expression is breathed, several times you can have a weak day where there are not many interested so you must insist and look for the right space to attract good public.

It is a business that contains many tools so it can be impractical and tedious logistics that involves the organization and presentation of each event, depending on the number of numbers or presentations that have, the business can offer some logistical problems.

Setting up a Body Art solo show

Advantages of having a Body Art soloist

Breathing in the life of the artist and creativity is one of the primary advantages in this business, connecting with numerous artists increasing the possibility of opportunities for larger events. You don’t have a boss, this business depends entirely on your own effort and initiative to innovate and impress through art and expression, once you get big events or attract people this business can be very satisfying and attract good profits in the process.

Success story of a Body Art individual

In this field there are many outstanding and successful artists in body art, one of the most prominent is Bruce Nauman, a living artist born in 1941, in the city of Fort Wayne Indiana.

Interested in his beginnings in mathematics and physics, he enters the University of Wisconsin studying applied sciences in 1960, once inside, he changes his course completely to study arts and philosophy, undertaking a totally different adventure from the one that was planned in his beginnings of university studies, moving to the University of California.

He is currently one of the most outstanding artists of the moment, with multiple successful works that have managed to capture the attention and inspiration of many admirers throughout the world, holding international exhibitions in New York, attracting great success.