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Motion Arts Space – Definition, requirements and advantages

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Opening a Space for the Arts of Movement

By opening a Space for the Arts of Movement, we are not only starting a business in a sector that, very probably, we like very much, but we are also putting at the service of the population a place in which to develop something that is intrinsic to the Human Being: movement. In this space, the idea is for people to find their favorite art and, not only that, but to find themselves through bodily expression, a subject that no one should fail.

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What is a Movement Arts Space?

To open a Space of Arts of Movement is to understand the basic needs in what refers to the expression of the being through its body, therefore, not only we must take into account the different disciplines that make the body express itself through its postures and its way of moving, but also it is about creating an aesthetic and a space in which it is possible to share, to be with the other and to learn that the art is an essential part of our lives. To do this, we will consider the following factors:

Comfort: when we talk about comfort, we do not only refer to having comfortable chairs, but our whole body must feel at ease with the environment. To do this we must take into account the textures, colors, aromas and the vastness of space. In this way, whoever arrives to the space, will feel as, or even more, comfortable than in their own home.

Deal: it is not the same to open a Movement Arts Space as a dance academy. Therefore, the level of demand should not even approach such an institution, but it should be a place where people feel pampered, doing what they like and what makes them feel good, so that they can relax after a day of work, as well as cope with a bad moment in their lives.

Opening a Space for the Arts of

Freedom: the idea is not that people feel obliged to do only one activity for the fee they pay, but that they have the option of choosing what to do on different days. For example, let’s imagine that a client pays a fee to go to the space once a week, then we should not force him to choose a schedule and an activity, but we can allow him to go to the class he wants, as long as he respects the established frequency.

What is the Art of Movement

When opening a Space for the Arts of Movement we will have to make a selection of disciplines to be taught. However, the most important thing is to be clear about how to do it, for which we recommend that you design workshops with dynamics that involve body work, links with oneself, links with the environment and with those around us, as well as personal development and growth.

Among the disciplines to be taught are Dance, Biodance, Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates, Acrobatics and Body Expression, among many other options.

Requirements to begin in the Space of Arts of the Movement

Firstly, you must have a space large enough to meet the needs of the field for the art of movement, and secondly you must study the approach you want to take in this business since space can lend itself to countless forms of body movement.

To have the necessary equipment according to the approach of the business, if it is tried to cover in good way the greater amount of necessities than can present/display the corporal artist must count on the suitable equipment, clothes, sanitary zones for the artists among others.

Advantages of having Movement Arts Space

It is a business that can be enjoyed a lot, because of the creative environment generally full of happiness, contemplating how the artists of the movement are improving their practice in their space, so that you can feel that you are giving a real service to art and culture in society.

Given the positive impact that movement culture has on society, thousands of artists need a space where they can create, rehearse and assemble their acts, so this business can represent a good stability.

Problems that can be presented in the Space for the Arts of Movement

This is a space where you can breathe a cultural and creative environment, so you can end up dealing with strong or eccentric personalities representing a possible problem if you do not know how to deal with this type of person.

If you don’t have a passion for art and expression it can be a tedious or heavy business, you should consider if you are truly enthusiastic about art and movement to have a space completely dedicated to it.

What is the Art of Movement

Tips for getting started in Movement Arts Space

Firstly, to study well the market need in this field within the area where the space is intended to be set up, so that the public can be located

strategic point of better access for real business users.

Surround yourself with competent people in the field of leadership who have experience and knowledge in the art and body expression industry, so that you can quickly advance in the field using the best market and service tools.

Success stories in Espacio de Artes del Movimiento

A clear example is the alpha institute of corporal expression, this institute is dedicated to the formation of professionals who imply the corporal movement like means of expression in their art, that is to say, educators, therapists, actors, musicians, animators, among others.

With offices in Barcelona and Madrid, they have numerous courses, the culmination of which is duly certified under the institute’s accreditation. This business has proven to be one of the most successful in its field, helping thousands of artists to develop their skills and become professionals in their field using the tool of body expression.