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Forming a corps de ballet – Dance, projection and profile

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How to Form a Dance Company and Live from it – Professional Dance

When we decided to form a Dance Team, we were undertaking a business that depended on the leisure of our clients, since they are the ones who will pay for the tickets to see the shows that our group provides. If you reach the heart of the public, international tours will not be long in coming and can become a million-dollar project. Therefore, we teach you everything about this venture that has so much to give.

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How to Project and Form a Dance Company

To form a corps de ballet you need to follow certain guidelines and parameters so that the project is viable, original and profitable, as well as being a group whose quality of the shows must aim to be unbeatable. Among these indications we highlight:

Team of Professionals: when forming a corps de ballet, you must think of the dancers, who are the visible face of the company, while also considering the set designers, lighting designers and sound engineers. A dance company is a human group that works for art, so every detail counts. In this way, you must ensure that you have the right professionals to carry out each task inherent to the show.

Style: although mixtures are very well seen and are an option to be taken into account, those who are looking for personality not only assign a type of dance to their group, but also choose a style. For example, you can form a jazz group, but their style is Fosse, not just any jazz. In turn, and as we said at the beginning, you can also choose to Form a Dance Group that is dedicated to dancing jazz, contemporary, modern and classic, just to cite examples, then you would be providing a comprehensive show.

Repertoire: it is important that, apart from the new performances that may arise as the group advances, it is important that the choreographer has a repertoire to follow, especially during periods of world tours.

Marketing Plan: as in any business, the purpose of Forming a Dance Company is to make money with it. Therefore, it is necessary to have a marketing plan to “sell” the performances, both locally and internationally, for which an important power of conviction and solid advertising and marketing strategies are needed.

How to Form a Dance Company

Professional Profile

The professional who decides to form a Dance Company must have certain requirements or characteristics to ensure the success of the company. Among them, we highlight that it would be ideal if it were a former dancer, choreographer or, failing that, a person with a solid dance background. This is because, despite having a choreographer in the group, the owner must have the criteria and knowledge necessary to make decisions that only those who know can make.

On the other hand, he or she must be a professional with great business acumen, since he or she will be in charge of making the company function and will be contracted to perform various presentations and, hopefully, be very well paid.

Requirements to start in a Dance Company

Firstly, the quintessential requirement is to know how to dance, either by starting out on your own or by entering a school to learn the most effective and technical methods of performing the skill.

Focusing on the business is vital before forming the dance team. You must understand what type of dance you will be performing if it is to be varied, what you are looking for, the audience you are trying to capture, the market that exists and the needs of the consumer so that you can succeed in this business.

Advantages of a Dance Company

This business breathes the fine arts so if you are an enthusiast of creativity and body expression this is the right world, it is also an environment that allows you to meet a lot of artistic characters sometimes famous.

Because art and especially dance is a mode of entertainment sought after and enjoyed by thousands of people, especially in Europe, this business can be quite lucrative, the better the act or number of the dance team the more fans will tend to attend the events.

Tips to start in a Dance Team

Acquire great experience, so that it is not difficult to start in leadership matters and wisdom about the eventualities and details that this business entails, so that professional preparation is highly advisable in this case.

Acquire a large space or use the studios dedicated to this business that have the characteristics to work comfortably, a mirror, a floor for dancing, lighting, acoustic work and sound so that the creative processes and rehearsals flow without technical contingencies.

Success stories

A clear case of success in this business can be found in CNDanza in Spain, whose many achievements in the field of

within the field have put this corps de ballet in one of the first places in the success stories in the business of setting up a professional corps de ballet.

Each artist is properly presented and treated with the highest level of preparation that a professional dancer may require in his or her career, so that the performances of this corps attract thousands of spectators, who are impressed by the methods and expression of dance that these young women employ on stage.

Problems that can occur in a corps de ballet

You must have a strong and committed dance team otherwise there can be problems in the lineup, plus this business is directly affected by event contracts, so be prepared to look for event contracts.

Because the arts world is made up of thousands of people and modes, it is a very competitive environment, especially in demonstrating skill and ease of impressing audiences with art and expression, sometimes leading to a stressful environment even within the team.