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Bar for local bands and singers – Recommendations and tips

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Setting up a music bar, bars with talent

If you are passionate about music, want a business that promises productivity and want to combine both ideas, a bar for local bands and singers may be the business you are looking for to start your way in the market.

In the music area, we find a lot of talent waiting to be heard and to have a space where they can present their full potential for this type of art. However, finding this place can be a little complicated if we consider commercial bands and the most recognized ones. Therefore, this is an excellent way to support local talent, promote music and of course, open your own profitable business.

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How to start, how much does it cost, what do I need? Pay close attention to the following steps:

Choose the theme of the bar

There is music for all tastes and for all audiences, so you will have to choose the theme of the bar and in relation to that, the new artists that will be presented. Choose according to the type of music you prefer; rock, ballad, pop, alternative, etc., you are sure to find a lot of talent waiting to be heard.

Setting up a music bar, bars with talent

Create a name and perform the legal procedures

We leave this point in second place, because you can choose the name that the bar will have in relation to the music that will be heard in the place, for example.

Also, you will need to start with the legal procedures, permits and operating licenses so that you do not have any problems when you start the business activity. Put this aspect within your priorities and register your business with the corresponding bodies in your city.

Define what you are going to offer

Many businesses vary in what they offer their public. Since it is a bar with local bands and singers, then there should be a stage for the artists and chairs and tables around. You can offer this type of event on weekends, launch day, special events, etc. The rest of the days you can accompany them with background music, for example.

This is for the service area, but there is also the product part. Usually alcoholic beverages are offered if it is a bar (remember the permissions of use), so you will have to acquire this type of products, although clearly if you do not want you can offer refreshing drinks and fast food or elaborated, as you prefer.

Find and decorate the premises

Location is one of the most important aspects, what I recommend is that you look for locations near areas that have bars, restaurants, near shopping centers, central areas and with flow of youth and adult traffic, who are your target audience.

Remember that based on the theme of your bar, you are going to decorate, so you can put up posters of the most famous bands of the genre, bars, armchairs, tables and everything in agreement and with similar colors, although of course, creativity and innovation will be in charge of the decoration of the place.

Achievement of the equipment and material of the business

We always recommend that those who are launching their physical business, try not to get saturated with elements and products, as it could generate a problem in the use of the investment, which we could need in more necessary things and according to the demand. What you must do is to have the necessary elements, supply enough products and have the basic equipment to have a feasible return.

Among the more specific items, there will be the sound equipment, chairs and tables, benches, items to serve the drinks, a cash register or cash desk area, among others.

Define what you are going to offer

Get your staff

As much as we want to do everything ourselves, we will probably need at least two more people to make the business work and to be able to serve all the customers. You will need to occupy spaces and activities such as checkout, beverage preparation, waiter, cleaning and another person who is in charge of the sound operation to carry out the events.

At this point it is also important to take into account that the number of staff will also depend on the number of customers you have regularly, so the service will be much more efficient for all attendees.

Collect the investment capital

One of the most relevant questions for the entrepreneur is to have an exact figure on how much it might cost him to start his own business. Well, first, keep in mind that exact figures will not be available, as any eventuality may arise.

So how do I know how much I need? For this you must create a business plan. This document consists of gathering all the aspects we have seen throughout this section, together with the next one on promotion, in order to calculate the expenses that each one will take. It establishes a budget according to the amount of products, the rent or the purchase of the premises

initial payment for employees, implements, clothing, etc. Don’t forget to add a little for contingencies.

Promotion and business launch

One of the keys to business today is digital media, so it is important that for events and the announcement of your business, you can communicate through social networks and have a website where customers and interested parties could learn about events, offers, promotions, etc. Remember the traditional advertising: cards, flyers and diffusion to make your business known.

Difficulties that may arise

At present few people are interested in meeting new bands or music groups, because they keep what they know. To avoid this, it is important that you awaken the interest of the public so that these bands have the opportunity to make inroads, as this is how many of today’s singers and bands began.

Final recommendation

Starting a business is certainly not as simple as you think, however, it is not impossible either and the answer will definitely be satisfactory once your own business is up and running. So get excited and build your income source with effort and dedication. Seek to open your horizons and offer varied entertainment at the bar, for example, you can allow space for karaoke.