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Setting up a School of Cartoonists – Reasons, requirements and clientele

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Setting up a School of Cartoonists – Learning to Draw

If you are an excellent caricaturist you should not wait any longer to work independently in your own business: this is the perfect moment to set up a Caricaturist School, a business thought for those people who love and live from the art of drawing with humor, while they want to start a low investment business. All the information you need is here.

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Why Set Up a School of Cartoonists

Setting up a School of Cartoonists is a solution for people like you, who are expert cartoonists and who want to transmit their talent to others. A good reason to start this business is that it is a low-investment business, since it can be set up in your own home if you have a room that is equipped to accommodate the students.

On the other hand, you have little competition, since there are not many schools that are dedicated to this very specific branch of drawing, which is a mixture of technique and art. Therefore, you will cover a good sector of the market.

Finally, you will provide a solution to those people who want to acquire this skill, or perfect it to work after it.

Setting up a School of Cartoonists

Requirements for Setting up a School of Caricaturists

There are very few formal requirements for you to set up a School of Cartoonists:

Place: as we said, you can set up your school in a room in your house. You will only need to condition it so that it is spacious, luminous, with a big table in the center and benches without backs or armrests around it. You will also need a blackboard and work materials such as paper, drawing pencils, erasers and other tools you use.

Knowledge: It’s obvious that in order to teach something efficiently and effectively, you’ll need to know the subject matter in depth. So this business is for a professional cartoonist, or at least one who masters the technique perfectly.

Permits: you must register your business as what it is, a school of education, for which you will make the arrangements with the state agencies and entities that are responsible for these records.

Clients for a Cartoonist School

You will have a very varied audience in terms of age and purchasing power. On the other hand, although most cartoonists are men, there will also be women in your student body. What they will all have in common is their passion for creative and humorous drawing.

Your task as a teacher in charge of this group of people, will be to divide them according to age, the ideal is to form three groups: children, youth and adults, to provide an education according to the stage of life they are going through.

On the other hand, your goal will be to teach them the techniques, without sacrificing personal creativity. In other words, they will learn a basis, on which they will be professionals capable of inventing and developing their own style, through which their personality will be reflected and people will know how to recognize them by it.

As you have seen, setting up a School of Caricaturists is a simple, independent and very rewarding business.