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Organizing Fantasy Battles – Requirements and Costs 

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How do you open a Fantasy Battles business?

TV series nowadays attract many fans and audiences who prefer them in the cinema or on TV.  The series games of the throne, the Lord of the Rings movie, the Harry Potter movie, video games like the final fantasy saga, Star Wars. All of these can be placed in real life scenes in places where an amateur audience can go to see them and participate in a real way by putting on the costume of their favorite hero or villain and fighting the enemy in a simulated way.

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You may also like this world, but you are also able to organize and mount events of this type, creating your own business of simulated fantasy battles.

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This business idea can be developed in an enclosed area, or also in the open air, in a park or open space that can serve as a preamble, in which nature is incorporated as a real scenario.

Similarly, battles need to be planned with different themes to attract more customers, such as zombies versus humans, medieval fights, Star War lightsaber fights, among others. Also, a proclamation with well-established rules needs to be developed for those who attend and participate in the role play, in order to avoid accidents.

The income that can be obtained with this idea of enterprise, are the collections of the entrances to all the one that is animated to participate being you who organizes the battles, as well as to the public that will be watching the same ones. Likewise, you can sell merchandising, food, drinks, alluding to the battles, which at that time are being offered to obtain even greater profits.

How do you open a Fantasy Battles business

What are the estimated costs to the Fantasy Battle business?

To set up a Fantasy Battle stage you need a large enclosed space or a park surrounded by nature. Therefore, you need to estimate the cost of renting this place, with the set of lights and the atmosphere that can be changed depending on the battles to be mounted. Also, you need to estimate the cost of if you are going to rent horses, suits, battle instruments, protective masks, protection and isolation fences.

Since they are two groups united by fantasy, they engage in confrontations governed by a story, strategies and accumulation of points. Being a live role-playing game, which is the representation.

It requires clothing, swords and other harmless weapons, of characters by the players, which is done in real time. Likewise, since the participants, leave their clothes to characterize themselves with the medieval clothing, this must be provided before the confrontation, which can generally gather up to a maximum of 70 people.

The weapons used are manufactured, like the clothing, by the players with materials such as high-density foam and eva rubber, and do not represent any danger to them. Participants are between 12 and 40 years old.

It is necessary to plan and estimate the costs of delivery at the entrance of wooden hangers, leggings, shields and swords, Viking helmets, gloves, elbow pads and arm and leg protectors, which can be made of either metal or plastic. It is also possible to include within the costs, the clothing workshop that seems to have come out of the time tunnel.

This room should have the walls painted as in the age in which these battles are carried out, with the, basic tools and tree trunks as work tables, which is a true trip to the Middle Ages to attract this growing group of fans of history and medieval art.

On the other hand, the costs of permits, all-risk insurance, variable costs, personnel and support must be estimated.

What are the requirements for the fantasy battle business?

The people who are interested in this business must have some knowledge of the plastic arts, and also know a little about the series and sagas that they are going to recreate.

Recreators must be very creative since they are fantasy battles that can be with horses, castles and hand-to-hand fights that are carried out and can be seen as plays in which medieval knights dress up and fight, even playing for national tournaments.

Knowing that many fans of the Middle Ages not only want to dress and fight as characters of the time. They also like to decorate their houses with shields and weapons. Likewise, many lovers of medieval fantasy like dragons, elves, wizards and warriors. So, you can turn this business into a very profitable one if you capture these fanatics and provide them with these tastes.

In terms of communication and marketing, the business should focus on attracting this specific group of customers who are fans of medieval and fiction sagas and films, seeking to promote the image of the business. Thus of it will have to implant a strategy of communication in agreement with the type of service that is going away to offer and with this type of public to the one that goes to the target.

In addition, the values of the business must be transmitted, such as trust, security, exclusivity and above all professionalism, since the business must seek the support of qualified agents with experience in planning and organizing this type of event, if the entrepreneur does not have all the knowledge and expertise required.
With regard to the budget that can be allocated to marketing, it is understood that the focus should be on social networks, mainly Facebook, which is the most widely used social network. It is also possible to create a web space in which to promote the battles with a previously consolidated schedule of activities.

Problems that can arise when starting this type of business

One of the problems that can arise is the economic one because you need to wait for the profits from it. Therefore, you must have a base capital to deal with contingencies while making a profit from it. Another challenge is the security that must be guaranteed to the people who will participate in the battles. For example, if the battles are on horseback, people must know how to ride, ride and master the horse. This is a prerequisite for participating in this type of fantasy battle.

Recommendations for success in your company 

The regulations that are to be built to support fantasy battles must be very clear about the responsibility that the business assumes in the event of accidents. Also, the required permits and risk insurance must be in place before opening to the public.