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Setting up a technical library – Benefit, Invest and Earn

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How to set up a technical library

University careers are booming, as the days when the phrase “I graduated” meant the end of a process are over. Today, not only do you have to continue studying about the same profession you have, but those who have more and different professions increase their chances of getting better paid jobs in an increasingly competitive world. In order to study, it is essential to have books at home, since going to the library is not a possibility that everyone can practice because they also work, so they have time to study late at night. The solution for these students is in your hands if you decide to set up a technical bookstore.

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Why set up a technical library and not a common one?

Due to the increase of new authors, there is a huge offer of books of novels, biographies, fiction, non-fiction, children’s books… and there is no physical place, nor market to sell technical books in common bookstores.

Whoever goes to a common bookstore is because he likes to read and wants something to have fun with. So I would never go to that place to look for a technical book on architecture. Besides, common bookstores must take care of satisfying all the needs of the assiduous reader, filling the shelves with attractive books for those who have the privilege of having free time to enjoy reading.

It is here that your idea enters the scene and it becomes necessary to set up a technical library.

How to set up a technical library

How to make the most of the idea of setting up a technical bookstore

As with every undertaking of our times, it is not enough to assemble the indispensable and sit back and wait for customers to arrive.

Customers must be picked up, and these tips will serve as a “caller” for buyers: Personalized service: What happens if a customer comes in asking for something you don’t have? The customer is there, in front of you, you can’t let them leave empty-handed. The first thing you should do is offer them every last option in similar books. If you don’t succeed because he’s only looking for that specific one, then take all his data and just get it for him. Call the publisher and ask for it. Make a commitment to your client to do this and call him as soon as you have him.

Used section: allocate a part of your technical bookstore to receive, sell and redeem used books. Make sure that the customer has to pay a difference for each exchange, so that you can make a profit.

Library service: you can offer, for those who do have time but not that much money, a service by which, by paying a monthly fee, they are entitled to go for 10 or 15 hours (you can determine the time according to the demand and the fee) to study in the bookstore. In this case, you should arrange everything in such a way that not many students gather at the same time and there is no space. The best thing is that you should request a day and time to attend, so you can see well what space and book availability there is. You should also make sure that you have a space with tables and chairs, so your place should be a little bigger than a bookstore that only sells books.

As you have seen, setting up a technical bookstore has a lot of profit potential waiting to be exploited by you.

Requirements to start a technical bookstore business 

Firstly, to have a physical space where to establish the bookstore, the space should be sufficient given the number of books that you want to have in supply, if you do not want to mount the bookstore in a physical space establish a space on the web, a page organized with all the elements corresponding to the business, so that you can supply and sell ebooks or physical books by sending to destination.

Have enough books that cover enough fields of technical knowledge so that most of the knowledge needs that the user brings with him can be satisfied.

To have the corresponding permissions to be able to work quietly, so that you must study the location and the law that governs it in terms of business registration.

To acquire shelves and support tools for reading and carrying out tasks so that the user can freely carry out his knowledge tasks in the reading room.

start a technical bookstore business 

Advantages of having a technical library

The constant need for knowledge, especially for the student population, has become a primary need in the academic environment, which makes this business particularly lucrative, generation after generation of students will need technical knowledge in a way of doing or trade.

In addition, if you are looking to buy the book instead of renting it, or if the business is only focused on selling technical books, then each generation will sell the volume required by the educational institution.

It is a business that does not depend on the annual season, in any at the moment there are visitors to the technical bookstore, since in addition to the student population there is the professional population that seeks to further increase their knowledge and studies. It should be noted that the class season is the best in the bookstore, however, this does not affect it to be an always lucrative business.

In addition, it is a business that requires updating of equipment and tools such as new books, besides its durability is extremely wide, covering up to 100 years depending on the usefulness of information and policy on the treatment of books.

Success stories

An important case in this field is the Picasso bookstore, with branches in Almeria and Granada, is a bookstore that is dedicated to the sale of all kinds of books, have a web space where to sell and send to the destination, covering modern methods of profit and consumer service.

In addition, they have an e-book department, a model of electronic book that they assure is the future of information, by its main characteristic of benefit to the environment by means of the saving of office material like paper and ink.

In total they have 5 branches throughout Spain, proving to be a successful and persevering bookstore, demonstrating that the technical bookstore business is one hundred percent profitable in the labor competition that exists in civilized society.