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Knitting Shop – Starting Reasons, Features and Tips

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How to Open a Knitting Shop – Wool and Yarn Clothing

If you are looking for a business related to clothing, we present you this simple and unique project: Open a Knitting Shop, an original business, which will allow you to make a difference in casual clothing, but elegant. Knitwear designs are usually fresh and young, but that does not mean that they do not have a strong personality in those who decide to wear them. In this article, you will have the opportunity to learn everything you need to open a knitwear store.

Of art you can have your business

Reasons to Open a Knitting Shop

Garments made of yarn or wool usually make a notorious difference with those that, no matter how attractive they are, do not cease to belong to a group of garments that always offer us more of the same. The person who wants to stand out from the rest will decide to wear clothes that make them stand out, whether in elegance, sensuality or originality.

Another reason to open a Knitted Fabric Shop is that there are two ways of doing this business. The first one is that you can set up a workshop and produce your own garments, which will make the costs and, consequently, the final product much cheaper. However, if you opt for the second option, that of having several independent workshops and weavers bring you the merchandise so that you can sell it, it will be much cheaper and you will be able to invest the money in infrastructure to grow more as a company.

How to Open a Knitting Shop

Market Research on Opening a Knitting Shop

The market research in this case will focus on achieving what every clothing store aspires to do: make a difference. However, there is a difference, which can be subtle, between making a difference and going totally out of context in the parameters of fashion. To avoid this last mistake, we should do a thorough market research, in which we will gather information about the latest fashion trends, which are not always presented in knitwear, since these do not represent the creations of the great couturiers. However, before opening a knitwear store, it will be enough to get hold of the latest trends in general, which you can then transfer and adapt to knitwear.

What the market research should aim at is design. For example, if there is a marked trend in dresses, it would be a brilliant idea to make or order dresses from your suppliers, and so on with the rest of the garments. Another fundamental point will be the color and the combination and, at the same time, the combination between them.

This analysis will give you the tools to make a difference, which you can achieve by adding your own imprint to the design and thus creating a unique and unrepeatable garment. This will be fundamental in making customers choose you as their reference clothing house.

Requirements to start at Tienda de Tejidos de Punto

The person who is thinking of setting up a knitting business must be very skilled at knitting or getting people to knit. This business can be started at a relatively low cost, and the satisfaction is very high.

In addition, if the entrepreneur or investor has a residence in a cold climate place, there is a fixed demand for personalized objects that warm the body and remove the cold, such as scarves, hats, sweaters, vests, gloves, among others.

Another important requirement is to create unique woven objects such as sweaters, scarves and gloves for men, women and children. Also, the designs can be sold online, and in local clothing and craft stores.

Check with city administrators to determine if the house is zoned for commercial use. This is crucial if you are going to have a steady flow of customers and students coming into the home. If you are going to be conducting workshops or conducting workshops in the home, also make sure that the insurance policy covers you in case of an accident.

Tips for starting at the Knitting Shop

If the investor is the seller, it is advisable to wear the sweaters and scarves when going out in public. When someone compliments you on the quality and design, don’t be shy and take out a business card. That is why you should take business cards everywhere, because you never know when the opportunity to talk about the business arises.

It is also advisable to offer discount incentives to new clients and to those who refer friends and colleagues.

Advantages of having a Knitting Shop

This business has the advantage of considering other options such as running weaving workshops. You can also open a shop that sells an extensive inventory of wools, needles, looms and pattern books, and serves people with a wide range of products who love to knit.

Another advantage is the possibility of a joint venture in which weaving friends join forces under the auspices of a charity organization to create woven clothing and accessories for families, children, adults and low-income hospital patients. Opening events in which these creations can be auctioned off to raise funds.

Market Research on Opening a Knitting Shop

Problems that can occur in a Knitting Shop

One of the problems that can occur is wanting to take on more than you can do and achieve at the beginning, if you are working on your own.

For example, one of the specialties is festive sweaters for the Christmas holidays, which represents a sufficient time schedule to finish all the orders before December. A special of orders placed until the first week of September, will allow you to make yourself known comfortably.


Success stories 

Ranking, is one of the successful companies in knitting, with extensive experience and prestige, and a large portfolio of customers that allow sustainability over time.

Another successful company in knitted fabrics is Antek, special fabrics for limited companies. This company has been known for years for the quality and innovative design of its fabrics, which are very well known at a national level in Spain.