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Business of artistic workshops for children – Initiation, activities and promotion

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Ideas with children’s activities

At different times of the year parents and even children themselves are interested in developing other activities besides school, in which they can take advantage of their free time doing an activity that is to their liking, so artistic spaces become one of the best options for this.

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If you like to share with children, with this type of business you will find a profitable idea that you can develop to grow. You can easily choose if you are the one who initially offers it or if you prefer to hire people who have the knowledge in the artistic area to give the workshops to children, this depends on what you want.

In addition to being a business that can be started with little investment initially, the mode of operation can also be chosen, as well as the scope and so on. If you want to know more about this business, read on.

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Business: Artistic workshops for children

Business activity

Among the artistic workshops that children enjoy and carry out the most are: music, dance, theatre and painting with drawing. As we mentioned, you can give the workshops or you can hire staff, depending on your preference and conditions. Offering to give the courses implies that you have knowledge in any of the mentioned areas, as well as that the people you hire also have it.

Study the market and the needs

Determine the area in which you plan to offer the workshops, evaluate the presence of schools and kindergartens where you could find parents and children interested in accessing the artistic workshops and in this same measure, the themes that most attract their attention to evaluate the possibility of starting with this branch.

Organization and workshops

Organize the types of workshops you will offer initially, for example, if you are going to start with the painting or plastic arts workshop, or if you are going to start with the dance or theater workshop, in either case. Also, you will need to determine or at least have an idea of the ages of the children you will be focusing on, and then establish schedules after the school day or on Saturdays off for them to attend the workshops.

Location and venue of the business

One of the main advantages of this type of workshop is that it is not obligatory to have a space to offer classes, since in many cases the workshop leaders have the possibility of using public spaces, as well as communal rooms in residential complexes whose administrators propose the spaces for the children, schools, gardens, among others, so the possibilities are many according to your interests.

Materials that may be needed

According to the workshops you will start with, you will need some or other materials for the activities. For example, for the dance class: you will need to have a sound device, an enclosed space, in the painting and drawing classes, writing supplies and material that you can use for that, in the theatre workshops it may be just a space where you can run and move freely, etc.

Analyze the needs and activities to be carried out
Staff and workshop

If you plan to have a rented or own space to offer the art workshops, it will be necessary to have staff in charge of the reception of the place, as well as the cleaning and maintenance of the place. On the other hand, whether it is in a public space or in an area you have available, you will need to extend the offer of the workshops, that is to say, you will need to have workshop staff who offer any kind of artistic workshop for other interests of the parents and children.

Materials that may be needed

Promoting the art workshop business

In addition to having a website and profiles on social networks where you can get in touch with people in the community and institutions and residential areas, we recommend having business cards that you can give to group administrators, agencies or entertainment companies, among other spaces that could hire you, as well as parents, etc.

Problems that may arise: In many occasions, this type of business can be subject especially to the times of the year, for example the season of vacations becomes one of the best seasons, nevertheless, this does not mean that the rest of the year we do not have option, but that could be seen in smaller amount, reason why we will have to increase our efforts to attract the attention in other times of the year, proposing flexibility of schedules.

Final recommendation: It is important that you have ample flexibility in terms of operation, being able to offer workshops in different parts of the city as required and according to the availability of personnel. In the same way, it is very necessary to have the operation permits and ensure that the personnel you hire

has the skills and knowledge to work with children.

In this type of business, gaining the trust of the parents is one of the key points in order to grow and obtain better results. Therefore, what you can do is allow the parents to enter and accompany them, when they wish, to the classes and workshops that you offer, in this way they can make sure that your business works correctly and that the children do not run risks.