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Business of products for urban tribes – Opening, costs and problems

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Products for urban tribes

It is human nature to want to belong, and it means that tribal instincts naturally gravitate to the safety of like-minded people. Identification with a style, attitude or behavior helps define people and make decisions about how to live. This can make a part of a movement, for example, a lover of a specific music or a niche minority group fond of certain games or a certain fashion.

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Everyone has a unique profile of attitudes and behaviours. Dominants line up their particular tribes to make themselves feel accepted and empowered by the group. Therefore, each tribe has a trend in music, games, fashion, which becomes a potential profitable business.

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The digital platforms, conversations and social movements, are aware of the various tribes and their sense of being free to express their truths and beliefs. This creates a need for companies to understand and empathize with these value systems, not only because members are potential customers, but because they can be part of the current or future workforce.

Types of products that can be offered

There are a variety of profitable businesses with the new urban tribes that can be undertaken such as

Video cards and consoles

The fastest video card capable of running a game with all the graphics bells and whistles on is a big draw for the gamer segment and companies like ATI are aggressively marketing them with cybercafés, showcasing technology in meeting places for highly competitive games.  Another area of interest is console games.

Even traditional activities such as watching movies have changed from being a family activity to a group activity, the emphasis is more on couples. PVR Movie has been making interesting changes in its Marketing Mix to match the changing trends in behavior. The most important thing about these stores is to get suppliers to place the product quickly because the young people’s love of videos and consoles does not wait.

Products for urban tribes

Clothing and accessories shops

Urban clothing and accessories are a rage among young people. From hip-hop stars to rebellious teenagers, urban clothing is always in demand. From an urban tribal clothing and accessory store you could put yourself on the road to community popularity as well as have great financial success.

You can start by looking for independent labels in your area. Independent labels will not only be less expensive to carry (which increases your profit margin), they also allow you the opportunity to be the founder of the next big store. Even if there are no independent designers or suppliers in your area, you can find some on the Internet. When buying in bulk, be sure to negotiate additional discounts for your purchase.

Hair Products

A profitable business based on the new tribes is hair gels because the tribes emphasize their personality and differentiate themselves by their hairstyles. Therefore, it is a business opportunity. Urban tribes’ hair gel corrects and adds shine at the same time. It can be used as a styling gel or as a finishing touch. This product directs shapes or defines and gives a flexible hold. So there are suppliers with whom you can guarantee the timely supply of this product so sought after by the urban tribes.

Location of the Urban Tribes Product Store

Find a location for your urban tribe store. You can look for a place to rent in a mall in order to take advantage of established customers, or you can try to find a separate location. Determine how much space you need by writing down what you will take.

Urban clothing, accessories, and hair products are mostly stored in groups, i.e. pants, shirts and accessories, hats, belts, and shoes. Be sure to add extra space for stock storage. You should also check the zoning code information to ensure compliance with business standards and location requirements.

Subscribe to magazines that have product ads for urban tribes and photo extensions. This will help you stay ahead of the curve and keep your store in the styles everyone is looking for.

Costs of opening an urban tribe product store

Depending on the type of business, whether it is video games or consoles, clothing and accessories, or hair items, you should estimate the investment costs of the items you will be selling, the location and premises, the relevant permits, the costs of services, the staff employed, among others.

Problems that may arise when starting this type of business

One problem that may be worth considering is product copying and piracy.  This aspect is difficult to combat but can be partially solved by seeking a guarantee of originality from the distribution companies, with a certificate of authenticity.

Recommendations to succeed in this business

The trade in products for urban tribes is very diverse and extensive. In its 1998 annual report, True North Corporation, a consortium of media companies, identified ten youth groups in major U.S. cities and conducted a study of their lifestyles, such as schedules and activities, consumer habits, purchasing power, preferences in music, food, clothing, entertainment and brands with which they differentiate themselves.

With this study they are catalogued with specific names such as: hip-hopers, metalheads, urban cowboys, environmentalists, anarcho-punks, ravers, rastas, grungeros, obscurias and skaters, all observed and analysed in the high offices where the fashion trends and accessories necessary to sell lifestyles are produced.