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Designing clothes line with classic painters’ designs – Aspects and ideas

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Start to Design and launch clothing line with designs by classic painters 

Clothing and art are intrinsically related in terms of cut design and printed designs on fabrics. The purpose of this article is to encourage you to design and launch clothing lines with designs by famous painters. The procedure would consist of first designing clothes and, using silkscreen printing techniques and your good taste, printing designs of famous painters on your exclusive and glamorous clothes.

First of all, you need to acquire a physical space to have the factory where the flannels will be printed. If you do not want to print flannels, you can look for a printer and distributor, making an agreement with them about the elaboration and delivery of the product.

If you don’t have your own premises to start with, you can start from home with a few pieces of equipment and the Internet tool to encourage sales to the wholesale and retail markets.

If you acquire the physical platform, you must acquire equipment such as sublimation machines and other tools that frame this type of business. Look for a good and accessible supplier of T-shirts or clothing that will be used with the theme of classic art.

Look for customers who are interested in acquiring the product wholesale or in its defect to sell them retail in your establishment, so that you can gradually build a brand that is recognized and increases the possibility of acquiring good contracts on the product or good sales to the general public.

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Aspects to take into account when launching a clothing line with designs by famous painters

In order to launch a clothing line with designs by famous painters, you will need to have the tools to be able to design clothes, that is, to know the body measurements and the relationships between them. You can learn it in a specialized institute or, be self-taught and launch on your own.

Once you have designed the clothes, you will make them in smooth fabrics, without designs. Finally, you will print the designs you choose on the whole garment or on parts of it.

Before starting, you will have to register your idea and acquire the copyright. You will name the clothing line, thus ensuring that you have the legal backing for any attempted theft of ideas. While you won’t be able to prevent other designers from using the technique of printing pictures of famous painters on their garments, yours will be a registered trademark that offers the quality you expect.

Start to Design and launch clothing

Once the legal issues have been resolved, it will be time to contact a silkscreen printing workshop to order all your work or set up your own workshop, either at home or in a place that is exclusively a workshop. If you choose the latter option, you can learn the techniques to carry out the printing either in a workshop or look for online tutorials.

Regarding the physical location, you will also have certain options. The first option is to open a place where you can sell all your garments, in which case your costs will be high (rent, electricity, water, taxes, etc.), but you will have the advantage of being in sight of whoever passes through the door of your store. Another option is to sell at street fairs. In fact, many big brands started out by going to the fairs. The advantage is that you will significantly reduce costs. A different alternative is to sell in your house, in which case you can set up a space with one or two racks and sell among your acquaintances. Finally, there is the modality of selling online through sites such as Mercado Libre or Guru.

However you choose to do it, launching a clothing line with designs by famous painters is a profitable and fun business, which has a lot of edges to exploit, using all your imagination and creativity.

Some ideas for launching a clothing line with designs by famous painters

Launching a clothing line with designs by famous painters is not something to be taken lightly and that “whatever comes out”. Not at all. You must first make the sketches and see how the drawing you have chosen looks on that type of garment; not all designs are for all garments. Here are some harmonious ideas:

Basic long sleeveless dress in cotton with Picasso’s design.
Basic long-sleeved blouse with Dali design.
Basic long skirt with Renoir design.

Note: it is not a coincidence that the suggested garments are basic, since the painter’s design will give you such strength and personality that you will not want to have frills or other distractions.

Advantages of assembling clothing line with designs of famous painters

Classical art has great enthusiasm and attraction for the public since it represents world heritage, in addition the designs always have unique character given the techniques used to illustrate that used by classical artists, which makes this line a good idea of market.

The business clothing is very broad in modern society, given the vital need to wear clothes and update them regularly, the business of clothing with classic artist designs can be a very tempting product for the common consumer.

Success stories of clothing lines with designs of famous painters

The company Pintoreska, founded in 2013 is a success story in this business, establishing their custom shop, focusing mostly on internet sales, so they have achieved success very quickly due to the high demand for designs created by classic artists from multiple eras.

In addition, pintoreska comments and informs about the history of their designs and the creative artists, promoting general culture, history and interest in the general knowledge of ancient societies, mixing information, art and culture with an excellent market strategy based on the impact these artists produce with their works.

Tips for starting a clothing line with designs by famous painters

First of all, starting small, it is always good to begin with a project that can be easily controlled, so that the movement of the business is well understood, allowing to consider effective strategies for the future of the business.

It is necessary to acquire good quality, resistant and durable material, since the quality of the product will be directly reflected in the sales and the satisfaction of the consumer, so that, if the client considers that the clothes of the store are of bad quality, this can bring bad reputation to the product diminishing its desirability.

problems that can occur in the business process

Depending on the location this type of business contains a lot of competition even if you offer an exclusive design, so you must choose a good space and customers to which to send the product.

This business can present distribution problems if you do not get a good company with which to make the supplier contract, depending on the business model you want to mount or the extent of its success.