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The most profitable franchises in Canada at this time

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Canada’s franchises have become interesting business options for entrepreneurs.

In general, franchises in canada are profitable, safe and successful in the market, giving investors the opportunity to open a  business of its own.

However, it is important to remember that the information about this business is very important  before signing with a franchise. Advice by experts should be requested in order to get help in the selection of  the best franchise business more suitable to the investor profile.

Therefore, if a franchisor is considering extending its business model in this territory there are many factors to be taken into account to achieve success, such as legal issues, cultural challenges, antitrust laws or intellectual property protection, among others.

In the content below there are several franchises of Canada that could be of interest to entrepreneurs.

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit

The first restaurant of this brand was open in 1941, growing into the most famous barbecue chain of world. Due to the original recipes of slow-smoked overnight, Texas-style meats, in different savory sides and with authentic flavor.

The brand is well known by the authentic Texas-style barbecue giving clients the sensation of being at home. In locations that guests con experience the feeling like they are dining with the family, for the kitchen is an open concept space where all the preparation and smoke of the meat can be seen by diners.

The franchisees of Dickey’s Barbecue Pit get a successful business model, with a low start-up costs, obtaining revenues in short time, ensuring the support of an expert home office  team.

The owners become fully prepared to open their own location with the training of  how to smoke a brisket, create the best Pit Crew with a three-week course, Barbecue University. So, the franchise can be obtained with a minimum investment of $260,000, with financial support through a third party and the training included.


This company is specialist in the refinishing of wood floors, cabinets, furniture, and other wood surfaces, with a very beautiful and quality restoring at a low cost and without dust, mess or odor.

The brand will give franchisees the advantages of low initial investment, an emerging market space, low fixed costs, own leading sources, protected and patented technology, strong methods, world support,  a diverse network and expert team. The business can be open with an investment of $50,000, with financing assistance and training provided.

Jon Smith Subs

The brand was created in 1988, and has to do with fast food subs, which are served right from the grill, very well stuff and piled of fresh and high quality ingredients, offering a wide choice of presentations.

The corporation offer the franchisees the possibility of opening a sandwich shop, to provide a take away sandwiches and subs with original recipes of the grill, a wide menu options, including piping hot fries.

Thus, the investor will get several advantages such as original and brand fast-casual dining business, menu items that won’t be found elsewhere, at high quality  taste.

Also will get a reputable, established brand with the attractive and delicious fast food presentations in sandwiches and subs. The investment is fixed in a $200,000 with financing assistance through a third party and a SBA approved. This business is one of the most profitable if you talk about franchises in Canada

Expense Reduction Analysts

This company was created with the purpose of helping  organizations across the country to save money and get extra profit by reducing everyday expenses. The franchisee becomes a consultant working with the ERA network, to gain introduced accounts and hand over important savings to a diverse client base.

Also the investor can build his or her own practice with the ERA network to have expertise as a cost management consultant, increasing potential incomes, giving value and helping clients to save money. The investment is up to 100,000$ with training and home-based.

Transworld Business Advisors

This corporation has a wide experience in the brokerage and franchise dealing, assisting and advising investors in the selling and buying business, providing training and support to people with very little experience in the field.

Being a leader in commercial brokerage business, with a high rank on the entrepreneur field, the brand gives franchisees an opportunity to get into the business with very high profit potential, facilitating the whole process.  

The investor becomes a business advisor providing direction and instructions for solutions to clients who want to grow, purchase, or sell in the dealing field.

The company offers the three profit centers that have been successfully running all these 30 years, which includes: Franchise Consulting,  teaching and training in the franchise business.

The investor also learned the franchise development, to help people with a business to turn it into a franchise. Business Brokerage, giving training in the whole process of business corretaje, to buy and sell investment products like stocks and bonds. .

The partnership could be bought with a minimum investment of $130,000, obtaining financing assistance through a third party and including the whole training program.  

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Parks Camp-Resorts

This corporation offer campgrounds to provide families  with great vacations, been a high standard and a trustable brand, among the most competitive and successful in the industry of leisure time and recreational field.

The company is associated with REIT’s, which are campground owners, and prospective franchisees in charged of building, improving, or buying existing campgrounds, turning the space into a recreational experience and not just a place to sleep.

The parks are design solely for family recreation, being in business for nearly 50 years, based on the Jellystone Park of Yogi the bear trademarks, which is a very important niche in the recreational camping business. The minimum investment of the franchise is $400,000, obtaining financing assistance through a third party and getting the whole training program. This franchise is part of the most successful franchises in Canada.

My Business Venture

This corporation train entrepreneurs to start their own online business from home, promoting an important number of top selling products and marks with high profits on sales.

The franchisee will have its own selling internet store, running it from home, with a promotion of products like electronics, toys and games, bath and beauty products, home and office products, gifts, jewelry, perfumes and colognes, holiday and seasonal themed items, indoor and outdoor decor, and many others.

Once the product is ordered through web site, all shipping is free of charge, giving the franchisee the opportunity to start a business with a very low investment.  For the investor makes ownership of a web store in a very easy, and affordable manner.

The company is specialized in implementing a diverse set of processes such as: powerful websites, shopping carts, credit card operation, secure payment entrance, marketing online campaigns, custom logos, and social media programs.

Therefore, entrepreneurs can operate a successful business  in the internet, from home and with mail orders. Thus, making  a very low investment of $3,995, including the training program. The franchises in Canada are a great opportunity to have a profitable business over the years.