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The 15 most profitable franchises in India

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List of the most successful franchises in India

In India the market of franchise is getting to be clear for the economy on the sector reaches 4% of the gross domestic product of the country

How ever, brands such as McDonalds, Benetton, Pizza Hut, among others, attract attention in an Indian market in which the customer is increasingly demanding. But the attention of the  inhabitants not only focuses on brands that come from outside.

Indian clothing brands such as Park Avenue, Color Plus, Provogue, food chains such as Nirulas and Sagar Ratna, Liberty and Woodland Shoes, among many others, are the center of interest, which shows that the franchise market also involves this country in a source of consumption of products and services that is very interesting.

These franchises show below are some of the key ones that point to the remarkable growth of franchise networks in recent years. The franchises in India are a great opportunity to have a profitable business over the years.

Eduisfun Franchise

This corporation provides a platform for an enhanced gaming learning experience. Thus, offering to franchisees to become one of the world’s top educational entrepreneurs.

Eduisfun offers the investor a high-quality content of classes CBSE/ICSE/SSC and olympiad in the form of game learning record,  with edugames designed as a quest full of mysteries, challenges, coins and rewards.

Also with the investment, the franchisee obtains chapters combined with games tech-savvy generation, to make learning more fun according to the curriculum of respective school boards. Equally, gets an adaptive programme that allows students to master one concept each time to get full potential.

Another advantages of the share are the revision notes, and textbook solutions. A question bank/multiple choice exams, mentorship/homework help, along with the

multiplayer games for olympiad preparation in addition to the video lessons. The minimum of invest runs in some five hundred thousand rupees (7,000 dollars), with finance assistance and a provided training. This business is one of the most profitable if you talk about franchises in india.


British Energy Saving Technology (BEST)

This company is considered a world´s cleaning technology business opportunity. Looking for distribution partners, to help the expansion of the market share in the profitable field of energy efficiency.

With the join to BEST, the entrepreneur can enter the market of products that are valued as a proven energy efficiency. Including the forerunner energy management system ‘Eniscope’, operating at the moment on several countries around the world with transnational companies like IBM, 7-Eleven, Walmart and Jaguar Land Rover.

The franchisee obtain as well, a portfolio of energy reduction technologies components for air conditioning, refrigeration, lighting and motor control. The minimal investment starts in $32,000 with a provided training program. 


Another of the franchises in India is InXpress, the franchise has its origin in the world’s largest business of transportation industry.

Considered a proven global one, having many reasons to enter the dealing due to the fact of counting on the proven expertise with the transport industry, along with a record and a business model that have been globally proven.

Offering to the franchisee a support establishment, market-leading and an  expandable business. The investment is fixed in some seis hundred thousand Rupees (8,000 dollars), with a provided training included.

Laziz Pizza

This is a brand of an Indian pizza that belongs to Laziz Food and Beverages, having several stores across the country, with the purpose of expanding to more than a thousand outlets in the region and to another parts of the world.

The brand offers not only a tasty variety of pizza with vegetables and non-veg ones. But also have other food recipes like pasta, tortilla wraps, fried chicken, garlic bread, burgers, grills, sandwiches and so on, under spaces very well decorated and with attractive surroundings.

The franchise has two business models for the investor to select which are the Economic small walk-in premises that offers mainly takeaway and home delivery services.

The second is the elite one, which is bigger with the ability to host  parties and provide takeaway and home delivery services. Also the investor receives support and advice from a team as well as training on standards of operative procedures. The amount fix for this franchise is of approximately seven hundred thousand Rupees (10,000$), including the training program.  

Delhi Paramedical & Management Institute

This franchise offer investors the opportunity of entering the business of institutions that provide paramedical education with a proven success. The centers are equipped with the most modern installations, last generation equipment, modern labs and advance curriculum to train students who will assist patients as paramedics.

Being an institution of paramedical science, the emphasis on aspects related to quality education has a priority, not only with modern infrastructure but also with a very skilled evaluation system based on exam patterns supported by updated study materials, so the evaluation performance could be up to day.

The company has 20 years of steady growing establishing centres in all states of the country.  As franchises DPMI branches, has a focused and supportive team to help the investor with all the requirements to open up successfully, the paramedical centre.  

Investors receive the right training, tools and assistance, with extreme measures to ensure a productive association with DPMI. So, they get large back up on training,

recruitment, curriculum design, routinary  operations, marketing and promotion, continuous product development. The investment is fixed in approximately a  million Rupees (20,000 dollars), with a provided training included.

Cafe Desire Franchise

The franchise is based on the installation of tea and coffee vending machines in offices, shops, malls, schools among other places. For all of these beverage mixes are demanded everywhere. This is another of the franchises in India.

This company has a reputation of being one of the fastest growing vending brands in the country, known by the high quality and diversity of products, certified by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), gaining trust among customers in the whole nation.

As a franchisee a great support is offer from the begining with a team  growth-oriented to expand market penetration and achieve a regular stream of profits for this newly appointed investors. The financing of business is fixed in 200,000 Rupees (3000$) with the training.


This company offers an educational platform that has been included into the public school system with the 10% of scholars learning computer science using the brand method.

Thus, the corporation has a very specific program with a very interactive exercises, so children can learn in a very easy and recreative way the lesson programed using particular methodological instructions to teacher in each one of them.

The franchisee must comply a profile to be a partner and investor. Should be devoted fully to the development of the business, must be willing to teach the programming to as many kids as possible.

Expanding the program to a number of locations, compromised with the education business looking for a difference in quality work. The franchise possibility gives the investor the entire privilege to operate in a place with a total financing of  ₹3,500,000 (50.000$).

Tenacious Techies

Another of the franchises in India is Tenacious Techies, This franchise is considered the fastest growing mobile app that include other web solutions. The franchisee obtains diverse advantages such as a full training and support, marketing and sales material, free access to previous and new online courses.

Having the opportunity to sell innovative websites and apps across the world, working part time or full time.

The investors will encourage and promote services including Taskers, B2B Portal, Sales CRM, event and movie ticketing, digital marketing, web design, SEO strategy, and innovative mobile applications that have been developed by the Tenacious Techies Research and Development Team. Opening a proper online business which costs  only a ₹90,000 and GST (1500$).

Barista Coffee

The brand started in the 2000 when the  culture of coffee was considered a luxury in India, starting to develop the idea of offering an international experience of a genuine elaborated cup of coffee. Presenting through Barista  an opportunity to introduce the Indian coffee culture and craft. Creating a coffee relationships with customers across India.

Barista coffee spaces not only offer delicious Italian-style coffee but also other products such as evian water, energy drinks, chips, flavored waters, in a luxuriously decorated environments with avant-garde designs.

The franchise of Barista coffee is an attractive opportunity of doing business, by being a partner with an exciting chain of craft coffee that have grown along with the coffee community across the country. So, the investor can discover the develop coffee culture and cultivate a strong relationships, reinforced by customer loyalty for India’s first coffee and its long established identity of offering constant quality and service.

The franchisee can obtain great access to an incredible coffee, an opportunity to be an expert in this world favorite brand, knowing  like-minded people that sponsored good coffee, having a memorable and exciting experience in this business. The investment runs in about 21000$ including the training program.

United Pop

Another of the franchises in India is United Pop, This brand is related with music studios, music education and academies, offering entrepreneurs worldwide the opportunity of establishing themselves in the music and media education industry.

The company offers an important way of doing business in the music field, offering facilities to open music schools and academies creating intelligent professionals.

Also, with the franchise, the investor can offer diploma courses, like production, audio design, media management, giving skills to continue education into a more complex learning and experience, lets say a bachelor degree in agreement with the university of London.

Another advantage is the support obtained of the knowledge and experience for over 30 years of the company, getting the business and teaching  model that have been proved all this time, all over the world. The minimum cash required for the investment is €30,000 ($33,600) with the training program included.

Mujosh Franchise

This company is specialized in the optical eye wearing glasses, with expansion in the country in various cities. It is a very advance fashion eyewear brand from Hong Kong with the presence of diverse stores globally.

The franchisee will get with the investment, several advantages such as: Detailed operating manuals, training in the company locations, field assistance, expert guidance from head office for the opening of the franchise, the current IT system.

Also will receive exclusive territorial rights, return on investment as a whole, with a possible payback period of the investment in 3 years. Thus, the franchise/brand fee is fixed on  INR 750000 (12500$).

DPS Junior

Another of the franchises in India is DPS Junior, The company is related to preschool education and its interest is not only the profit but the commitment to education of future generations. So, the business is established with the purpose of nurturing young minds in environments adapted to the most advanced technologies and programs to develop skills and knowledge.

Kids will have spaces full of happiness and recreational learning, making them feel at home meanwhile obtain the learning and proficiency with innovative teaching aid. Helping children to enjoy and love the learning process approaching themselves to the positive outlook of life.  

The business is based on the integral network to bring about positive change in society through education as an investment for the future, shaping the new society with high standards that will get the country into the develop world. The investment needed for the franchise/brand starts in INR 1000000 (17000$) with a royalty commision of 10%.  


This company is known as an international chain that enhance coffee shops that are specialize in hand crafted coffee, including a different concept of cold beverage carved in the Indian market, with a high quality food served in a very modern designed spaces. 

The franchisees will obtain with the investment, the formats of the several options of coffee presentations, which are ideally suited to seek global lifestyle coffee brand. The coffee brand have been perfected with the art of great coffee offering the freshly brewed barista coffee, to get into the market trends on the acomplished goal of being always step ahead.

Along with the coffee presentations the branches offer snacks, sweet treats and sandwiches designed to perfectly complement extensive tea and coffee menu so that clients get all the choices looked for. From a quick cappuccino before a trip or a relax, refresh and rejuvenate meals, for all preferences  are covered. Inspired by

the cosmopolitan and multicultural European café culture. Therefore, the investment on the franchise average  21000$ including the training program, however it is better to obtain more information about the exact amount with the company advisor. This franchise is part of the most successful franchises in India.

Kathi Junction Foods Pvt. Ltd

The company is a chain of fast food service, with great acceptance  among indian people, serving scrumptious Veg/Non-Veg, blended in traditional Mughlai/Punjabi spiced wrapped in a variety of breads presentations with sauces in a modern change,  adding trend ingredients to produce derivatives.

The business opportunity in the Indian fast food brand is considered of high perspective, and the company wants to expand in a significant way offering franchisee the choice of join in with a very high chance of a profit in short time, serving authentic and innovative recipes of fast food adapted to indian culture and style.

The franchisee could select between the three model choices, the model A, of food court express, with the investment of 6 to 7 Lacs, ($102,000)offering a  25 diverse Kathi rolls, kabab’s, shawarma and beverages, in a 100 sq. ft. with the kitchen and counter of 100 sq. ft. incorporating a stores, and a royalty of 4%.

The Model B, es the dining restaurant with an investment of 8 to 10 Lacs ($136,000). With this model investor could offer a 25 different Kathi rolls, kabab’s, grilled chicken, shawarma and drinks, at a 100 sq. ft. kitchen and counter, the store  and the dinning space of 100 to 400 sq., with a royalty of 4%.

The model C, hast an investment  of 15-18 Lacs, ($255,000), offerting the above menu, and the additional one of Biryani, Mughlai Cuisine, Main Course, and drinkables, in an area of 300- sq. ft. also with the same dimention  kitchen and counter with the store and the dinning, having a royalty of 4%. This business is one of the most profitable if you talk about franchises in india.

Kenny Rogers Roasters

These are a chain of restaurants brought to India from the  Coral Spring, Florida, been in business since 1991. Over this time the brand continuously have emphasize the serving of fresh made products with its main rotisserie roasted chicken own recipe, in a family and individuals meal presentations.  

The expansion of the company has reached various countries including India, associated with the singer Kenny Rogers in a home-style family encounters dinning spaces.

By the year 2008, the chain entered the Indian market by Berjaya Corp Bhd (BCorp) wholly owned as an Asia Pacific and master franchise. It has several branches, all over the country.

The franchisee gets as a compensation a detailed operating manuals for franchisees,  field assistance available, expert guidance from head office for the opening of the restaurant, getting also the Current IT systems.

The franchise term lasts 5 years and could be renewed. The investment range on INR 2 Cr to 5 Cr, ($34,000) and a the dimensions of the space should be between 1200 to 2000 Sq.ft.