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Franchises of Malaysia

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Malaysia is a good place to have a Franchise

Kuala Lumpur is the city where the greatest expansion in the area of ​​franchises is located and includes entry into carefully selected locations.

The best selected areas for the business of the franchises are in Sungai Besi, one of the main arteries that connects the outskirts with Kuala Lumpur. It is an important residential area, with which franchises like Pressto will obtain great brand recognition from the population. Since establishments like this offer a diversity of solutions and needs demanded by this culture.

Following is a list of franchises that could be of interest to investors in this country.

Eye Level Education Franchise

This corporation is considered a worlds largest additional education contributor which have awards on the innovative, advance and effective teaching methods which allow students from ages of 4 to 15 the possibility of enhancing their potential and being successful in the academic subjects.

The franchisee obtained an oriented advise to enter in the business of Eye Level, on the whole system of self-directed, critical thinking and blended learning programs implemented in specially conditioned spaces for this system, using individualized coaching,  studying children abilities previously.

At Eye Level,  the importance of individualized progress determination is the goal of the brand. Thus, have an extensively trained and certified professional program for instructors to design lesson plans based on each student’s progression and understanding of the materials, in subject so important like Math, English, Happy Talk, Play Math, and Chinese Junior.

The minimum investment is of 88,000 Ringgit Malaysia (21,600$) including the training program.

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit Master Franchise

This brand is a largest barbecue chain opened and growing since 1941, offering seven slow-smoked, Texas-style meats and a variety of spicy sides, all prepared and  served with a touch of southern hospitality.

Franchisee have the possibility of entering a business already qualified and proven, of excellent service and high acceptance among customers. The concept of kitchen is open to guests who can participate and assist with the preparation of the recipe of slow-smoked meat and sides. Being greeted and welcome, having conversation meanwhile the Pit Boss craft and make the special food.

This successful business model could be obtained with the fully support and preparation from the company to open the location, getting all the training on how to get the smoke procedure, and make the best Pit Crew.

The investment on the franchise is estimated in RM1,668,790 (417,000$), and could get financing from a third party, including the training program.


It is a unique IT platform of learning programming through algorithms, incorporated  into the public schools system of Azerbaijan in many education centres of the country in which  kids are learning computer science with this methodology.

Programming should start in a childhood so children will get important skills at a very early age to develop potential knowledge and intelligence,  in interactive classes with interchanged assignments, that contain methodological instructions to teacher in each lesson.

When signing the contract the franchisee will get the whole support to open the location, which could take three or four months, with two models of partnership such as: Local franchise, to operate in a single city from RM200,000 to  RM600,000 (50,000 to 150,000$), and the master franchise to work within the country, with the authorization of selling sub-franchises, at RM600,000 to RM1,200,000 (150,000 to 300,000$).

Ice Cream Lab

This brand is a very advance and innovative concept of ice cream that first initiated in California, USA, that was taken overseas in the 2016, expanded in several markets,

The technology used to make the ice cream is based around the molecular gastronomy freezing using liquid nitrogen for instantly freeze diverse natural ingredients into ice cream. Thus, the ice cream is make fresh as the customer desires, getting within minutes a tasty and brand new  ice cream cone of natural liquid base.

The franchisee could enter the business opening from small stand of 100 sq. ft. up to a wider formats of 1000sq. ft, and the right to self-praise more than 15 different flavors done to suit the multiple taste market and having the help of the R&D team to develop even unnumbered recipes and flavors combinations.

The investor package includes, franchise rights, supply chain support, training program, project conducting, and the marketing. The investment starts at RM 569,120 (140,000$),  including training.

Little Sheep Hot Pot

The brand has enhanced the concept of the hot pot that comes from the Chinese culture, in which it is deeply rooted. Bringing friends and family in a natural way to share and enjoy diverse presentations and dishes.

The preparation of the broth base with mutton from inner Mongolian grasslands, has gained a lot of reputation for hot pot without dipping sauce,  in consistency with five flavors and seven magic spices, in perfect combination of a delicious broth with mutton that have changed the pattern of hot pot tradition.

Thus the franchise is available to open multi-units and areas designed in a very lightful and modern way at a minimum investment of RM 4,181,700 (1,030,000$).

Eazi-Apps Franchise

The company offers to potential franchisees the opportunity of making  powerful apps using the ‘drag and drop’ prestigious platform. In a very simply selection of attributes, adding content and updating appearance. Publishing then sophisticated mobile apps to earn a profit constantly.

The investor get the advantages of the last generation technology, training and guidance, in a two days live course, marketing and advice, designing brochures, business cards and advance web advertising, all with the technology that has been developed by a  professional engineering team, that can be used by anyone without skills in the program use. The investment in the franchise goes up to RM 42,620 (10,500$).

International Preschool from IPC in Malaysia

The corporation is established as a preschool education brand that offer to franchisees and entrepreneurs  its curriculum design and benefits to schools already functioning or investors interested on opening a very prestigious preschool from the begining.

The brand have preserved all factors from business planning to the books that can be used incorporating progressive education with global perspectives. Thus, franchisees will obtain a licence to open or use the program in an existing preschool.

Also, will get the curriculum model, teacher training, consultation, administration system, a 3D setting material, plan and business analysis, site choice, staff enrollment assistance, marketing facility, corporate identity, website growth, design solutions, promotion, and several other issues to start up a project preschool, with a investment of RM49,999 (13,000$).

Tapout Fitness Asia Franchise

This very prestigious company of the fitness sector provides a very powerful tools to have a  great success in the Asian market. The tapout business is based on martial arts as a fitness for adults and children in a club system teaching boxing,  kickboxing, boot camp y High Intense Training (HIIT).

With the back up of the Authentic Brands Group (ABG), which is a company of brands, marketing and entertainment development, and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), a provider of wrestling amusement. Having a century experience the growth of health management, physical fitness and martial arts.

The investor get diverse advantages such as: real estate choice, construction advice,

financing relationship and insurance, contact to equip providers, three days training in operative aspects, training in martial arts,  launching program and selling support, marketing among others. With a minimum investment of RM405,000 (99,300$).