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The most profitable franchises in philippines at this time

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The Philippines offers great possibilities to have very profitable franchises

Philippines has a newly industrialized economy, described as among the most promising in the world. However, doing business could become a difficult task without adequate help from local experts. At this time, the franchises in Philippines are a great business to make money.

The Philippines has what it takes to carry out development. The country was included in Goldman Sach’s forthcoming as one of the eleven economies with its peers of Mexico, South Korea and Turkey, due to the great transition during the 21st century, from a mainly agricultural economy to one based on services.

The business of franchises is one in expansion in the country. So below there is a presentation of the most relevant and profitable franchises in this country.

Von Poll Real Estate

It has a distinguished network of agencies at an international level, looking for partners to join the strong brand offer. So, franchisees can learn how can be part of a company with tradition, obtaining the benefit from many years of experience and taking advantage of the real estate market successfully and sustainably.

The company offers to the potential investors a great name, a strong brand, a concept that provide a first class service to customers. Because it takes into account as an essential matter to focus attention in the activity as an agent.

The agency guarantees fast communication routes and efficient company organization, thus creating significant competitive advantages, even in the initial phase. So, franchisee receive as a compensation a training and coaching programs, as well as practical technical training sessions ensuring  that franchisees always have the most current information to react quickly to market changes.

A minimal investment required runs in a 25,000 Euros, with provided financing through third parties. Offering training, and establishment from home. The franchises in the Philippines are a great opportunity to have a profitable business over the years.


This brand installs perfume dispensing machines in different places to help people cool down at any time. The marque was born in 2015 and today remains a pioneer in the sector. In addition, only uses original and good quality perfumes.

The franchisee receives with the investment, an exclusive product in the market, signing a direct contracts with authorized distributors of famous perfumes. Easy to install and maintain machines, that  only need 0.28 m2 to rent.

Franchisees can also control business through a mobile (IOS, Android) or directly on the PC through the web. Additionally will get a durable machines and one year warranty, with the maintenance and subsequent service for life.

Furthermore, investors get a patented and registered product, recovering the investment in 3 months with a 1000% profit margin on a sale. Also, the sell advertising can be done using the 10-inch screen, to generate extra profits. The minimum investment required is of 2,000 Euros, with the offer of training, and the establishment from home.

Depil Concept

The corporation has a an innovative chain of specialized beauty clinics that offers the latest treatments for permanent hair removal and phototherapy at affordable prices, with a guarantee of the accuracy and speed service.

At an international level, the company work through the master franchise, providing the right to create the chain in the origin country with continuous support. Ensuring constant supervision of the operations, continuous training and central organization of the key areas of expansion and support to clinics in marketing, sales and human resources. The initial investment demanded is of € 50,000, including the training program. The franchises in the Philippines are a great opportunity to have a profitable business over the years.

Accelium PRO

This franchise is based on proven scientific methodologies, that have been applied in more than 30 countries and millions of students, with the Accelium model to develop cognitive, social and emotional skills using digital strategy games.

This is a unique training process that combines face-to-face classes, personalized tutorials and the latest in digital learning to develop strategic skills quickly and economically effective.

These innovative digital solutions are overwhelmingly transforming the talent management process, advice and training. Because it is an era in which employee turnover is high, and the company offers the newest methods to identify, develop and retain talent. The investment demanded is of € 20,000, including the training program.

Lidercasa International

The company offers a fully comprehensive property management service, based on promote and manage housing, financial services, comprehensive reforms. With a series of services offered to customers, that allow  to make the best decision.

The corporation real estate franchise transmits to  clients, the security and reliability necessary to ease the decision for choosing a home. Hence, the business is endorsed by the experience united by the commitment.

The franchise works as a real estate company, providing a highly demanded service, in which the seller and buyer appreciate every day the comfort, but above all the confidence and the guarantee that a great brand offers.

Lidercasa Internacional gives all the support of the organization to the new franchisee, as well as initial, continuing and recycling training. The minimum financing required is of 6,000 Euros, with the offer of training, and the managing from home. 

Milagro CBD Oil

Miracle CBD Oil is a corporation that offers this special CBD oil of broad spectrum, filtered, created from European organic hemp and extracted with supercritical CO2 to optimize the strength of the phytocannabinoids CBD, CBG and CBN.

The CBD oil is obtained from a distillation process, prepared for low temperatures, separated and diluted to create this fine oil product, which is defined as a potent food supplement with several health benefits.

The Miracle CBD Oil offers three models of a franchise: The one with a  minimum investment, € 700, making it the ideal option for people interested who have very little to buy into. With this low investment, the franchisee receive a basic equipment worth 1,400 €.

Including the 2,000 brochures, 10 oils for 100 mg electronic cigarettes, 10 pens for electronic cigarettes of 1,000 mg, 4 bottles of 500 mg of CBD oil,  5 bottles of 1,000 mg of CBD oil, 10 electronic cigarettes of 200 mg, 2 t-shirts and one miracle hat, and a folding banner with the brand.

The second option with the investment of € 5,000 to open a store or add to an existing business with high profitability. Equally, it has a third choice of a vending machine license, a Milagro CBD Oil wall vending machines that are smart, innovative and designed to attract the customer. That could be installed in airports, shopping centers, animal stores, tanning salons, hotels, hospitals.

Accelium EDU

For 23 years, the system has placed in the hands of students the powerful K-12 tools used by the great chess masters and the experts in game analysis with the purpose of increasing the abilities in problem solving, decision making and analysis, helping the student to be more effective, methodical and resilient.

The corporation offers a program and a method that evaluates, develops cognitive, social and emotional skills through the use of digital strategy games.

With the franchise an entrepreneur can become an official distributor Accelium to offer an attractive learning methodology, focused on the student, effective to schools in a country, improving the learning process and the skills of students.

With a program that includes 4 components: An inspiring content program, an advanced personal App, dynamic advice, and a teacher training. The minimum financing demanded  is of 20,000 Euros, including the training program.

Great Z Food Avenue

The brand offers a very bargain food menu with potato fries, pizza, noodles, shiki shake, kwek kwek master, nachos, juices, burger bite, dynamite express,  bentelog ni Juan, mister shawarma, waffles and more. With a very original and flavory recipes, to satisfy diverse public taste and food style.

The  franchise offers investors an opportunity to break free and  own a business, minimizing the risk of the opening from scratch. Thus, the franchise has a variety of formats which are: the restaurant type in a wide open space, the  modular type to place in malls, the kiosk design for taking away, and the Imus Cavite and other single carts. Each design has its own price and specifications.

The package inclusion of the 12 Franchise concepts includes: one Chest Freezer, 5 sets of Equipment,  worth of Products, crew uniforms, use of brand name, franchise fee, system and operation, renovation assistance, crew training and marketing support. The franchises in the Philippines are a great opportunity to have a profitable business over the years.

Adobo Connection

This chain of restaurants specializes in a variety of traditional food called  adobos complemented with other Filipino meals. The company was opened by a team of chefs and professionals with experience in fast food, and casual dining.

The set of meals is complemented with other Pinoy dishes as well, such as Sizzling Sisig, Kare-Kare, and Gising-Gising, meryenda specials like Fried Adobo, Pao, Adobo Spaghetti, and Arroz Caldo.

Franchisees need an investment depending on the size of the restaurant, of at least P650,000 (12400$), meanwhile there are fees of 5% over sales, divided into 2.5% royalties and 2.5% marketing finance, including the training. The initial franchise contract duration is 5 years, and  the average return period for the franchise is 24 months.

AMA Education System

The brand entered the market of education with a proposal in education for the Filipino young people. Being an opportunity of business simultaneously, of high income and accomplishment.

The country is very eager to increase the development of culture and society through education, therefore is becoming one of the most profitables business, enhancing knowledge and skills in youth to potentially lift the country out of poverty and underdevelopment.

Thus, franchisee have the possibility of building up an education profitable business as a  noble an inspiring cause. This business does not have to start from scratch, because AMA Education System (AMAES), will give  investors the necessary support in order to accomplish the opening of the institution.

The AMA Education Center needs an Initial Capital Investment of Php 4 to 5 Million (483,000$), including franchise fee for location and merchandise fund worth of usables.

Andok’s Litson Manok

This brand offers since 2002, a diversity of recipes that have captured the taste and lifestyle of the Philippine People. The Andok’s main product is litson manok (roasted chicken) and dokito frito (fried chicken). Along with this favorite recipes, they also offer a different complement meal choices, including litson liempo (roasted pork belly), bangus (milk fish), pork barbeque, porkcharap (fried pork chop), lechon kawali (deep fried pork belly), kawali royale, crispy pata (deep fried pork leg), pork sinigang, beef steak rice, beef rice, chicken leg quarter, pork sisig, chopsuey, together with  breakfast meals.

The brand has structured two formats for investors related to the take-out one and the dine in. The format of Take-out store has a fee of P300,000 (5,660$) in a three year term renewable. For the Dine-in format, the cost of the franchise is P500,000 (9,434$) with the term of five (5) years, renewed for another 5 years depending on store production.

In both cases the franchisee obtain several advantages such as: the right to use  Andok’s trademark, name and logo, the backup and support from the company to the start-up and pre-opening of the store, design and construction assistance.  

Thus the company has to facilitate the franchise operations manual, gives training for business management, operations and customer service, support the nationwide advertising  and the continuous product development and innovation.

Anytime Fitness Gym

This brand of fitness gyms was created in the USA, in 2002, incorporating three Fs into the idea, like “fun, fitness and funds”. The gyms purpose is to offer a very convenient fitness program which people can follow at any time during the day, with a very advance technology.

The gym offer clients several advantages in a very comfortable way, so people have access at any fitness centers worldwide all the time. Also can have a certified personal training convenient and guided.

The company provides onsite security systems, incorporating a software so proprietary can keep its members safe meanwhile  they are exercising.

The franchise have an initial fee of P2,700,000 plus VAT (50,944$), with a flat fee of .

P85,000 (1,604$) per month. Moreover, the franchisee have to cover an insurance, a payroll, monthly lease, and the purchase of gym equipment.

Bayad Center

This company specializes in the business of bills payment in a very convenient way  for most Filipinos, avoiding the line up for hours. Having several Bayad Center outlets in the whole country.

With this service people can pay bills in an ease and hassle-free way, such as: the Meralco bill, cable, internet, or another service bills, including  your credit card.

The brand for the the Bayad Center was first opened in Philippines,  in 1997, as part of the industry in expand Payment Collections. It offer the service of money remittance, e-loading, application acceptance, bills payment, remittance among other services.

The brand has agreements with companies that have been accepted for Bills Payment in the Bayad Center. Such as: Meralco, Maynilad, Smart Communication, Globe Telecom, Digitel, Philhealth, Pagibig, Social Security System (SSS), National Statistics Office (NSO), Land Transportation Office (LTO), among others.

The cost of the franchise fee is P350,000 (6,604$) with a  five (5) years contract, plus 12% VAT. Also the franchisee has to pay an extra cost of equipment around P120,000 (2,264$), site renovation costs of P150,000 (2,830$), and cash assurance of P600,000 (11,321$).

The initial fee includes the support of the head office, training, permanent feedback and marketing. Requiring a 15 sq. m. of space floor for the installation of the Bayad Center. Thus, the franchisee gets an amount of profit per transaction process in the center.

CALTEX Gas Station

This corporation offers the gas supply to people of Philippines including general public, bus operators, trucking business, delivery companies with the brand CALTEX, of the Chevron Corporation, which is one of the world’s largest oil and petroleum companies.

The Caltex Star logo is a symbol of quality, value, and service. Wherever it is shown  reminds people of the company’s commitment to its customers, which is high profile service, the gas station opens a 24 hour time.

There are some specification that should be taken into account when starting as a prospective franchisees for the brand. So investors must have a location or site that complies with the requirements of CALTEX, which are a layout minimum design of  1,200 sq.m, a 40 m frontage.

The building and structure must be constructed by investor in accordance with Chevron standard design. So the equipment is sourced with the Chevron accredited vendors. Also Chevron will provide signage and branding, with a lease agreement of at least 10 years.

The time of building is estimated in six month for the complete Caltex Chevron gas station. If there is a previous existed station which will be converted could take around 3 to 4 months to open. The prior training needed will take 4 to 6 weeks.

The franchise has an investment of P5,000,000 (94,340$), and the total amount  depends on the size and location of the gas station. Franchisees will get the complete possession of the land and station operation. Also, the investor could make agreements with stores and restaurants in the station.

Cold Stone Creamery

This chain is considered a global famous ice cream brand, due to the quality of the flavors that offer to customers from all ages and tastes. Because they have work with a surfeit of savors and mix-ins.

This brand have been established in the United States since 1988, by a couple who has traveled around the world to learn how to make and serve their favorite dessert. deciding to offer ice cream home produced at the moment and day they were served to customers.

The chain offers several delicious flavors to  be chosen from, such as: Chocolate, Coffee, Strawberry, Cake batter, French vanilla, and Sweet cream, among others. Also, Cold Stone offers seasonal flavors like Candy Cane and Dark Chocolate Peppermint.

The Cold Stones franchise fee goes from $2,000 to $27,000, depending on the size and design of the business. Equally, there are various startup expenses to be considered such as rent, design fees, equipment, initial inventory, permit costs, and miscellaneous expenses.