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7 Tricks to Make the Job Interview Perfect – Tips

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Tricks for a successful interview

In many occasions to get a job and above all a place of work that implies good earnings in a medium or high position in a company can be difficult, because the competition is strong and the company will always have a space of demand and difficulty during the selection of personnel, they want to get the best elements available so they will be demanding at the time of selection.

This does not mean that the interviewee should get discouraged or nervous, but it does mean that the company takes the selection very seriously and should be prepared for, or anticipate, any eventuality that may arise during the interview, such as the questions that will be asked, the perception of the interviewer, which in some cases may be more delicate than in others, and what is expected of the candidate.

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Likewise, the interviewer looks at the face of confidence and the security in his answers, if he extends a lot or is punctual, his references, the experience he has, among other elements that may be present in the dynamic of the interviewer and the interview.

In the face of this, the applicant must be prepared and properly informed to always leave an important impression to the point of making it clear that he is a strong element for the company in which he intends to work.

Next, we will give you 7 important tips that can work for you when preparing for a formal job interview. These tips will work for all kinds of interviews, so that you can be prepared in a universal way for any aspect present during the selection of the company.

First, get all the information available from the company, the best move you can make to prepare is to know the company you will be working for, from carefully reading the job offer, to determining important facts about the employer’s interests, to finding out about the products and services available, to finding out what company news is available, and so on.

In addition, if possible, prepare questions of interest about the company and the position you are trying to get in this way, the applicant leaves a good impression with the employer of interest and initiative to work for the company.

Another important aspect is that you never ask questions in the first interview about the salary or benefits that can be received in the job, the purpose is to leave an impression of professional interest before the job benefits.

Second, try to prepare for the interview questions by getting a friend or relative to help you practice the more specific or generic answers for the interview. The intention is not to memorize the answers like a computer, but to get some fluency in establishing the topic of the job conversation in mind so that it goes more smoothly in the interview and you don’t get nervous or insecure.

It is advisable to prepare as it will be the applicant who is talking most of the time, leaving gaps in their answers or talking too much can be tedious or give a bad impression to the employer. Therefore, if you are prepared to think about the most specific questions such as why you should be hired or your acceptable value to the company, this will greatly improve your chances of winning the job.

As a third step, it is important if you have job references, to give notice before the interview, so that if you call those who provide the references, they are not unprepared and can give a good opinion about the applicant, in this way you will be partially supported not only by work experience but also by the word of other employers who will have been happy with your work.

Fourthly, at the beginning of the interview you must act correctly, that is to say, you must know how to listen and look for the best way, confidence so that the interview contains fluency, the interviewer will want to see you enthusiastic about working with the company and notice that the applicant comes prepared with enough information about it.

At the entrance you should take care of details that will leave a good first impression, such as having a smile or a confident face, gestures like a firm handshake and a trustworthy behavior that can give a clear message to the employer that the applicant is a strong element.

Tricks for a successful interview

In addition, it is required to take care of one’s own body language during the interview is important, the interviewer will not only take note of the answers, but also observe the confidence projected on the body, always have an upright posture that shows strength and enthusiasm, otherwise if you are hunched over during the interview you may demonstrate a language of laziness or indecision before the interviewer, a gesture that could be interpreted more broadlywidely even than the words or answers the applicant may give during the interview.

Nervous movements that could leave an impression of fear or distrust should be avoided, which could be interpreted negatively by the interviewer. In addition, the interviewer should smile, try to express joy and enthusiasm for the opportunity of the job, always without overdoing it or creating forced humour; this could leave a bad impression of falsehood that could take away the job.

Fifthly, always carry support material to write notes on time, this way the applicant can take his time and respond in a punctual and logical way, because answers that are too long can bore the interviewer and affect the job interview.

Always be sure to listen correctly, it is okay to ask for clarification if you do not understand the question, never try to answer if you are not sure of what you are being asked, this way the employer will realize that you are an organized person and will see your security put into action through your work and organizational mechanisms.

Sixthly, you can ask some questions that you have prepared before the interview, the final question can include a question about when the company will make a final decision on the selection of personnel, in order to show great interest in acquiring the job.

As seventh and final advice but not less important, is that, you can give some extra notes for the job interview, consult if you can call in a couple of days, this will leave a formal context and the impression of respect and decency always before the company. At the end of the interview always thank the interviewer for his time and say goodbye with a firm handshake that expresses confidence, this will leave an excellent impression at the end.

Always be honest but not negative, always have a speech that expresses the specific skills you have, without exaggerating or belittling your abilities. Always make eye contact with the interviewer in order to establish a constant language of assurance.

Always at the time of entering the interview introduce yourself, never let the interviewer start, this will give an impression of slowness or insecurity, the strongest employers will always respect the security and mental strength before the business, this will ensure a big step to be noticed in the selection of personnel.

In addition, always dress formally and comfortably, that is, the clothes you choose should say a lot about you, you should feel comfortable and at the same time look elegant so that the interviewer notices your good taste and your projected security in the clothes you wear.