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Job Interview Trap Questions – Preparation and Answers

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What are the job interview trick questions?

In the process of looking for a job, you can get it with many questions, impediments and competition to enter the desired field of work, so it is difficult and complex to get a good job in a company, because you must have the appropriate knowledge in the profile and that the company is looking for to be accepted.

If you have the opportunity to qualify for an interview means that the curriculum is valid and efficient to enter a selection, is at this time, where it is required to prepare for any situation during the interview.

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The trap questions are not exactly ways to discourage the applicant, they are rather maneuvers that the interviewer uses to test, from the reaction to the nerves to the fact of knowing if the person is well prepared for the interview, the interviewer will be able to notice his nerves, lack of preparation and lack of knowledge, since that is the nature of his work, in order to get the strongest human resource, prepared and enthusiastic to work with the company.

That is why one must be well prepared because although the title may be more intimidating, this model of questions are simple and easy to answer if the applicant prepares correctly for the interview.

The best thing to do as soon as the interview is scheduled, either by phone or in writing, is to prepare yourself with enough information about the company and the position you are trying to get. Information can be sought by asking the interviewer’s secretary, getting company magazines, either on the same physical platform or via the Internet. Because, in these times if a company is important it will have a web page in the internet, from where to obtain information about the history, the services available, even the jobs available in it.

Below are the most frequently asked questions in a job interview, which may well become trick questions if you are not in control for it.

The first question par excellence, which usually marks the beginning of the interview, after the presentations and the conversations to break the ice is the typical one, asking if you know the company and what you can say about it. This question will make an important difference in the selection of human resources, because the person who does not know how to answer this question has practically one foot out of the selection.

However, the person who does manage to answer this question and does not do so adequately may leave a very bad impression by being unprepared for the interview. However, all is not lost since, one can try to answer with logic, in spite of not being well informed, by resorting to common sense to try to get the interview off the ground.

Another possibly tricky question is the one that refers to the interviewee talking about himself. This question can be a little difficult to answer even though it is heard so easily, because it serves to test the ability to respond, argue and react to the nerves of the interview.

Since, with the answers to this question, the interviewer can study his/her mental strength in front of possibly stressful or anxious situations, and for this question it is difficult to prepare since you have a personality and nobody can take it away.

So, it is recommended at the moment of this question to be sincere with the interviewer, avoiding any negative personal comment or very exaggerated comment, always trying to be natural and humble before the interviewer, this way a positive impression of security will be left in the answers.

Another question that can possibly leave you mute for a few moments is the one related to how long you have been unemployed. The answer to this question will be vital in determining what kind of profile you represent for the company and whether it is appropriate to hire you. Therefore, with the answer, the interviewer will evaluate if he or she is used to working, is a little rusty or if he or she has had problems with previous companies and the reasons why.

What are the job interview trick questions

Therefore, this question may be intimidating since no company wants people who have been out of the habit of working for a long time, because, resuming the work activity for the employee who has left after a long time may be difficult, which may represent a demotivation for the performance of the human resource.

To counteract this question it is not necessary to lie, in the end active and dynamic people even if they are unemployed always look for motivating activities to make and maintain an active life rhythm, so they can support themselves in their extracurricular activities if it has been a long time since their last job, being able to explain that they dedicated themselves to being independent withthe goal of staying active and decided to open up to the job market to enhance their experience and seek out even greater opportunities.