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Personal Motivation Plan – Structuring, Reflection and More

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What is the Personal Motivation Plan?

When a personal motivation plan is to be carried out, it is necessary to know the needs that drive the idea of the elaboration of this plan. It usually occurs when the person feels that he or she is not performing well enough at work or that the work he or she is doing is difficult and unsatisfactory, but he or she has no alternatives at the moment and must stay.

The needs assessment can be done through the performance evaluation, which makes it possible to discover not only that the tasks are being performed below a satisfactory level, but also to find out which parts of both the personal and the work require immediate attention.

A recommended technique is self-observation, taking distance to verify that there is evidence in the personal, demotivation, depression, low self-esteem. As in the labor of inefficient work, damage to equipment, delay in relation to the schedule, loss of raw materials, accentuated number of disciplinary problems, high rate of absenteeism, among others.

Know all information about motivation

Concept of personal motivation plan

Taking into account that motivation is a fundamental element for the success of people and companies because the achievement of objectives, whether personal or institutional, depends largely on it, it is considered that the key factor of the organization is the people, since in them lies knowledge and creativity.

Therefore, it is important to know that nowadays people’s motivation determines their permanence or abandonment in companies. Therefore, it is important that the person is highly motivated so that he/she can function as a person and have a high performance in his/her professional activity.

The Plan is defined as a set of steps to be taken in a systematic way to correct and redirect all the difficulties and problems to be corrected both personally and at work and which require the execution of a series of changes that must be made over time. The following aspects must be taken into consideration for its structure:

Focus on one specific need at a time.
To have a clear definition of the objective of preparation for the change.
c) Divide the tasks that have been proposed to be developed, in modules, packages or cycles.
d) Choose the training methods and techniques, considering the technology


e) Define the resources needed to implement the training, such as type of training, instructor, audiovisual resources, machines, equipment and tools needed, instructional materials, manuals, among others.

What is the Personal Motivation Plan

Structure of the Personal Motivation Plan

Some important steps that the personal plan should contain

Recognize strengths and weaknesses

If you learn to recognize your strengths and weaknesses, it will be easier to organize your private life and work relationships. Self-knowledge is a powerful tool that is often ignored by the general public.

Recognizing the reasons 

It is common for people to feel a number of feelings such as shame or difficulty in using self-knowledge and a painful feeling that discourages some people from taking advantage of this tool.

There are methods that allow people to recognize their strengths and weaknesses

either in relation to work or for personal reasons. Some tips also help to apply these methods, especially during a recruitment interview.

Analyze assets 

You are already very strong if you accept to examine your strengths and certain aspects of your personality to improve them. It takes guts to think about it. Gently putting your hand behind your ego’s back and remembering that you are an exceptional person.

Writing down occupations 

To recognize strengths and weaknesses, you need to review the activities you do frequently and those that give you the most pleasure. Take a week to write down all your daily activities, assigning a coefficient from 1 to 5, depending on how often you do them and how much you enjoy them.

Studies have shown that keeping a journal is a good way to become self-aware and reflect on your strengths and desires.  Also, you can record the unforgettable moments of a particular day. It is also possible to write detailed texts about secret thoughts and wishes. A deep knowledge of oneself is a great help in identifying strengths and desires.

Reflect on your values 

Sometimes you have difficulty recognizing strengths and weaknesses because you have not clarified the core values. These are the beliefs that determine how a person sees himself, others and the world around him. They are fundamental to the way you live your life.  Therefore, identifying values helps you to decide for yourself the traits of your life

personality are strengths and weaknesses, independent of the opinions of the people she is dating.

Thinking about the people you admire

Think about the people you admire, the reasons for this admiration, the qualities of these people, the relationship between the qualities and their personality.

Assuming that something can be changed in the locality 

Look at what could change and the reason for this change, seeing how it shows interest in the important issues.  Remembering an exceptional moment in life that has given you complete satisfaction. Pinpointing the moment, and the person who was in the company at that moment, determining the reasons for happiness.

Assuming that a fire breaks out in the house 

All people and pets are safe and you can only save three objects you would take with you, say what you would take and why.

Analyze responses to identify issues and trends

At the end of the reflection, it is necessary to examine the answers to look for patterns. For example, if you have great admiration for people with drive and creativity. In this case, your values may include ambition, entrepreneurship and intelligence.

If your goal is to eradicate poverty in your community in order to give everyone shelter and food, your values may include tolerance and dedication. In general, you have several core values, if you need to you can search online for terms that will help you clarify your own values.