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Work Motivation Cases – Importance, Examples and Uses

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What is a work motivation case?

Several more concrete examples are presented below where intrinsic, extrinsic and transcendental motivation can be present, in order to feed a little better the perception of these tools to improve work performance and production in general, as well as quality assurance for the company.

A very common example can be seen in work models that have to do with the treatment of the public, these are the ones that generally need more incentives, techniques and strategies on the part of the boss to establish a range of acceptable motivation for his staff.

Don’t stop seeing everything about motivation in business

You can emphasize a concrete example as it is a candy store, at first it can be motivating for your staff, since it is in the presence of a new space, a new job with new opportunities at the table, and after a while the employee begins to slow down, as every human being the repetitive activity and be in the presence of a tedious and monotonous work can directly affect motivation.

Although it is always latent as a motivating agent, the promise of payment of a salary at the end of each month, so the employee should seek methods and techniques of motivation, either complementing their activity with others, within working hours, provided it has an acceptable range and is allowed by the boss or director of the business.

Another motivating agent that can be used comes from the hand of the boss, he can consider forms and strategies of motivation versed in the figure of the employee of the month, whose award for recognition can be projected in a bonus for productivity, coupled with words of recognition that do not go beyond the professional relationship.

Dependence on work motivation

Depending on the profile of the person, if he or she enjoys the world of sweets and is passionate about the whole concept tree, the process of manufacturing sweets and the details of artisanal production that they comprise, this is a very important intrinsic motivating element that helps maintain not only the quality of the product but also the performance of its human resource, otherwise the employee could be so discouraged that it would imply the termination of this human resource, in order to get people who are really interested in this business model.

Another example that we can obtain by separating ourselves a little from the direct attention to the public is the professional services that, well represent a profession that very probably the employee will like and be passionate about.  The employee may encounter demotivating agents, such as schedule adherence, deadline pressure, pressure from the boss among other factors that even have nothing to do with the job, such as family problems, tragedies and personal problems of various kinds.

We have as an important example the graphic designer, this is a profession that must be liked by those who practice it to develop in this field, otherwise you may have problems to do a good job, get customers and present a project with a relevant quality seal.

Returning to the demotivating agents, the pressure of the delivery date of the activities and tasks, is one of the most important factors that can affect the performance or motivation of the professional, a technique used is that of breathing and focusing on patience, always referring to taking a responsible attitude that is, to adapt in concept, to do a good job, for which it takes time.

What is a work motivation case

Motivation techniques

Another technique that the professional can use in this case is to organize himself correctly, as well as to put aside distractions that may be present in the work area, such as extreme social relations during working hours.

Other distractions that take time and effort on the part of the professional are attending to other obligations outside the workplace, such as paying for household services or picking up the children from school, so being well organized can help avoid discouragement and lack of motivation to perform at work.

In addition, understanding with the client is vital to maintain high morale, so in this case it is necessary a little contact with the client, so that a channel of communication can be established to help meet all the needs requested by the client in terms of the perfect design adapted to your business.

Any design service that is being sought, the client must always feel that communication is fluid which, can directly influence the intrinsic motivation present in the professional product of passion for the profession.

Another specific case can be seen in a multifaceted staff of a hotel, several times can be presented

There is a shortage of personnel in this business model, so there are workers who will be willing to take on several positions in one, there are employees who can cover up to 5 positions, including maintenance, buttons, management of commands, kitchen assistant or assistant cook among other responsibilities.

In this case the motivation can be directly affected if the staff is not active and has a positive personality profile during their working day, this type of staff tends in most cases to be young and dynamic, who find a motivation more than anything else extrinsic in the figure of payment, the confidence that is conferred and fun during the working day.

If a multi-faceted employee is unmotivated, the boss may turn to motivational strategies, such as extra pay for several positions, job perks such as food or access to facilities for relaxation, cleanliness or access to daily service bonuses that keep the employee motivated during the hard working hours that comprise a hotel.

Another example of the service in a hotel can be seen in the online employee as the content writer, this can contain profiles of both young and older professionals or retirees, in this case the motivation can be seen in the type of work that is usually care, in addition to the fact that most companies offer monthly payment for writing.

In this case, the intrinsic motivation of the online editor is the passion for writing, as well as being able to meet their financial needs, even if it is a little better than they would be receiving a salary from their own country. In this way, the editor gets the strength to face the challenge of covering a large amount of words daily.

From the employer’s point of view, he can establish motivation techniques in case he sees his online writers unmotivated, resorting to motivational speeches, together with acknowledgements and bonuses for production and preference, since if the writer feels motivated he can easily receive related complementary works that offer him better advantages, factor that the boss should avoid in order to maintain a level of quality all the time, or in its defect not to lose a resource that has already been formed and trained and that is already producing the quantity of words sufficient to fulfill the demand of production of its company and to maintain the quality seal for its clients.

Another different case can be seen in NGOs, where the presence of a transcendental motivation can be seen more than anything else, due to the character of knowing that you are helping others to recover from a natural disaster or, failing that, ensuring the well-being of a living space provided with species in extinction that deserve environmental preservation.

The fact of cleaning an entire beach that has the presence of contamination for an NGO, can bring a very important motivation of transcendental character to know that it is rescuing a beautiful space that can be used by families or the same species of the area, such as turtles, fish or mammals that are in the vicinity, who in the presence of contamination can easily get sick, affecting the same population with viruses or diseases.