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How much a Youtuber earns? Youtuber, the new job!

How to make money as Youtuber?

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Youtube is believed to be one of the internet  most powerful search engines (google the second) and the most visit website in the world, according to statistics of Search Engine Land.

Today, this video sharing giant claims billions of active users worldwide, and thousands of magnetic video content creators, that are called YouTubers or YouTube influencers, that  have risen to be prominent in the YouTube exponential growth.

The Rise Of YouTubers

As audiences continue leaving television and other forms of traditional entertainment to prefer social media platforms and social interaction through apps, online channels, and networks, YouTube has attracted millions of engaged users who now watch over billions of videos each day and over billions of hours of videos each month.

The YouTubers have both capitalized on and served as a challenge for the growth, drawing large audiences by creating contents that are both entertaining and authentic while fostering influential relationships with their followers.

How much do youtubers make?

The business of home videos can be more than just a hobby, for they are a money-making, for business and individuals alike. Now at days, more people can easily upload a video to YouTube. But not everybody can make money of it, and even, in some rare cases, make a living  of it.

If you want to make money with You Tube, you need to consistently upload quality videos with content people find interesting, congenerous and engaging. You need to market a lot that video on your personal website, blog, social media, and other video sites.

Also you must create a brand for yourself, and know how to be verified on Youtube, growing your subscriber base in order to be taken into account and be respected and  visit by more followers.