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Business budget online and in excel

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Online budgeting for business and entrepreneurship

Making a budget is not an easy task, many times without a good guide we make many mistakes that hurt us when we are making it or about two or three months after we have undertaken it. That is why after seeing several mistakes in many ventures and from our own experience we always work with a business plan and business plan.

A business plan is fundamental when starting a business and in our business plan of course we have our budget which we are going to share for free without any kind of subscription or payment, if we would like to share it on social networks to improve their popularity, but it is not an obligation.

To understand well the functioning of our online business budget we have made a very short video where we explain how we should do it step by step the three fundamental sections such as how much money we have or need for the investment, expensive initial and finally monthly costs.

Now that you have seen the video on how to make a proper budget, you can see below the budget with all its options for download or online version.

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