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Advertising School – Start Guide, Requirements and Advantages

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Setting up an Advertising School 

Are you a graduate of Advertising and want to pass on your knowledge to others? Then setting up an Advertising School is the business for you. Stay with us and we’ll tell you all about it.

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Setting up an Advertising School – mass public or private?

There are two main modalities, almost opposite in a certain sense, to set up an Advertising School. Depending on the way you want to reach the public and your economic possibilities, you will choose the most suitable one for you.

Massive Public: in this modality, you will mount your school to all pomp, which means that you will rent or you will acquire a house and you will make it a school, filling it of posters and turning each room of the same one in a classroom. As you can see, this option is absolutely massive, but its investment is also massive. As for the advantages, they are multiple, since just by existing you will be making yourself known and the issue of space will not be a problem.

Discreet or Reserved School: this option is to set up an Advertising School in an apartment in a building. As an advantage you have that the investment is really low, now you must also take into account that it will not be so easy to make yourself known (although if you are a recognized publicist this option is ideal if the money is not enough to invest) and you will have to find out the rules of the building or look specifically for one that allows commercial activities until a time that is convenient for you.

Requirements for Setting up an Advertising School

Setting up an Advertising School has the following requirements to be taken into account:

Local: choose one of the two modalities that we have exposed you and condition it to give classes, which implies the placement of blackboards, audio equipment, DVDs, televisions, cannon projectors and all the equipment that you consider necessary to dictate your classes of publicity.

Registration and Approval from the Ministry of Culture: register your company to be able to work legally, which you will do in the State offices arranged for this purpose. At the same time, request the Ministry of Culture’s endorsement for your school. This is a long and paperwork intensive process, so start as soon as possible to obtain their approval and gain a great deal of prestige for your school.

Careers and Courses: planning them is the first thing you must do when you go to Set up an Advertising School. Each one of them must have a name, a goal, a graduate profile and a content program divided into subjects. The important thing is to be comprehensive, to teach as much as possible, but always with useful knowledge, leaving aside the “filler” subjects that universities usually have.

Teachers: hire specialized teachers for each subject and reserve for yourself those that are in your specialty. It is important to have a permanent staff so that you can include their names in the flyers that you will send out and on the web page. This will give your school a prestigious and stable image.

Advantages of having an Advertising School

Today, with the arrival of the new generation, there is a revolutionary interest in art and design, including industrial and product design, due to the multiple attraction or marketing needs that companies try to apply to their products to stimulate sales.

This fact makes the advertising school one of the favorites to admit students who are willing to study and use the most daring advertising tools, so that they can achieve great and substantial sales for the company where they work.

The field of advertising is quite lucrative if you know how to practice properly, in addition the academy can have important connections with large companies that can well attract and hire young talent graduated from the academy which brings great prestige and calls new customers to sign up, which means better profits for the business.

Problems that can arise

Advertising is a competitive field, which can present a challenge when setting up your business, so be aware of where your business is located and the level of competition that exists with respect to other schools.

In addition, since you are dealing with only one type of knowledge this can limit the school to only people who want to study design, representing a disadvantage over potential students who could be served in several subjects.