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Business English Course Book – Tips, Reasons and Features

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Start an English course book

English language teaching is totally spread around the world, so everything related to it is a highly profitable business with great sales output, whether it be materials or services. In this case, we propose you to publish an English Course Book and supply the market with innovative material so that the learning of this language has a new face and you can start a long way of success.

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Reasons to Publish an English Course Book

There are several reasons to embark on this project, as it is a business that starts with a book and can end with a collection in which your name is known worldwide.

Scalable Business Concept: this is the goal of every entrepreneur. This is because it is produced once and sold indefinitely. In this particular case, where the proposal is to publish an English Course Book, you produce one book, print thousands of copies and sell them and earn very high percentages having produced only once.

High Demand: there is a permanent demand for new materials to study English. Teaching methods change and books are needed to support them. So, if you can produce a book that fits the contemporary teaching trends, you will get your book in permanent demand in the bookstores.

Independent Work: While you can, and should, partner with other colleagues to produce the book, it is independent work. This is because with the necessary research, you can work from home or your studio. Even if you have decided to publish an English course book with colleagues, you will be able to do your part of the work alone.

Start an English course book

Requirements for Publishing an English Course Book

The requirements needed to publish an English course book and be successful are

Detailed Research: you must research what are the new trends in education as far as languages and, more specifically, English are concerned. It is necessary to study the current theorists and linguists and thus base our book on the new ways of teaching. This will be what marks, to a great extent, our success.

Follow the Rules: When publishing an English Course Book, certain rules must be followed, which include the obligation to include all existing races of people in the photos, among others, which you should take careful advice on.

Being a Teacher or a Linguist: the profile of the professional who publishes this book should be that of an English teacher or a linguist, since they are the ones who have the necessary knowledge to think and put down on paper quality material.

Publisher: you must contact the publisher, who will give you the final corrections in order to publish the book.

Tips for starting an English course book

Writing books for a living is a pretty risky bet. If you write and sell an English course book, it must be a good book but in this case you should be very clear that you are doing it to achieve visibility in the market.

Another tip for making an English course book, is to study the market and see the demand, in order to know if it is profitable to undertake this business. Because there are strong competitors like amazon that have resized the book market.

Advantages of having an English course book

The publishing sector (in Spain) is a bit convulsed, with the arrival of the e-book and the new ways of consuming books, as well as the competitor that nobody wants to have as Amazon is, which is completely changing the form in this sector and in a very short time. It makes publishing an English course book a challenge but not an impossible one.

One advantage that can be seen in this business is the possibility of being able to write an original and unique book that can have its own and different design and content.

Problems that may arise 

One of the problems faced by the professional or businessman who wants to publish an English course book is the local culture and identity, which are difficult to represent in English teaching texts in any country.

Nevertheless, it is beneficial for students to learn a foreign language from their own reality. Because the book must contribute to both cultures being presented in a balanced, motivating and effective way.

Another problem is that the book should reflect the needs, concerns, motivation and interests of children and adolescents in the region in terms of learning the English language.  In addition to the experience involved in validating and publishing books for teaching English at different levels, especially in education

primary and secondary, with themes of the culture of the region.

Success stories of an English course book

A very successful English course book is Basic English – a practical introduction to 30 topics. This book is considered the best method for beginners on the market. It also has very high ratings in Amazon stores around the world. Comprised of about 160 pages, this book contains 30 units that explain everything you need to know to start speaking in a very short time.