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Circus School – Profitability, Model and Structure

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Investing in a Circus School – fun and skill

Since time immemorial, circus shows have fascinated young and old alike. Their acts are a display of skill, colour and adrenaline. We give you all the tips so that you can invest in a Circus School and make it your profitable business model.

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Why invest in a Circus School

Investing in a Circus School is a very artistic and profitable business alternative. It is a possibility with a lot of acceptance in the market because it has been proved that what was inconceivable is possible.

It is extremely fascinating for children and teenagers to learn how to ride a wheel, walk a tightrope, get on four motorcycles in a sphere and start the engines at full speed and, of course, juggle. By investing in a Circus School, you will be empowering many young people to learn their passion.

Requirements to invest in a Circus School

First prepare a business plan, it is what will organize you from the beginning when investing in a Circus School.

Then walk around until you find a suitable location; it should be very spacious and have a great height, as the tightrope and trapeze should hang from a great height. Once you have it, condition it with all the elements of a circus: the sphere, the net and all the elements for juggling.

Given the new global trends for animals, you don’t want to train with animals or teach them how to train, as your students won’t have many opportunities to practice. Besides, it is not allowed to have animals and they suffer from captivity.

Make the corresponding arrangements to register your company and be able to issue invoices through it.

How to organize and invest in a Circus School

When investing in a Circus School we recommend that you organize the groups by separating the children from the teenagers and that you have several schedules a day.

At the same time, we recommend that you set up comprehensive courses and that you also allow students to attend by subject. This would be for those who only want to have an approach to the circus, without a course that involves them entirely. Another recommendation is to set up workshops in different disciplines for students to take.

Publish yourself and get clients in a Circus School

Send yourself to make very colorful and attractive flyers, that will call and catch the attention of potential customers and their parents. Include figures with skills that are taught in the circus and name them.

You can also advertise in magazines and local guides.

Another very good strategy is to offer your services as a Circus School in Schools, both to offer scholarships and discounts to the children and teenagers of those centers, and to negotiate a space to teach the skills within the establishment.

Try different forms of advertising until you finally reach the one that brings you the most customers. Once you get a name, you will need less and less advertising support.

Why invest in a Circus School

Advantages of having a Circus School

Art and creativity are always present, making this business a very satisfactory experience. In some cases, this business represents a dream come true for many users who enter to receive the experience and improve their presentation techniques.

The circus is a business that has been booming in the entertainment industry since the 1930s, having in context decades of transferable experience from generation to generation about circus shows and entertainment for the consumer.

Tips for starting a Circus School

Always remember to study the market so that you can establish the business in an area where it is easier for artists seeking training to access, and also always have access to innovations in the art of the circus, so that the user is trained in new trends in the fine arts.

It is recommended to have a curriculum focused on supporting a need for specific knowledge, that is to say, starting with a number of careers and instructions that can be covered so that the business does not become overloaded with services and there are internal structural flaws within the school.

Success stories 

A case of success is Carampa, a very successful circus school in Spain. Every year this institution is dedicated to receiving thousands of artists training in the professional field of arts and entertainment.

Carampa founded its operations in 1994 with the promise of creating a formal training space for the professional artist, including or closing all the knowledge of this field in its infrastructure.

Problems that may arise

Initially there may be a low level of student entry to the centre, depending on the location or area where the school is established Besides, the clown market is a bit small so the desirability of the market should be studied in a good way.

The space can represent a challenge so it must be acquired enough to distribute in a good way the school in the multiple generations of students in the matter, in addition the acquisition of props must be very varied taking care of the necessity of the user reason why it is necessary to look for or to have contact with specific distributors in the matter.